April 2022 Calendar

april 2019 calendar

It’s Springtime, baby!

It’s the time of year for federal holidays, outdoor live music, picnic dates, and the first spring flowers.

The cold winter air is drifting away and summer is just around the corner.

It’s the time of year for rebirth and renewal, a time to set yourself right for the rest of the year.

What better time to jump start your yoga practice, then?

With this printable calendar, you can follow a fun, challenging, and empowering yoga practice every day of the month.

This month’s yoga calendar offers clear instruction for improving your alignment in the postures and your mobility in the hips, spine, and shoulders.

In this yoga calendar, you’ll also be able to work on

  • deep flexibility with stretching, foam rolling, and myofascial release
  • strength and flexibility through dynamic movements and sequencing
  • core strengthening exercises to build a strong foundation for more advanced postures or poses
  • pranayamic breathing exercises to strengthen the core and empower your practice
  • your meditation practice to create a strong foundation for your daily life mishaps

This calendar corresponds with my YouTube channel and Uplifted community, providing you the perfect balance of experiential learning the ability to share your experience with other students.

And if you need help with the fundamentals?

Then check out my Master The Basics training program that offers you a complete breakdown of all of the poses, postures, and breathing techniques used in this yoga calendar.

I’m just trying to help you live your best life ­čÖé

Come join me on YouTube and drop a comment if you have any questions! I’m always so happy to hear from you!



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