use this cold email template to get a yoga studio job

The increase in virtual yoga options has made online yoga more accessible than ever—fantastic!

Aaaaand, there’s still something just so darn special about in-person classes, ammaright?

Whether you’re a fresh-outta-training teacher, or an established professional who’s teaching in a studio as just one part of your winning yoga business plan, studio teaching is a valuable way to hone your craft, create community, and share the gift of yoga with a variety of students.

But how do you land that first yoga studio teaching job

And do you have to write cold emails? [Cue the shock and horror]

Not to fear my friends, cold email campaigns can be pain points for us all, and that’s why I made this post!

I’ll explain what a cold email inquiry is, how to approach sending one to a yoga studio, and how to write an effective cold email—I’ll even hook you up with a template!

What Is a Cold Email Inquiry?

The cold email inquiry is an unsolicited email that’s basically the modern version of a cold-call. In other words, it’s where vendors of a product or service contact people who have never heard of them, also called “cold leads” or “cold prospects”. “Warm leads”, on the other hand, are where the business has expressed some interest in the product or service.

For our purposes, it’s the email that you send a yoga studio owner or manager expressing your interest in teaching at their studio. Now, to be clear, I actually DO NOT recommend contacting studios that you’ve never been to and asking for a job (more on that next). 

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How to Approach Sending Cold Email Inquiries for a Yoga Studio Job

If this is your first cold email campaign, know that sales emails and email marketing are probably the biggest pain points for all yoga teachers who aren’t sales professionals. That’s why I’m giving you a cold email strategy that’ll help you get a studio teaching job.

Step 1: Take a Class at the Yoga Studio

I HIGHLY recommend going to the studio and taking at least two classes (if it’s a retreat center that’s a bit of a different bag, but I’ve got you covered in this blog post). See if you align with the studio, the teaching styles, atmosphere, target audience, etc. This will show the studio that you’ve done your due diligence and selected the studio because you like it. 

Plus, mentioning your visit in your cold email subject line will help it stand out amongst cold email spam. Basically, it’ll make your cold email feel less scary AND increase your chances of getting hired. #worthit

Step 2: Introduce Yourself

After taking a class, if you feel aligned with the people and place and are excited about the prospect of teaching there, introduce yourself! Take your time to start conversations with the staff you meet and show genuine interest in the other person—a little personal conversation goes a long way! 

Step 3: Get a Contact

Chat with the staff during your second or third studio visit and when a natural moment arises, let them know you are a teacher and that you’d like to see if there is an opportunity to teach there. Get the name and info of the specific person to contact so you can address your email directly to the right person.

Step 4: Send the Inquiry

Now that you’ve laid the groundwork, it’s time to reach out and express your interest. Don’t panic! There are many cold email templates out there to use as inspiration. See below for a personalized cold email template specifically for yoga teachers like you!

Step 5: Follow-up

90% of business happens in the follow up. Whoever is going to hire you is a busy person! If you don’t hear from them, don’t fret. There are many reasons why you might not get a response immediately that have nothing to do with your qualifications or desirability as a candidate. 

Send a follow-up email or make a quick call if you haven’t heard from them within a week to see if they had a chance to read your email and ask if they have any questions. Follow-up emails and persistence can pay off! 

Step 6: Keep showing up

Whether you’re on a path to teaching at the studio, you haven’t heard back, or they say they don’t need teachers right now, keep showing up! You honestly liked the place so it makes sense to stick around, right? 

Take classes as you can and it will show them you truly enjoy the community and keep you fresh on their minds for teaching opportunities.

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What to Include in a Yoga Studio Job Inquiry Email

Now let’s walk through the key elements of an effective cold outreach email. Add your own touch and remember that a bit of professionalism and politeness goes a long way in this first contact, whether written or in person!

  • 200 words or less: That’s right! Studies show that emails written in 75-100 words have the highest response rate. Even if you know the manager personally, you’re still marketing yourself. Writing a brief email increases the likelihood that you’ll connect. 
  • An intriguing subject line: Don’t get lost amidst a sea of cold email subject lines with low response rates, get your reader’s attention by showing your familiarity with the studio.
  • Who you know at the studio: Express in your opening line which classes you took, the teacher(s) you met / know at the studio, and what you love about your experience there. This email personalization shows you’re not just some “rand-o” sending the same email to every studio in town, but that you’re interested in being part of a community.
  • Why you want to work there: Make an intriguing introduction by expressing why you are interested in teaching at THEIR studio specifically. This shows that you take your career seriously, that you understand your own style, and know it aligns with what they offer.
  • A brief overview of your qualifications: Don’t overwhelm your contact with credentials! The cold email body is like a cover-letter, so include a quick bird’s eye view of your training, experience, and teaching style so they can decide if they’d like to read more about you.
  • A headshot: This is another way to personalize your outreach. It’s harder to say no to someone with a face and relatable story!
  • Your yoga resume: Check out this post for the full run-down on writing the perfect yoga resume.
  • A video (if you don’t get an immediate reply): Including a video of your teaching is a great way to catch a manager’s attention. This shows you respect their time and gives you a chance to show off your social media skills.
  • Contact information and a call to action (CTA): Provide your contact info and ask them to call or email if they have questions or if they would like you to come in for an audition. 
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    Cold Email Example: Use This Template to Get a Yoga Studio Job

    Alright, now onto the nitty-gritty, which, as always, I strive to make a bit less gritty! Use the email template below to write a cold email outreach that will get your prospect’s attention.

    Warm Initial Outreach Template

    Subject Line: Sublist 

    Hi manager first name,

    I’ve been practicing at studio name regularly and teacher whose class you took’s name encouraged me to reach out about getting on your sublist. 

    I’m also interested in space rental at studio name as I’m always looking for places I can host classes for my private clients. 

    Let me know if there is a good time next week to come by the studio and give a quick demo or audition class. In addition to subbing, I can potentially take on weekly teaching slots if you have classes that need permanent coverage. 


    Your Name

    (Attach Yoga Resume & Photo/Headshot to Email — optional)

    Follow Up Template #1

    Subject Line: Following up 

    Hi manager first name,

    I’m hoping to get on your sublist and potentially rent space at the studio as well for my own private clients. I practice at the studio insert dates and times — I love teacher whose class you took’s name class and he/she encouraged me to reach out. I’m sure you’re busy, so here’s a quick link of me teaching a 20-minute class if you want to assess my teaching style, or I’m happy to swing by and do a quick demo or audition class at your convenience so we can also meet. 

    Let me know your availability. Thanks!

    Your Name

    (Re-attach Yoga Resume & Photo/Headshot to Email — optional)

    Follow Up Template #2

    Subject Line: Checking In

    Hi manager first name,

    Do you not need subs or back-up teachers at this time? I just wanted to reach out one more time before moving on. 

    I’m hoping to get on your sublist and also potentially rent space for the private yoga clients I am teaching. 

    Let me know if I can do a quick demo or audition class at your convenience. Alternatively, I could send a link to a video of me teaching a 20-min class. 

    Hope to hear from you!

    Your Name

    (Re-attach Yoga Resume & Photo/Headshot to Email — optional)

    Cold Initial Outreach Template

    Subject Line: Sublist 

    Hi manager first name,

    I wanted to reach out about getting on your sublist and if it’s also possible to rent space at studio name for some of the privates I’m teaching. 

    What’s the process for getting on your sublist? (Pending the times, I could also take on some regular teaching slots)

    Is it best if I come in for a quick demo or audition class? Or if it’s easier, I can send a video of me teaching? 

    Look forward to hearing from you,

    Your Name

    (Attach Yoga Resume & Photo/Headshot to Email — optional)

    Key Cold Email Takeaways

    There you have it! Now get out there and become a cold emailing pro. You are your own top sales rep! And remember, once you get in the door at a studio, it’s not time to chill out and get complacent. 

    Keep dishing up your teaching A-game, educate yourself, and commit to your continued growth as a teacher so you know your value and can get paid accordingly

    Next Steps:

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