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Hey, I just wanted to let you know that I see you. I see you struggling with low self value. I see you having a hard time with self acceptance, self care practices, & engaging in negative self talk. I see you feeling stuck & lacking in your knowledge of self worth.

What if I told you there is more out there for you? Someone who can help you on your own personal journey of self discovery, and help you feel comfortable in your own skin.

This person is a Self Love Coach, and this is your sign that you are ready to meet one that will make your self love journey remarkable & worth writing home about.

What Is A Self-Love Coach?

A self love coach is a coach who helps you develop a better relationship with yourself. They help you develop a positive & healthy self love lifestyle. Self love coaches specialize in helping people with self acceptance, self worth, self value, self confidence, self awareness, personal growth, & those of us needing to establish healthy boundaries using a holistic approach- starting from the inside & working outwards. 👸🏻 

Or, perhaps you have thought of becoming a self love coach yourself? Well, all you need to do is become a certified life coach, and then niche down through a self love coach certification to gain all of the knowledge & tools needed to become a successful self love coach. 💖

Why Is Self-Loving Important?

Merriam- Webster defines self love as both an appreciation of one’s own worth or virtue as well as proper regard for & attention to one’s own happiness or well being. While it seems that many of us believe we practice self love, self love is something that goes deeper than just the surface. So, that looks like this:

  • You go to the spa for a whole day 🧖🏻‍♀️
  • You get a full body massage 💆🏻‍♀️
  • You get a facial 💋
  • You get a manicure & a pedicure 💅🏻
  • Your body feels amazing & you post to your Instagram story that you had a #selfcare #self love day.

But, somehow you still haven’t forgotten how you were not well prepared for your work meeting yesterday. So, when you leave the spa you immediately begin mentally beating yourself up & the self doubt kicks in. This begins a spiral of negative self talk, and your self esteem takes another hit as you relive each time your boss asked you a question & you simply did not have an answer.

⭐️We have all been here.⭐️

The purpose of me laying out this story for you is to demonstrate how we often confuse what self love actually looks like. In order to become the best version of ourselves & live our dream life, you must know that self love in practice is being able to let things go. To stop beating yourself up, to stop overanalyzing everything you did & said, to stop your inner bully from taking over.

When you practice actual self love, you are getting deep within yourself to have hard conversations with yourself about what you need from YOU. We show up for everyone else all the time, but the hard truth is that we cannot truly show up for other people if we are not showing up for ourselves first.

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What does self love look like?

According to Psychology Today there are 4 aspects that make up the overall concept of self love. Those 4 things are:

  1. Self- awareness: being aware of your thought processes: your thoughts ➡️ how those thoughts are affecting your emotions ➡️ how those emotions cause you to act as a result of your thoughts.
  2. Self- worth: the beliefs we have about ourselves ➡️ the good, the bad, & the ugly
  3. Self- esteem: while self esteem is more aligned with our qualities & achievements as a human, it is also highly reliant upon our self worth. Self esteem is comprised of three factors:
    • how we were loved as children
    • the achievements of others in our grade, age group, etc.
    • how our own achievements compare to those of the people that r
  4. Self-care: these are the things that make & keep us healthy- such as the example in the last section. Self care can also include:
    • bubble bath
    • energy healing
    • improved relationships
    • spending time with your pet
    • being outside
    • anything & everything that makes you feel alive, relaxed, joyful, & like you are actually living your best life

It is all about having confidence in who you are, where you are, & what you have.

⭐️Pro- Tip: if you want to increase your self esteem, you will need to work on your self worth first⭐️

If we are missing and/ or not practicing any one of these ideas, then we are not fully immersed in self love. We are unconsciously programmed to have beliefs around these areas as we are growing up (specifically ages 0-7) & most of that learned behavior comes from watching the people around us & those that have the biggest influence over us during those formative years. These are the years where we learn to have a strong sense of self & where a lot of self limitations pop up for many of us later in life.

Self Love Coach Certification Requirements

In order to become a self love coach, there are no formal qualifications. HOWEVER… it is highly recommended you go through a self love coaching program. Here are the steps:

  • Invest in a life coaching certification program- you should do this regardless of what kind of coach you are looking to be just so you have the tools & personal development to both help your own mental health & feel confident in yourself to start your self love coaching business. You can find a full list of International Coaching Federation (ICF) accredited courses by clicking the link.
  • Enroll in a specialized Certified Self Love Coach program so you can learn everything you need to know about self care, self confidence, & overall self love lifestyle in order to truly & effectively hold space for your clients & help them see success in their own lives.
  • Practice. Practice. Practice. Embrace the art of the beta client. While many programs have a certain number of required hours in order to even get your certification, it is never a bad idea to practice as a self-love coach. The more experience you get, the more self discovery you gain & the more you can create space for your future clients. Essentially, this will help you work out all the kinks with coaching & niching down. Offer your self love coaching services anywhere & everywhere you can.

⭐️Fun Fact: Brett has this Yoga For Your Body & Soul 18 Day Training Plan that can not only help with your own self care & self compassion, but also help you get aligned & centered to practice your own self love to prepare for coaching clients.⭐️

What Does A Self-Love Coach Do?

Simply put, a self love coach helps their clients accept themselves for who they are & what they do. They take it a step further by also helping their clients identify & develop a plan for who they want to become/ be in the future. Some idea of what you should be accomplishing as a self love coach in each coaching session include, but are not limited to:

  • acting as a mindset coach in order to shift beliefs of self & self limiting beliefs
  • increasing confidence
  • helping clients get a deeper understanding & appreciation for a client’s true self
  • developing appreciation for individuality & specific strengths
  • discover self awareness aspects that help clients break negative thoughts patterns & embrace positive affirmations

Expected Outcomes Of Self-Love Coaching

As a business owner, your coaching sessions as a self love coach should overall encourage many clients to appreciate themselves & work towards better mental health, self talk, & take a holistic approach to how your clients view themselves as well as their perception of reality.

Expected outcomes of self-love coaching sessions are:

  • improved self esteem
  • boost self confidence
  • positive self-love affirmations & positive self talk
  • a new perception of reality & how you function within it by appreciating your own unique gifts & strengths i.e. gained self awareness
  • developed self care practice that actually feeds your soul
  • be happy with yourself- with who you are, what you have, & where you want to go i.e. authentic connection with self
  • learning to be patient with yourself & how to allow yourself space to make sure your needs are being met
  • positive mindset shifting
  • improved self worth
  • self acceptance
  • healthy relationships with healthy boundaries

These are just a few of the many results you can get from working with a self love coach. Essentially, if it makes you feel better about yourself & your world, you can count it in the above list.

🧘🏻‍♀️ As an added bonus: Brett offers a 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training that is beneficial for any kind of coach, but especially for self love coaches. Learning to coach & embody your own practice from the inside out will help you be a successful self love coach even faster. When we are living & showing off the lifestyle we are trying to move others into, we become our own spokesperson for success. Plus: what’s better than having another credential to add to your resume? 🧘🏻‍♀️

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    How Much Do Self-Love Coaches Charge?

    According to ZipRecruiter, in 2023 the salary for a self love coach is anywhere from $22,500 to $63,500 with the national average being just under $41,000 per year. The average per hour ranges from $10.82 to $30.53 with the national average being $20.

    ✨There is actually an entire separate blog post about How Much Does A Life Coach Make, so if you are interested in becoming a self love coach & curious about what your options are when it comes to pricing yourself & your coaching services, give it a look & get some super helpful tips & industry tricks.✨

    How To Become A Self Love Coach

    The process for becoming a certified self love coach is:

    1. Check with the International Coaching Federation to find an accredited life coaching program
    2. Enroll in a life coaching program & graduate from it in order to become an ICF accredited coach
    3. ICF offers continuing education courses to work up enough hours to become a master coach, so check for a continuing education self love coach program using the same link in step 1
    4. Enroll in & graduate from the self love coaching certification program
    5. Build your brand & credibility through social media to begin working with clients & getting testimonials to boost your audience. For a more in depth look at how to do this, check out the How To Get Clients for Life Coaching blog post.

    🧘🏻‍♀️Not sure where to begin on your life coaching journey? How To Become A Life Coach provides a step by step for the process.🧘🏻‍♀️

    Closing Thoughts

    You are ready to become a self love coach! Or, maybe you are ready to invest in a self love coach. Your next step is to either take the actions listed in the previous step to become a certified self love coach, or you can start looking for your own self love coach. To do this, you can use the search bar in Instagram to search for self love coaches. Anyone that has a self love coach in their bio will pop up for you & you can vet them and/ or look at their profiles to see who you vibe with & feel you would like to work with.

    You can also use resources like Life Coach Hub or the directory in Dharma Coaching Institute, which provides a directory of coaches for you to communicate with & view their profiles. Side note: I am a graduate of Dharma Coaching Institute & I can honestly say that all of the coaches listed in their directory are real professionals that know their content & have hours of relevant experience.

    Regardless of the path you are on, you are ready.

    Ashlie Franey

    About the Author | Ashlie Franey

    Ashlie Franey is a Woman Rising. She is a Higher Self & Identity Coach helping women to bridge the gap from their current selves to their future selves. Using her RISE method, her clients learn to step into their power & begin to fully embody the woman they want to be.

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