How to Modify Common Yoga Poses

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How to Modify Common Yoga Poses

Yoga Modifications

If you’re a beginner (new to yoga) or dealing with an injury, you must learn how to modify common poses like side plank, high lunge and even child’s pose. Here are some of my favorite yoga modifications if you have limited range of motion, wrist pain, or other injuries (note that there are tons more videos like this in my yoga video course.)


In this video I cover:

How to Modify Side Plank
How to Modify High Lunge
How to Modify Eagle Pose
How to Modify Your Yoga Practice for Wrist Injuries
How to Modify Child’s Pose
How to Modify Tree Pose

It’s *essential* to learn these modifications for yoga poses rather than pushing yourself into a pose that could potentially injure you more!

Remember, your job is to make sure you listen to your body and create a practice that meets you where you are — not to strive and push harder if you’re feeling pain or discomfort.

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