Yoga for Self Master featuring Brett Larkin in a meditative state

Learn How to Live a Fully Yogic Life 🦋



You’re already practicing or teaching yoga.

But when it comes to your intimate relationships, work-life balance, or confidence…

You’re stuck in insecurity, perfectionism, shame, and self-sabotage.

IF the serenity you’re able to access on the mat isn’t translating off the mat, consider this course your magical gift to yourself. 

Mindset work

Expensive retreats


Stacks of self-help books


Yoga teacher trainings


Gratitude journals


All the meditation apps

You’re frustrated that after multiple wellness certifications, hypnotherapy sessions and Yoga Sutra translations…

You’re still stuck in imposter syndrome, inaction and insecurity.

If you’re ready to LIVE in a state of yoga, as opposed to just DOING yoga…

Then Yoga for Self Mastery is the perfect remedy for you.

Yoga for Self Mastery teaches you how to fully live a yogic life.

Alchemize Your Anxiety

Release resentment, stress, anger and perfectionism. Manifest your pleasures and secret desires.

Uplift Your Energy

Identify what is your energy and what is not. Discover your unique magnetism and manage out your inherited negative thought loops.

Transform Your Relationships

Skyrocket the intimacy and resolve issues with your family, friends, or non-yogi partner, without their conscious effort.

Embody Vedic Teachings

Leverage the Yoga Sutras, tantra & polarity to feel “in flow,” joyful, and alive. Even if your current circumstances are less than ideal.


Brett Larkin kicking ocean water on the beach to illustrate SVADHYAYA - Discover Your Radiance

SVADHYAYA – Discover Your Radiance

  • Learn how to avoid depletion and relinquish control
  • Embody Svadhyaya, Tapas, and Ishvara Pranidhana off the mat with dozens of real-life examples, cheat-phrases, journaling exercises and interpersonal life skills 
  • Awaken your magnetic “Goddess of Fun & Light” energy

SAMADHI – Calibrate Your Unique Energy

  • Shakti Energy: Channel your desires
  • Shiva Energy: Manifest those desires
  • Learn why this Kundalini “re-awakening” within you is the greatest love story ever told
Brett Larkin meditating on the beach with hands in prayer to illustrate SAMADHI - Calibrate Your Unique Energy
SAMADHI – Calibrate Your Unique Energy

  • Shakti Energy: Channel your desires
  • Shiva Energy: Manifest those desires
  • Learn why this Kundalini “re-awakening” within you is the greatest love story ever told
Brett Larkin on a yoga mat in a cat cow asana post to illustrate SUKHA - Soften with Intuitive Movement

SUKHA – Soften with Intuitive Movement

  • Learn emotional regulation techniques to create a sense of safety in your body
  • Go beyond asana and soothe your nervous system with embodied yoga 
  • Cultivate joy on demand by hacking the physiology of your brain and mastering habits that spark your joy and creativity


ISHVARA PRANIDHANA – Transform Your Relationships

  • Learn how to discover, protect and voice your sacred boundaries
  • “Cultivate the opposite” to change the dynamic in any relationship, without that person’s conscious effort
  • Leverage polarity practices to modulate between your masculine and feminine energy and navigate life with ease
Brett Larkin leaning in for a kiss with her husband to illustrate ISHVARA PRANIDHANA - Transform Your Relationships

ISHVARA PRANIDHANA – Transform Your Relationships

  • Learn how to discover, protect and voice your sacred boundaries
  • “Cultivate the opposite” to change the dynamic in any relationship, without that person’s conscious effort
  • Leverage polarity practices to modulate between your masculine and feminine energy and navigate life with ease


Your confidence

Your intimate relationships

Your ingrained coping mechanisms

Your throat, heart & sacral chakras

How you lead, speak, & sell

With a guidebook to embody the yoga you love…

The official yoga for self mastery guidebook and journal with an amethyst crystal




I no longer want to strangle my husband! 🤣 I wish I had taked this course sooner!

Amanda S. Testimonial Headshot

Amanda S.

Yoga Teacher & Mom

I learned more in this course than I ever did in YEARS of talk therapy. 

Caitlin S. Testimonial Headshot

Caitlin S.

Yoga Teacher & Writer

I finally figured out really easy ways to make myself happy!

Melissa S. Testimonial Headshot

Melissa S.

Yoga Teacher & Dream Interpreter

The 3 Skills with all the practical examples helped me rediscover what I truly want in the next phase of my life.

Jill H. Testimonial Headshot

Jill H.

Yoga Teacher & Wellness Coach

Brett Larkin smiling and looking into a gift box with light and magic emanating from it



“Embody Your Yoga” 50+ Video Curriculum

Uncover the confident, sensual, ALIVE version of you through tantra, embodied yoga, and energy work. Watch your relationships, career, self-talk, and even your wardrobe transform.

Value: $1,500

The “Yoga” of Dealing with Other People

Skyrocket the intimacy (or resolve major issues) with your family, friends, or non-yogi partner without their conscious awareness or participation. Discover more playfulness and joy in your home.

Value: $600

100-Page Transformation Guidebook (USA only)

Ensure you take action with lasting results. The manual guides you through specific prompts, practices, and self-assessments that correspond to every single training video.

Value: $400


Weekly Skills Tracker

Chart your progress week-over-week. Watch your pleasure increase and your results unfold.

Value: $150

Coaching Vault

See Brett coach students on how to discover their radiance and embody their yoga across a variety of complex life situations.

Value: $500

2 Private Coaching Sessions

1-1 mentorship ensures you’re seen, supported, and helps you use yogic wisdom to solve the biggest challenge you’re facing right now.

Value: $600


Personalize Your Yoga Practice Course

Create a physical ritual to fuel the transformation you’re undergoing in the program.

Value: $197

Embodied Yoga Pleasure Practices

Get out of your brain and into your body and heart with nourishing intuitive movement.

Value: $297

Lifetime Access

Never lose access to all course material.



Yoga for Self Mastery multi media collage featuring the program on a tv screen, laptop, tablet, mobile phone, and the accompanying manual book.

Access all content immediately + paper workbook and 2 private coaching calls


Or $499 a month

+ 200-Hour certification

Yoga for Self Mastery multi media collage featuring the program on a tv screen, laptop, tablet, mobile phone, and the accompanying manual book.

Also includes Yoga Alliance 200-hour YTT


Or $349 a month (Save $524!)

I can’t wait to welcome you in the first video.

Drop the mask, discover your unique essence, and watch your professional life and personal relationships transform as a result.

Your cocoon is on the other side.

Three images of Brett Larkin in different stages of facial expressions while have hiding her face behind a costume party mask.


Brett Larkin holding several colorful butterflies.

I went from being single, debilitatingly anxious, and an insomniac with complex PTSD to…

Marrying the love of my life, conquering my crippling fears around work, finances, and success, while healing my body and innovating online yoga teacher trainings, years before the rest of the market.

But after waves of personal and professional “success” – burnout hit. Overworked and overwhelmed, at a rock bottom place in my personal life, I leveraged overlooked tantric teachings and embodiment practices to find a way through.

Having made it to the other side, I decided to create a course that helped yogis and healers EMBODY THEIR RADIANCE. 🦋

So you feel confident, sensual, “lit up,” and alive. Earn more, impact more, and create more from your unique essence.

This Yoga for Self Mastery curriculum is the exact formula I used to go from “burned-out” to “blissful” and “anxious” to “anchored.” This material saved my marriage, revitalized my passion for my business, and gave me the confidence to celebrate the parts of myself I’d been ashamed of and hiding for decades. I want this for you!


Why do I need this?

This course makes often esoteric yogic wisdom extremely practical so you can live your yoga and reap the benefits TODAY. For example, receive: 

  • Exact phrases and cheat sheets of what to say in either relationship conflicts or to uphold boundaries. 
  • Energetic exercises (most under 10 minutes) designed to get you in touch with your creativity and true desires. 
  • Journaling prompts to rediscover your radiance. Discern what habitual patterns may be holding you back, and exactly how to shift them. 

If you love yoga philosophy and asana, but have trouble translating the serenity you find on the mat off the mat, into your interpersonal relationships, then this course is for you. 

What skills are covered?

Yoga Self Mastery covers many skills, including how to leverage the polarity of masculine and feminine energy, archetypes, and energy work. But the foundation of this program is the three skills of kriya yoga (yoga in action):


Even the most devoted yogis I’ve worked with are still saturated in “hustle culture,” “victim” mindset and have absolutely no idea what pleasurable activities ignite their radiance. This blocks them creatively, financially and with their intimate partner.  



What’s familiar feels safe. But growth is all about doing new things that terrify you. Through embodied yoga and intuitive movement, learn to create safety in your body so you can start doing things differently to create lasting change. 



Perfectionist? People pleaser? Control-freak? It’s time to channel all the energy you waste attempting to control people or outcomes into faith that the world is your benevolent playground. Leveraging archetypes, overlooked tantric teachings and polarity practices, access the ease and flow you’re craving.    

Is Yoga for Self Mastery a good time/place to work through mental or emotional blocks? What if I’m at a crossroads or feeling stuck?

Yes. You need this NOW! This program is designed to help you gain clarity on aspects of your life beyond the yoga mat (marriage, kids, career) and also prompts you to explore aspects of your childhood and upbringing. Bring your blocks to your private coaching sessions or group sessions when they run. Yoga for Self Mastery is by nature a transformational experience. If you’re feeling stuck or need a change in any area of your life, the wisdom and easy-to-implement techniques of the ancient science of yoga, wrapped in Brett’s unique method, will inspire you on your path.

I’m already an Uplifted member or Yoga Teacher Training grad – should I take this?

DOUBLE YES! A discount code is available to you. Search your inbox. Email if you can’t find it.

How do the two coaching calls work?

Once you enroll, you’ll receive a link to schedule both of your private calls with Master Coach Barbie on my team. She holds space in a way that I still aspire to and you will love her healing presence. Please note that one-on-one coaching calls are with Barbie, not Brett. 1:1 coaching must be claimed within 6 months of your purchase date.

How do I get the guidebook shipped to me?

After you pay your tuition fee (or your first installment if you opt for a payment plan), the physical, gorgeous, full-color guidebook will ship straight to your door (as long as you live in the United States). Although we unfortunately cannot ship outside of the United States at this time, those living internationally will still be able to receive a printable digital copy of the guidebook.

How do I register this course for Yoga Alliance Continuing Ed?
If you are a yoga teacher, Yoga for Self Mastery counts toward your yearly continuing education requirement, Please follow these steps to log your hours.
  • 24 hrs under YPLE Yoga Philosophy, Lifestyle + Ethics
  • 6 Hours TTP (Techniques, Training and Practice)
  • Total YCEP Hours = 30 hours.
What if I have an injury?

Enroll! There are only 3 yoga practices (of over 40 videos) so this program is ideal if you’re not able to do traditional yoga asana right now. Learn how to adjust your yoga through the “Personalize Your Practice” bonus, your mindset, improve your physical and mental self-awareness, and empower your healing journey. Practicing self-love and compassion is just one aspect of what we explore, as well as how to develop a delicious spiritual practice that is more than just the physical practice.

How many years of yoga experience do I need to have?
All that matters is your passion and dedication to your own transformation. This course is about turning your LIFE into a yoga studio. This is not limited to the mat and physical practice. I’ll teach you three key yogic skills you can practice moment-to-moment, to overcome your real-world stress. If you feel the call to deepen your knowledge of yoga, this course will be a deeply enriching experience.
Will the course cover living a yogic lifestyle?

100% Yes! Yoga for Self Mastery covers the three skills of yoga in action (how to live your yoga), meditation, pranayama breathing, tantra, somatics, energy work, igniting your best life through movement, and bringing yogic philosophy into your daily life to SOLVE your real problems. Learn breathing, asana, meditation and embodiment techniques to continue on your yoga journey for years to come. This is all presented through the unique framework of Brett’s “three skills” to discover your essence, presented inside the program.

Can I take this course while pregnant?

Yes! What a wonderful gift for you and your baby. Asana (yoga postures) are not the focus here, but still, always check first with your healthcare provider that it’s safe for you to exercise and enjoy yoga or if there is a certain type of yoga or breathwork to avoid.

How much does the program cost?
$499 a month for 3 months or a one-time investment of $1,497.
What’s the refund/cancellation policy?
Students have instant permanent, lifetime access to all video material and printable workbook. Tuition is non-refundable. Claim your 2 coaching sessions within 6 months from the date of purchase.
What payment options do you accept?
You can pay with a credit card or PayPal. All pricing is listed in US dollars and payments will be automatically converted to US dollars if you are paying with another currency.
Can a friend take this course with me?
Yes, that is an amazing idea, as you’ll be able to hold each other accountable in actioning the skills. Send them to this page so they can register.

Are you ready to invest in your healing?