(Namaskar Parsvakonasana): Techniques, Benefits, Variations

Level – Intermediate

Lunge with Prayer Twist Pose

(Namaskar Parsvakonasana)

Lunge with Prayer Twist Pose Prep & Practice


Starting in a High Lunge (Alana) with the right foot forward, bring the right hand to your lower back and extend the left arm out in front of you.


Take the left elbow to the outside of the right knee. Bring both palms together as you use your core to twist the torso towards the right. Hands stay in a prayer position at your heart center.


Keep your head in line with the spine. Find a slight dip in the chin.


With every inhalation, bring extension to the spine. With every exhalation, twist a little deeper.


Back leg stays energized. Actively squeeze both inner thighs toward one another.


To come out, keep the core engaged to gently unhook, untwist, and lift the torso up. Inhale to lift both hands back up to your High Lunge (Alana). Practice on the other side.


  • Torso stays upright and arms extend into a “T” shape, with both palms facing the right side
  • Take the left hand to the floor, or a block on the floor, and twist the torso to the right as you lift the right hand straight up above you 
  • Lower the back knee and uncurl the toes, taking Low Lunge (Anjaneyasana) instead
  • Option to pad the back knee with a blanket if taking the Low Lunge (Anjaneyasana) variation

Physical, Mental and Emotional Benefits

  • Stretches the hamstrings, quadriceps, and calves
  • Improves balance and awareness
  • Strengthens the obliques, spinal extensors and rotators
  • Brings length to the abductors
  • Rejuvenates internal organs


  • Knee injury
  • Hip or neck Injury
  • High blood pressure
  • Pregnancy
  • Back Injury, especially disc herniation

Thoughtful Sequencing

Downward Facing Dog (Adho Mukha Svanasana), Three Legged Dog (Eka Pada Adho Mukha Svanasana), High Lunge (Alana), Lunge with Prayer Twist (Namaskar Parsvakonasana), High Lunge (Alana), Warrior III (Virabhadrasana III), Dancer Pose (Natarajasana), Mountain (Tadasana)

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