July 2022 Calendar

april 2019 calendar

It’s summer, baby, and I’ve got this July 2022 calendar ready for ya. From the Fourth of July to picnics, live music, and wine tasting, July is a month to be celebrated.

As you enjoy the festivities that come with the season, don’t forget about your yoga practice ­čśë

Which is why I’ve made this yoga calendar for July 2022.

Each day is slotted with a different class, exercise, or workshop to help keep you on track with your yoga practice even when (or especially when) the food trucks are calling your name.

This month is all about movements and postures that strengthen the core and major muscle groups. By following this yoga calendar, you will

  • improve your overall flexibility and mobility
  • strengthen your core so that you can move into more advanced poses
    increase your overall fitness
  • improve your breathing practice to better support both your fitness goals as well as your meditation practice
  • learn myofascial release techniques to alleviate tight muscles or tension
  • build a strong foundation from which you can grow your entire practice

So are you ready?

This yoga calendar offers you everything you need to have a great summer…

…a healthy, active body that can go on its own adventure.

From my heart to yours,


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