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Logo design, branding, marketing…if you’re reading this article, you already know that this customer-facing side of your yoga business is important! Learn how to make a logo to use in all of your marketing materials in this guide, compiled specifically for yoga teachers 😉  

Designing an outstanding logo might be your first stop in building out your personal brand as a yoga teacher. This 6 step how-to is a resource for busy yoga teachers that requires ZERO design skills, thanks to our software partner, so you can focus on doing what you do best. Stop messing around with WordArt and focus on the marketing message behind your brand! I’ll walk you through how.

Building a personal brand is intimidating at first, but it doesn’t have to be an obstacle. Think about this moment as an opportunity to get to know your own business on a personal level. Most likely, you already know everything you need to know to build your brand; the tricky part is breaking these ideas down and translating them into visual language to reach your target audience. In this article, get set to design your best logo. Walking through how to make a logo for your yoga business is foundational to reflecting on the branding and marketing elements your business needs to thrive. Let’s go!

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Build Your Wellness Brand Identity With a Logo 

As a yoga teacher, your brand identity is like your personal identity, broadcast to a larger audience. It’s what makes your business completely unique; what you want your customers to remember you for. It starts with your company name, the purpose that’s driving your practice, and how you portray your business in the world. The latter, portraying your business, has a few elements to it. A business logo is one of them, and it’s quite crucial! Your logo often gives your audience a first impression of your business through social media platforms, your website, and marketing materials.

A professional logo goes hand-in-hand with branding materials that support your business as a yoga teacher. These materials include:

  • Website
  • Email design (e.g. signature, newsletter set up)
  • Business cards
  • Clothing (e.g. you might sell some branded clothing or have a uniform)
  • Social media account(s)
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Elements of a Great Logo

So you get why it’s important, but what makes a great logo, design-wise? As the first impression of your business, the logo needs to be on-point! The perfect logo is one that clearly shows who you are and what you do. It’s simple, original, and appealing. Detailed images and anything difficult to clearly see at a glance are typically no-gos when it comes to logos 😉  You want a custom logo design that your audience can easily make sense of without having to think twice about what it is you are doing!

In a nutshell, any designer will agree that a great logo is: 

  • Original (using a logo from an unrelated industry doesn’t make it original in the wellness industry!)
  • Simple
  • Strong and balanced
  • Versatile (can be used on banners, social posts, t-shirts and even invoices)
  • Uses quality typography
  • Memorable and easy to identify
  • Fits yoga industry standards (e.g. you wouldn’t have a company logo including a kitchen knife…but rather a chakra symbol or other common Yoga symbols)
  • Derives meaning from you and what you do

How To Make a Logo with (My Favorite!) Free Logo Generator

Open some tabs in your browser and pull out a notebook! The first steps in making a great logo involve some reflection (and possible internet inspo). Let’s take a look at a few steps to ensure your own custom logo represents your brand personality:

  1. Write Your Own Brand Story

Your brand story is all about why you’re doing what you’re doing. Think about what brought you to this moment in your career as a yoga teacher. What is your purpose? You want to make sure you know your why, because this is the foundation for your entire brand story! Usually, a business wraps up the why in their business plan as a mission and vision statement.

  1. Organize a Collection of Logos You Love

Create a mood board of logos that speak to you. TGFI (Thank God For The Internet)! Research logos of other yoga and wellness businesses, and figure out why you like them. Seeing what other logos in the field look like and getting a feel for some different logo styles can be a huge help when shaping your own logo design. Read about what others are offering and how they communicate this with their logo and other branding materials. The goal here isn’t to copy what you find, but rather to get familiar with the visual language that you’ll use to create your own logo.

  1. Select a Color Palette

Now we’re getting to the fun part! Wild color combinations in your logo design can make your logo look messy and distracting when paired with written text and images. Professional looking logos usually include three to five colors or variations. Often, brands develop a black logo to use on official documents and in situations where color would distract from the other content. Creating variations of your logo makes it easier to use on a variety of branded assets. Plus, you want your audience to understand what your brand stand for with just one glance, rather than demanding sustained attentioned to figure it out. 

  1. Select 10 Keywords that Describe Your Brand

In this step, start to translate your reflections and research into a few key aspects. If someone had to describe your business in just a few words, what would they be? These keywords should not only represent what you do, but also speak to your why. If you find it difficult to put words on your brand, go on a synonym search! Use a thesaurus to enter close-ish words to what you’re thinking of, and then scan the synonym lists until you find just the right keyword. The more precise, the better! Your logo design will represent these words.

  1. Sketch 3-5 Client Personas 

This step is all about understanding your potential clients. Note down features of a few client profiles that fit your target market. Let’s say you want to offer private yoga classes for pregnant women. Rather than just thinking about what you offer, you want to prioritize your potential customers and think about what they need. Imagine a few different personas of your target market and list their needs. This will help you understand what kind of logo might grab their attention.

  1. Run Your Results Through (My Favorite!!) Free Logo Maker

You’ve done the hard work. The actual logo design is a total piece of cake once you’ve worked through client profiles, brand keywords, colors, etc! Take your results and run them through this free logo generator. With just a few clicks, this logo creator offers you custom logo designs and editable logo templates with a design style matching your brand. Fiverr provides vector files (so that you can scale your logo to any size). It’s the perfect tool for non-designers and those who don’t want to spend big bucks on logo creation.

Unlike other online logo makers, which ask you a ton of questions, the Fiverr free online logo maker tool takes three easy steps! All you have to do is enter your brand name, industry, and keywords into the logo creator and, boom, you’ll get to choose a high resolution logo from a professional designer. Head over to Fiverr and make a logo today!

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