The Uplifted Yoga Journal

First Ever Yoga-Focused Planner


Implement the intentions you set on the mat with a personal accountability framework


Structure at the front of the book, free-form writing at the back


Hundreds of Suggested Affirmations & Journaling Prompts

“Together, we dreamed of a book that would help us actually implement the intentions we set on the mat. A book to help yogis move through the day with grace, gratitude and a sense of achievement. We craved more than a mere planner. This is a unique tool to incorporate yogic wisdom into your daily life with intention, affirmations, journaling and meditation. FINALLY, it’s here (in very limited supply) as a physical book for 2018!”


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Limited Edition, Only

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Uplifted Yoga Planner Pages in the Front

Free Form Journaling Pages in the Back

Hundreds of Suggested Affirmations & Journaling Prompts

Inspiration from The Chakras & Yoga Sutras

Brett's Guided Methodology for Tracking Yoga, Meditation & Journaling Daily

Recommit to your yoga practice, your intentions, your truth, every single day

Check off your self-care activities every day.

Prioritize your well-being through a daily accountability system.

Fill in today’s date at the top of the page, so missed days never equal wasted paper.

Align with your highest self through daily intention-setting.

Dedicated space to reflect on your daily yoga practice.

Keep track of online classes you enjoyed or want to repeat.

Manifest your deepest desires through writing and repetition.

Open space to write your daily affirmations.

100s of suggested affirmations for specific Chakras and life situations, provided in the front and back of the book.

Jot your daily activities and to-do’s.

Ensure you’re getting things done each day, on-time and on-schedule.

Shift your energy by reflecting on what you’re grateful for each day.

Record and reflect on life’s most precious moments.

Set your intention for the next day the night before.

Track how many days in a row you’ve made it to your mat for yoga and meditation.

Reflect on your energy level and how your day went. Complete 10, 20 or 40 day meditations.

I am cultivating my energetic signature.

I come to my mat.

I choose love over fear.

I am Uplifted.

The Planner Structure, Explained:


Is this the physical manifestation of the pages you’ve offered for download on your website?

YES! The positive reaction to those pages has been huge! This inspired me to flesh them out – with more improvements, beautiful designs, hundreds of suggested affirmations, journaling prompts, tutorials and more!

How much does the book cost?

$44 USD. The Uplifted Planner is being manufactured now at a small family-run print house in Mexico where Uplifted member and my editor Sara also lives and works. This small family printing house loves and believes in this project. Sadly, this area recently suffered damage in the Sept 9th earthquakes in Mexico. You are supporting families and small business owners with your purchase!

Is the book really in color?

YES! There are over 80 pages of color throughout the book. Color printing is very expensive. How we managed to make this all happen, we still don’t know!

When will I get my book?

Either in 8 – 10 Days (Standard Shipping) OR 2 – 3 Days (Priority Shipping).

Do you ship internationally?

Our international inventory has SOLD OUT. We’re now only shipping to the US, Canada and Mexico. Please do not place an order if you are outside of the countries listed above. We DO want this book to be in your hands. So many of you have helped shape this unique planner. Stay tuned for the next version which will have international shipping options again!

How do I know the planner pages will work for me? Can I still download them to test, free?

Yes! I want you to be happy! Download them here and make sure to watch the tutorial video on how to fill them out.

What’s the breakdown of pages in the book?

508 Pages. 180 Daily Planner Pages (each is two pages for 360 pages total — just over 6 months of yoga planner pages). 72 Blank Journaling Pages. Hundreds of Affirmations & Journaling Prompts at the front and back of the book (around 80+ pages of reference content).

Why only 6-months of yoga planner pages?

Every day planner I’ve owned, I’ve *never* used every single day. It makes me sad. So many blank day planner pages (aka TREES) go to waste (and then I’m carrying around all these blank pages all year). That’s why the planner page dates are blank at the top. You fill out the dates yourself (all 2018 dates and calendars are listed at the front of the book for easy reference). Use the planner when you need structure and accountability in your practice. Use the blank journaling pages when you want to just make lists and free-form write. If you use the planner pages every single day religiously, they should last you just over six months. If you’re like me (who doesn’t use planner pages when on vacation, traveling for work, overly stressed or overly relaxed on weekends), the yoga planner pages could easily last you the full year.

Is this book an agenda for all my 2018 appointments?

No. This book is about tracking your personal yoga/meditation practice, daily to-do’s, self-care activities, and elevating your mood through consistent action. Not so much a place where you’d write and fill in ALL your appointments (which I know I do completely on a 100% digital calendar). If you’re looking for more of an appointment diary that has every single day in 2018 pre-listed out, like an “hourly appointment scheduler,” this hybrid planner/yoga journal is probably not the best fit.  Yes, there is space to jot down some appointments and 6-months worth of planner pages, but the focus is on yoga, mindset, and daily to-do’s, not appointment scheduling.

Create daily habits that Uplift your soul and ignite action.

Achieve your real-world goals, serenely and efficiently.

Thank you for being on this journey with me!