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Imagine if, instead of just teaching yoga, you had a framework to combine yogic philosophy, somatic life coaching and embodiment practices to create lasting transformation in your students’ lives beyond the mat.


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The exact questions to ask (while being mindful of triggers and trauma)…

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To assign specific movements, kriyas, breathwork, or meditations to your students…

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Based on what they’re struggling with as an individual…

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To help them achieve a personal or professional breakthrough…

All while leading by example… as you embody the yoga you love in your own life and relationships.

Brett Larkin doing somatic movement training relaxing and stretching on a yoga blanket


By the end of this dual-track certification in life coaching and somatic yoga, you will be able to:

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Assess a clients’ physical and energetic needs through a comprehensive intake session

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Work as a Life Coach in-person or on zoom using 6 coaching frameworks originating in yogic philosophy

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Design custom-tailored privates and somatic yoga experiences based on what your client is struggling with as an individual, informed by complementary life coaching off-the-mat

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Bridge the gap between yoga and talk therapy to create nervous system regulation and embodied self-healing

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Facilitate group program or retreats in Somatic Yoga, Embodiment Practices or Feminine Form Kundalini Yoga

Attain a Life Coaching Certification rooted in yogic philosophy and marry it with breathwork, yoga, cutting-edge somatic and embodiment practices, and nervous system regulation…

to achieve lasting transformation for your clients.

Somatic yoga training: Brett Larkin adjusting a yoga student's somatic exercise with a yoga block

This is a dual-track life coaching and embodied movement certification plus a mastermind. For those of you who already own (or are planning to launch) a wellness business, receive direct feedback from Brett on your:

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Market positioning, niche and how to integrate multiple healing modalities into your own branded method

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Copywriting, sales pages, email funnels and launches

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Hiring and firing process, scaling, budgeting and resource allocation

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Sales: Discovery calls, closing conversations, income generating activities

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Product suite: Curriculum building, pricing, free vs paid content and offers

In addition to having Brett’s eyes on your business, you’ll also be regularly coached by Brett and your peers in training.

Receive coaching in both the Embodied Life Coaching Methodology and any personal and professional issues that may be holding you back from the leader you’re becoming.

Note: This training is an intensive deep dive into your own personal development. You’ll also benefit from the friendship, expertise, networking, and support of like-minded professionals in this handpicked cohort.


Embodied Yoga Life Coaching venn diagram featuring skills of kriya yoga, polarity, and energetics
Embodied Yoga Life Coaching venn diagram featuring skills of kriya yoga, polarity, and energetics


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  • The 4 Pillars of EYLC: Creating Safety & Nervous System Regulation
  • Trusting the Body: You Have to Feel to Heal
  • Off the Mat is Where the Highest Yoga Happens
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  • Holding Yourself as a Facilitator in the 6 Yoga Life Coaching Frameworks
  • How to Conduct a Movement-Based Life Coaching Session, Start to Finish
  • Reverse-Engineering Successful Somatic Private Sessions (Client Examples)
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  • How to Coach on Svadhyaya, Tapas & Ishvara Pranidhana
  • Coaching on Energetic Frequency, Emotions & Internal Parts Work
  • Practice Coaching & Feedback
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  • Coaching on Polarity, Shiva/Shakti, Masculine & Feminine Energetics
  • Coaching on the Integration of Desire and Devotion
  • The Shariras, the Gunas, the Chakras and their Archetypes
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  • How to Move Energy through Breath Movement, Sound & Visualization
  • Somatic Yoga Pose Manual, Embodiment Practices, How to Bridge into Intuitive Movement
  • Feminine Form Kundalini Yoga Pose Manual and Kriya Examples
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  • Soul-Based Sales, Marketing & Client Enrollment; How to Conduct a Discovery Call
  • Working with Groups vs. 1-on-1, Creating Your Own Proprietary Method
  • Intake Paperwork, Client Tracking Forms, In-Session Worksheets and Activities, Sample Coaching Contracts
Brett Larkin smiling and sitting on a yoga bolster while yoga life coaching a yoga student


Yoga Teachers

yearning to craft highly personalized privates that stand out from anything else in the marketplace, integrating movement and coaching

Life Coaches

who want to anchor clients in their body through nervous system regulation, intuitive movement, and yogic wisdom

Wellness Professionals

desiring a framework that empowers them to weave together their own multi-modality method into profitable programs


craving accountability, mentorship and support to create a greater impact with “done-for-you” content and a clear vision

Self-Development Junkies

ready for results beyond what traditional self-help modalities like talk therapy, business, marital or mindset coaching has offered

Somatic or Embodiment Coaches

disappointed in the depth, curriculum or practical business tools from their first training, or who want deepen their skillset with additional structure on how to lead private or group sessions

If ANY of the above describe you, Embodied Yoga Life Coaching is the bridge to anchor your clients safely in their body…

Catalyze lasting change in their life off the mat…

AND the next evolution in your own healing journey resulting in more impact and income.

Brett Larkin doing hip opening somatic yoga for trauma in the woods



A Life Coaching Certification Rooted in Yoga: facilitate lasting change for your students


The Embodied Yoga Method detailed somatic pose manual: bridge students safely into intuitive movement


Diagnostic Tools fusing ayurveda, tantra & the chakras: assign kriyas, breathwork & meditations based on individual needs


All the Paperwork: Sales & intake forms, client tracking system & in-session worksheets: add your unique genius to a proven structure


Encyclopedia of Coaching Tools 350-page research-based manual: specifics on how to lead sessions with prompts, cues & ice-breakers


New Best Friends, accountability partners and a network of like-minded professionals: learn by coaching and being coached LIVE


Intimate Mentorship from Brett with live Somatic Yoga and Embodiment Practices on each call: experience and receive coaching on everything you’re learning


Business Guidance from Brett and her sales team with sample scripts and contracts: pivot, scale, or bring your interdisciplinary vision to market


Meticulous Curriculum with videos, corresponding manual, workbook, journaling: LIFETIME access to content


200 and/or 300-Hour Yoga Teacher Training preferred. Exceptions on a case-by-case basis for life coaches, therapists, psychologists, LCSWs, nurses, and healthcare professionals. Please apply for more details.

♦ 200-Hour Yoga Teaching Certification (enroll here)

♦ 300-Hour Yoga Teaching Certification (enroll here)

♦ Yoga for Self Mastery Course – Included or enroll here

Somatic Yoga Training Certification - Practitioner Certificate
Brett Larkin practicing yoga at home



For the past 100 years, yoga has been rooted in the idea that the physical body is an obstacle to overcome. That it must be trained through sense withdrawal, focus, and discipline to connect with higher consciousness.

What if that was only half the story?

Now is the time…

Draw energy down into the body through pleasure, self-care, and intuitive movement.


Yoga is not just asana and philosophy. It’s a state of being…

An energetic frequency so unique to each individual that it must be self-awakened.

Now is the time…

Use asana as a launchpad to help your students move authentically and author their own breakthroughs.


Life Coaching

Hidden in the Yoga Sutras and overlooked tantric texts is a practical coaching framework designed to slay real-world relationship problems or professional blocks.

Now is the time…

Leverage the three skills of kriya yoga…

Tapas, Svadhyaya, and Ishvara Pranidhana

…in practical ways that even your most beginner yoga student can implement to improve their relationship, career, or current crisis.


When can I take this program?

Now. As soon you enroll, both Yoga for Self Mastery and the Embodied Yoga Life Coaching Somatic Training will be available in your online portal and through the Uplifted YTT mobile app. THREE accompanying paper manuals will mail to your house. Like all Uplifted certification programs, you’ll want to watch as much of the video tutorials and corresponding somatic exercises before the interactive Live Calls begin, when you’ll start coaching one another and learning “live” with Brett and her team. Live Calls run for 6 months and start every 6 months (Fall and Spring).  

Why do I need to apply?

This Somatic Yoga and Life Coaching program is designed with a very specific student in mind. The application process is not meant to be daunting, but rather to ensure that the program is a good fit for you, and that you are a good fit for the program. We want to get to know you. And want you to make sure you will succeed!

How long is the program?

Six months (either April – October or October to April) with lifetime access to the course and call replays.

Do I need life coaching experience?

No, the life coaching methodology, the process of marketing, enrolling clients and all the paperwork will be provided for you, including lots of ideas of how you can blend Embodied Yoga Life Coaching with other modalities you may already teach. If you’re desiring a framework that empowers you to weave together your own multi-modality branded method in profitable programs, this somatic certification is for you!

Can I submit the hours of this course to the Yoga Alliance?

Yes! We’ve been a Registered Yoga School with Yoga Alliance, ID 197303 since 2016. Once you receive your certificate you have the option to submit to Yoga Alliance for YACEP for 150 CEUs.

Do I need to have a 500-Hour Yoga Teacher certification?

Ideally, yes. Graduates of a Yoga Alliance-approved 200-hour and 300-hour training school may apply for this yoga life coach program, and our preference is that you hold a 500-Hour degree. These certifications may be with Uplifted Yoga or another school. We’re making exceptions on a case-by-case basis for therapists, life coaches, psychologists, LCSWs, nurses and healthcare professionals. Please apply for more details! If you’re not sure if you qualify for this course, complete the application process and schedule a support call so we can get to know you better.

How can I get started immediately if I'm not yet ready to apply?

Yoga for Self Mastery is a pre-requisite to this course (and included in tuition). If you’re not yet ready to apply, enroll in Yoga for Self Mastery as a first step to your coaching journey and complete all the videos, journaling, and practices.

Yoga for Self Mastery outlines the first of 6 life coaching frameworks within EYLC. Since this is one of the modalities you’ll use in coaching sessions with your yoga students or others if you decide to enroll and certify, it’s essential you experience this coaching for yourself.

Yoga for Self Mastery will help you:

  • Feel more confident, sensual, feminine, and alive.
  • Slay imposter syndrome, activate your throat/heart chakra, and kick self-sabotage to the curb.
  • Discover what your “Goddess of Fun and Light” (GOFL) energy feels like in your body.
  • Eliminate the inherited negative patterns from childhood or past trauma that are not the real you.

Yoga for Self Mastery is a “go at your own pace” self-study training. It encompasses the skill set of how to better your relationship, improve your sense of self-worth, feel confident, alive and approach yoga as a lifestyle. You’ll also get to see example coaching conversations and the success of past students who were coached live. Yoga practices, somatic pleasure practices, embodiment practices and meditations that exemplify each life coaching principle are provided.

Yoga for Self Mastery will help you:

  • Feel more confident, sensual, feminine, and alive.
  • Slay imposter syndrome, activate your throat/heart chakra, and kick self-sabotage to the curb.
  • Discover what your “Goddess of Fun and Light” (GOFL) energy feels like in your body.
  • Eliminate the inherited negative patterns from childhood or past trauma that are not the real you.

AND it’s a deep dive into ONE of the MANY coaching frameworks inside Embodied Yoga Life Coaching.

What is Embodied Yoga?


Embodied Yoga is another way of saying Somatic Yoga. A somatic yoga practice combines the wisdom of somatic healing modalities with the yoga practice you know and love. It’s cultivating an awareness of your own body (self awareness) to guide you into the movements that will promote personal growth, healing, and lead you to embodying your authentic self. Definitely read up on What Is Somatic Yoga to help you determine if this training resonates with you.

How can I get a better sense of what Embodied Yoga is and if I'll like this style of movement?

A great way to do this is to add some embodied yoga to your personal practice! Join the Uplifted Membership if you are not yet a member. Then, please navigate to the Intuitive Movement: Embodied Yoga Experience section to see dozens of somatic practices and feminine form Kundalini practices. It’s suggested to also progress through these specific classes:

Please also explore the EVOLVEFascial Fitness, and Personalize Your Practice training plans.

How is Embodied Yoga Life Coaching different from other training or coaching?

Embodied Yoga Life Coaching is the first certification of its kind combining the ancient wisdom of yoga with the profound healing modalities of somatic therapy to help your clients feel confident and make effective change in their lives. During your time in training you’ll:

  • Benefit from one-on-one coaching sessions with your classmates
  • Receive feedback from your peers on your coaching conversations
  • Get everything you need business-wise to hit the ground running with your coaching programs after graduation
  • Experience this one of a kind coaching modality combining yogic philosophy, life coaching and somatic movement that you won’t find elsewhere
  • Gain the confidence to assist your yoga students or non-yogi clients towards a successful transformation in multiple areas of their lives

Is Embodied Yoga Life Coaching ICF certified?

ICF’s policy is that a life coaching training must run for at least one cohort to completion before an application may be considered. You can learn more about their accreditation process here. So not yet, but it’s a possibility. We’re carefully considering which accrediting bodies are the right fit for this coaching program, since EYLC’s dual focus on life coaching and intuitive movement has a unique, cutting-edge curriculum that doesn’t fit the mold of many other school’s formats.

The next 100 years are going to be about the journey DOWN the chakras, instead of the journey UP.

Brett Larkin leading somatic coaching certification sitting in janu sirsana with hands in prayer at heart center