Types Of Life Coaches

Are you a newly certified life coach and not sure what direction you want to go in or who you want to serve? Did you know that there are dozens of different types of life coaches that will work with any specific area of a person’s life?

Let me give you a list of the different types of life coaches to guide you along this journey 😉.

New to life coaching and not sure what a life coach is or what they do? I’ve got a ton of life coach resources here on the blog for you!

How To Find Your Life Coach Niche

In a world of isolation, where we are always stuck in our houses or on our phones or computers, it makes sense that life coaching is becoming a popular industry. Having a person to guide you and hold you accountable makes all the difference when it comes to achieving your goals.

As a coach you need to know exactly who you want to help and why. This is called creating your niche. Doing this step now, right at the beginning, is going to help your business in the long run. 

When niching down some things you want to consider might be:

  1. Demographic: age, sex, lifestyle of your ideal client
  2. Pain points: what is the biggest problem in their life?
  3. Your specific skill set: what specific problem are you the best at solving?

This article on How To Get Clients For Life Coaching can take you deeper on this process, but let’s go over some popular life coach niches to see if any resonate with you.

Most Popular Life Coach Niches

Now you know that there are various life coaching niches, each catering to specific needs and aspirations, I bet you’re wondering which of these niches are the most popular right? 

The most popular life coach niches are:

1. Career Coaches

Woman working from home on her laptop

Career Coaches, where individuals seek guidance on professional development, career transitions, business management or finding fulfillment in their current roles. This life coaching niche is popular for clients who want to receive personalized strategies to achieve their career goals or make advancement in their career path. And most people have some sort of career, so it makes sense this would be a profitable coaching niche. 

These types of life coaches get to witness the tangible impact of their guidance on a client’s life satisfaction and success. Their wins are your wins. Can you imagine when your client comes into a live coaching session and says they got the promotion or landed the contract they wanted 💞?

2. Health and Wellness Coach

Health and Wellness Coach is another prevalent coaching niche, addressing holistic well-being. The last few decades there have been big changes in the way health and wellness are viewed and more people are starting to take control of their own personal health situations.

Clients in this profitable coaching niche often seek support for achieving fitness goals, weight management, or overall lifestyle improvements. As a life coach specializing in health and wellness you’ll get to share your passion for healthy living and witness the transformative power of positive habits on both physical and mental well-being. Making this a rewarding niche for both clients and coaches.

3. Relationship Coaches

Relationship Coaches are also highly sought after, focusing on personal and interpersonal connections. 

Sometimes the most difficult thing to navigate in life is our relationship with others. Whether it’s romantic relationships, family dynamics, or friendships, as a relationship coach your clients will benefit from improved communication and understanding skills. Whether you’re a dating coach or a team coach, you’ll find fulfillment in fostering healthier connections and witnessing positive shifts of your clients’ relational dynamics, making this a popular and impactful area of life coaching.

These are three popular areas of life coaching, but as a qualified life coach you can niche these areas down even more!! Gone are the days of general life coaches, clients want very specific types of life coaching.

Let’s look at some of the different types of life coaches and how you can niche them down further.

Different Types Of Life Coaches

Hopefully your wheels have started to turn and you’ve got some direction with how you want to niche down. But if this process feels a little overwhelming to you and you still aren’t sure where to start, here is a list of different types of life coaches to give you some inspiration for your life coaching niche.

Spiritual Coaching

A spiritual coach is a person that helps keep your spiritual values aligned with your goals. They also guide individuals in exploring and deepening their spiritual practices, helping them connect with their inner selves and a higher purpose. People seeking spiritual fulfillment and a deeper sense of meaning in life would hire a spiritual coach.

You can become a spiritual coach by acquiring relevant certifications in spiritual coaching or related fields. There are a lot of programs out there, so make sure whichever you go with is certified and accredited where you can register with the International Coaching Federation (ICF). Cultivating empathetic listening skills and spiritual knowledge is also essential with this field.

Spiritual Coaching For Practitioners

This would be a coach for persons who work spiritual fields. This could be a coach for Reiki practitioners, or a coach for practicing homeopaths. Your purpose as a coach for practitioners is to help keep them aligned with their beliefs and their goals. To help them connect with their higher purpose.

It is a good idea if you are going to get this specific with your niche to be familiar with the practices of your clients.

Religious Coach

Religious coaches provide guidance within specific religious frameworks, assisting individuals in deepening their faith and addressing spiritual challenges. Those seeking a deeper understanding of their religious beliefs or navigating religious transitions would hire a religious coach.

Becoming a religious coach typically involves specialized training within a specific religious tradition, complemented by coaching certifications and effective communication skills.

Life Skills Coaching

Life skills coaches give a person the tools to meet their goals and be successful in their personal and professional lives. They help clients hone the skills they need to troubleshoot and problem solve in all areas of their life.

Although a license is not required to be a life coach, having a certification and being registered with ICF is going to make you a more reputable coach. Again, no degrees are required, but having an educational background in psychology or the specific niche you’ll be coaching is definitely going to work to your advantage.

Mindfulness Coaching

Mindfulness coaches teach you how to cultivate present-moment awareness, manage stress, and enhance overall well-being through mindfulness practices. Individuals looking to reduce stress, improve focus, and cultivate a mindful lifestyle would hire a mindfulness coach.

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To become a mindfulness coach, obtaining mindfulness training, mindfulness-based certifications, and honing effective coaching skills are key.

Sex Coaching

Sex coaches help individuals and couples address various aspects of sexuality, offering guidance on communication, intimacy, and sexual well-being. Individuals seeking to improve their sex lives or address sexual concerns would hire a sex coach.

Becoming a sex coach involves obtaining certifications in sexology, sex coaching, or related fields, coupled with a deep understanding of human sexuality and effective coaching techniques.

Empowerment Coach

Empowerment coaches support individuals in building confidence, setting and achieving goals, and overcoming obstacles to create positive life changes. Anyone looking to enhance self-esteem, overcome self-doubt, or make significant life shifts would hire an empowerment coach.

To become an empowerment coach, acquiring coaching certifications, developing strong interpersonal skills, and fostering a deep understanding of personal development principles are essential.

Family Coaching

Family coaching is working with families, of course, but it goes deeper than that. It’s helping families with communication and how to navigate certain challenges that may be occurring in their lives. There are many different types of family dynamics in the modern world, and family coaching works to bring the persons within a family closer together as a unit.

A background in communication and family psychology would greatly benefit you if you were to go into this field, but obviously is not necessary. Remember to carefully vet where you get your certifications from, that they are a reputable source and are accredited.

Relationship Coaches

Relationship coaching helps individuals and couples in improving communication, resolving conflicts, and fostering healthier connections. People seeking guidance on romantic, familial, or interpersonal relationships would look for relationship coaching.

Becoming a relationship coach typically involves obtaining coaching certifications, honing active listening skills, and gaining a deep understanding of relationship dynamics.

Family Coach

Family coaches provide support and guidance to families dealing with challenges, aiming to strengthen family bonds and improve communication. Families facing issues such as parenting struggles or communication breakdowns would hire a family coach.

To this type of life coach, obtaining coaching certifications, developing empathy, and acquiring knowledge of family dynamics and systems theory are crucial.

Life Transition Coaching

We all go through transitions in life, whether that be to a new job, a new house, or a new mindset. A life transition coach is there to help you move through this transition with more ease. To provide emotional support and guidance to help you get through the challenges that arise during major life change.

In addition to life coaching certifications, things that will help you in this field would be a background in counseling, strong communications skills, and familiarity with the laws or logistics of the specific type of life transitions you want to help your clients through.

Divorce Coaches

Divorce coaches assist people navigating the emotional and practical aspects of divorce, providing support during this challenging life transition. Individuals going through divorce seeking emotional support, guidance, and practical advice would hire a divorce coach.

Becoming a divorce coach often involves obtaining certifications in divorce coaching, counseling, or related fields, coupled with experience in family law or counseling.

Grief Coaching

Grief coaches support those coping with loss, providing emotional guidance and coping strategies during the grieving process. Those dealing with the loss of a loved one or experiencing grief-related challenges would want a grief coach.

Becoming a grief coach involves obtaining certifications in grief counseling or coaching, developing empathy, and acquiring effective communication skills. Familiarizing yourself with the logistical processes of loss would be a good idea too.

Student Coach

Student coaches work with students to enhance academic performance, develop study skills, and navigate educational challenges. Students seeking support in goal-setting, time management, and academic success would hire a student coach.

To become a student coach, obtaining coaching certifications and understanding educational systems are important.

Group Coaching

Group coaching can really be done in many different niches. The key elements of group coaching are coaching multiple people simultaneously and promoting collaboration, shared learning, and mutual support.

There are group life coaching certifications you can get but some skills that may help you are having structure, team building skills, and knowing how to work with group dynamics.

Accountability Group Coaching

Accountability group coaches facilitate group sessions focused on goal setting, progress tracking, and mutual support among individuals with similar objectives. Those seeking a structured environment for achieving personal or professional goals would join accountability group coaching.

Becoming an accountability group coach involves obtaining coaching certifications, honing group facilitation skills, and understanding effective accountability strategies.

Business Group Coaching

Business group coaches guide groups of entrepreneurs or professionals, fostering collaboration, goal achievement, and mutual support. Business owners or professionals seeking a collective approach to business growth and problem-solving might like business group coaching.

To become a business group coach, acquiring coaching certifications, understanding business dynamics, and developing effective group coaching skills are essential.

Transition Group Coaching

Life transition coaches help individuals navigate significant life changes, providing support and guidance during periods of transition. People experiencing career changes, relocation, or major life shifts and looking for support from individuals going through similar experiences would benefit from transition group coaching.

Becoming a life transition group coach involves obtaining coaching certifications, developing empathetic listening skills, and understanding the complexities of life transitions.

Career Coaching

Career coaching is one of the most popular and lucrative sections of life coaching. This life coach is going to help you advance your career and/or achieve your career goals. This particular niche can be as specific or general as you desire. Meaning you can be a general life coach for careers, focus on things like leadership coaching or get as specific as executive coaching for CEOs only.

In addition to your life coaching certifications, a background in business would be great in this field. Knowing the ins and outs of business, leadership, and the dynamics of the organization will be a great asset to your clients.

Career Coach

Career coaches guide in exploring, advancing, or transitioning within client’s careers and offer support for professional growth. Anyone seeking clarity on career goals, job transitions, or skill development would likely hire a career coach.

To become a career coach, obtaining coaching certifications, understanding career development principles, and staying updated on industry trends are important.

Business Coaching

Business coaches work with entrepreneurs and business leaders, providing guidance on business strategy, leadership development, and organizational growth. Entrepreneurs or business professionals aiming to optimize their business performance would seek a business coaches.

To become a business coach, acquiring coaching certifications, understanding business dynamics, and possessing leadership expertise are key.

Leadership Coaching

Leadership coaches assist individuals in enhancing their leadership skills, fostering authentic leadership styles, and driving organizational success. Leaders or aspiring leaders seeking personal and professional development would hire a leadership coach.

Becoming a leadership coach involves obtaining coaching certifications, gaining leadership experience, and developing a deep understanding of effective leadership principles.

Organizational Coaching

Organizational coaches focus on improving team dynamics, communication, and overall organizational effectiveness. Organizations that want to enhance teamwork, leadership, and employee engagement would seek out an organizational coach.

Obtaining coaching certifications, understanding organizational dynamics, and possessing strong communication skills are essential to become an organizational coach.

Productivity Coaching

Productivity coaches optimize time management, set goals, and enhance overall efficiency in a person’s personal and professional life. If you’re looking to boost productivity, overcome procrastination, or achieve work-life balance you would hire a productivity coach.

To become a productivity coach, getting coaching certifications, staying informed on productivity tools, and honing effective coaching techniques are crucial.

Online Business Coach

Online business coaching works to help entrepreneurs in developing and growing their online businesses. An online business owner looking for digital presence, marketing, and business scaling strategies is the perfect client for online business coaches.

In addition to coaching certifications, digital business and marketing skills are a must to be an online business coach.

Health Coaching

Health coaching is another of the most popular types of life coaches and is also one that can be as broad or as specific as you’d like. From a general health coach to a nutrition coach. Health coaches focus on ways to enhance overall health and well-being, providing guidance on coping with stress, dietary needs, and physicality.

It is important to note that a mental health coach is not a mental health professional. They may work with mental health professionals but it is not the same.

Become a health coach by getting specific certifications in health coaching and staying informed on health trends. A background or certification in the specific area of ‘health’ is great to have too. Like, if you want to be a nutrition coach have some education in nutrition. 

Health & Wellness Coaching

Health and wellness coaching integrates lifestyle changes to improve physical and mental health, addressing aspects such as nutrition, exercise, and stress management. Individuals seeking holistic well-being and lifestyle improvements would hire this type of life coach.

To become a health and wellness coach, obtaining certifications in health coaching, keeping up on current knowledge in the wellness world, empathy and adaptability, are important skills.

Yoga Coaching

Yoga coaches integrate yogic principles with life coaching, guiding you in achieving physical, mental, and spiritual alignment. Someone wanting a holistic approach to well-being and combining yoga practices with personal development, would likely hire this life coach.

Becoming a yoga coach involves obtaining certifications in yoga instruction and life coaching, coupled with a deep understanding of yogic philosophy and coaching techniques.

Fitness Coaching

Fitness coaches provide guidance on physical exercise, nutrition, and overall fitness. They support clients in achieving their health and fitness goals. Someone looking for a personalized fitness plan and motivation would hire a fitness coach.

Getting fitness certifications in addition to coaching certifications, keeping up on the current exercise science and harnessing effective coaching strategies will have you on your way to being a fitness coach.

Personal Development Coaching

Personal development coaching works with an individual on their chosen area of self improvement. From a mindset coach to an inspirational coach, these types of life coaches are there to help you work toward your personal goals and help you grow as a person. 

Knowing the principles of personal development and a background with personal communication will be beneficial in addition to your life coaching certifications. Doing your own personal development and mindset work will make you a better life coach for your clients too.

Personal Development Coaches

Personal development coaches guide in achieving personal growth, setting and achieving goals, and overcoming obstacles. Those seeking to enhance self-awareness, confidence, and life satisfaction would hire a personal development coach.

Becoming a personal development coach involves obtaining coaching certifications, staying informed on past and current personal development principles, and honing effective coaching techniques.

Inspirational Coach

Inspirational coaches motivate and empower individuals to live authentically and purposefully. They offer guidance on personal growth and positive life changes. A person seeking inspiration, motivation, and a shift in mindset would hire an inspirational coach.

To become an inspirational coach, obtaining coaching certifications, cultivating effective communication skills, and embodying an inspirational mindset are important.

Self love Coach

Self-love coaches support individuals in building self-acceptance, self-compassion, and positive self-esteem. If you are looking to cultivate a loving relationship with yourself and enhance your self-worth then a self-love coach is who you’d look for.

Becoming a self-love coach involves obtaining coaching certifications, developing empathy, and guiding individuals on the journey to self-love.

Mindset Coaching

Mindset coaches target shifting limiting beliefs, fostering a positive mindset, and promoting personal and professional growth. A mindset coach is for individuals seeking to overcome self-doubt, develop resilience, and achieve mindset shifts.

To become a mindset coach, obtaining coaching certifications, cultivating a deep understanding of mindset principles, and honing effective coaching strategies are crucial.

Lifestyle Coaching

Lifestyle coaching helps people make changes in their lifestyle to feel happier and more fulfilled. Whether that be help creating better routines or help with personal style/branding. There are many facets to lifestyle coaching.

To be a successful lifestyle coach you need your life coach certifications in addition to staying up to date on current trends within your specified field. As well as any certifications that may be required for your niche. Strong communication and organizational skills are a must!

Organizing Coaching

Organizing coaches help a person identify their areas of disorganization, increasing awareness of the habits/behaviors that contribute. They assist their client in changing those behaviors to become better organized and be more productive in the desired area of their life. Someone looking to get more organized, whether through the home or in their business, and get to the bottom of their disorganizing behaviors would hire an organizing coach.

In addition to coaching certifications a background in personal organization, communication skills and an empathic ear would help you become an organizing coach.

Financial Coaching

Financial life coaches guide in managing and improving financial well-being, providing support for budgeting, investing, and financial goal setting. Someone seeking to achieve financial stability, reduce debt, or enhance financial literacy would hire a financial coach.

To become a financial coach, obtaining coaching certifications, acquiring financial planning knowledge, and developing effective coaching strategies are important.

Personal Style Coaching

Personal style coaches assist individuals in expressing their unique style, offering guidance on clothing choices, personal image, and confidence. If a person wants to enhance their personal style, boost self-confidence, or navigate wardrobe changes, they would hire a personal style coach.

Becoming a personal style coach involves obtaining coaching certifications, staying updated on fashion trends, and cultivating effective coaching strategies.

Performance Coaching

A performance coach helps clients reach their highest potential and productivity by providing them with the skills to perform better and helping them overcome habits or beliefs that may be slowing them down. You’re probably thinking this should be a subcategory under career coach, but performance coaching is a niche in itself and can be niched down even further.

There are specific performance coach trainings but make sure to do your own research to find an accredited training that aligns with you. As a performance coach you want to be motivating, organized, and have a comprehensive understanding of the fields in which you are coaching.

Time Management Coach

Time management coaches help individuals optimize their use of time, set priorities, and achieve a balance between work and personal life. Someone seeking to improve productivity, overcome procrastination, and create effective time management habits would hire a time management coach.

To become a time management coach, obtaining coaching certifications and staying informed on time management principles are crucial.

Creativity Coach

A creativity coach encourages you to unlock your creative potential, overcome creative blocks, and find innovative solutions to challenges. Artists, writers, entrepreneurs, or anyone seeking to enhance their creative thinking and problem-solving skills looks for a creativity coach.

To be a creative coach, obtain a coaching certification and develop expertise in creative processes, fostering an understanding of various artistic disciplines.

Accountability Coach

An accountability coach helps clients set and achieve goals by providing structure, motivation, and support in staying accountable to their commitments. Anyone striving for personal development, entrepreneurs, or those seeking assistance in meeting specific objectives would hire this life coach.

Acquire your coaching certification, develop strong organizational and communication skills, and understand effective goal-setting strategies to be an accountability coach.

Motivation Coach

Motivational life coaches inspire and uplift, helping you set and achieve ambitious goals, overcome obstacles, and maintain a positive mindset. A person in need of motivation, entrepreneurs, athletes, or anyone striving for personal and professional success would hire a motivation coach.

Attain a coaching certification, cultivate excellent communication skills, and develop expertise in motivation techniques, including goal-setting and positive reinforcement, to be a motivation coach.

Life Coach Examples

Here are three examples of some amazing life coaches, all of which I’ve had the blessing to work with in some form or fashion, that know their audience well and have gotten specific on their coaching business type.

Lauren Zander/Handel Group – Mindset Coach

Lauren Zander

Lauren Zander is the Founder and CEO of the Handel Group, a master life coach, author, and creator of The Handel Method® and Inner.U.

The Handel Group works with individuals, businesses/organizations, and educational institutions. You can work with coaches live or you can join their digital learning platform to work at your own pace. The Handel Group is well known as its teachings have been featured in universities and prominent publications like The New York and Forbes.

Christine Hassler – Master Transformational Coach/Organizational Coach

Christine Hassler

Christine Hassler is a Master coach, spiritual psychologist, facilitator, best selling author and speaker with 20 years of experience. She co-founded the Elementum Coaching Institute, a first-rate coaching certification program. She works with individuals to identify areas of growth needed and work toward transformational goals.  Christine works with companies and organizations to help increase productivity and decrease worker stress. Christine offers personal coaching, has multiple coaches on her team and multiple courses/trainings you can take from relationship work to breath and meditation. 

Ashlie Franey – Higher Self/Identity Coach

Ashlie Franey

Ashlie Franey markets herself as, “a Higher Self & Identity Coach helping women to bridge the gap from their current selves to their future selves”. Using digital marketing she makes it clear that she works with women, specifically those that may be suffering from an identity crisis. She offers 1:1 coaching in addition to self paced offerings and yoga retreats(and I know she’s good since she’s an Uplifted alum!).  She’s also one of our guest writers here and has written many articles on the ins and outs of being a life coach.


What type of life coaches make the most money?

How much a life coach makes can depend on several factors, like location and demand. The more specialized niches such as small business, executive coaching, and career coaching can have a higher earning potential. Corporate clients, entrepreneurs, or individuals seeking career advancement are often willing to pay higher fees due to the perceived value and impact on professional success.

What coaching is in most demand?

Currently, health and wellness coaching is in high demand, driven by society’s growing focus on holistic well-being. With an increased awareness of mental health, stress management, and work-life balance, people are seeking coaches to support their overall health goals more than ever. Online business coaching and leadership coaches also see significant demand as workers AND organizations begin to navigate the challenges of the digital age and prioritize effective leadership realizing methods of the past no longer work.

Closing Thoughts

Now that you have all the information you need to determine the type of life coach you want to be, you can start working toward any other certifications/educational requirements you might need and start your Life Coach Business Plan. If you’re beyond this step and ready for the next, work on your marketing and start putting yourself out there to get clients! You are well on your way to a successful life coaching business.

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