Yoga Calendar February 2024

Last month flew by freakishly fast but it’s not too late to start planning your New Year’s resolutions this year.

I’ve created this yoga calendar for you so that you can remain dedicated to your daily yoga practice and personal goals for this year. Each day of the month has an assigned yoga routine that you can easily find on my YouTube channel.

But don’t worry, not all of the yoga classes are meant to challenge you. Many of them focus on breathing exercises and restorative poses to balance all that fire you build on the yoga mat. This yoga calendar is designed for yogis of all levels, whether you’ve already got a strong foundation or if you’re brand new to the yoga mat.

I got you.

These online yoga videos are meant to

  • provide you with the fundamentals of yoga and prepare you for more advanced yoga postures (for when you’re ready!)
  • strengthen your core and increase your flexibility
  • improve overall mobility of the joints and spine
  • introduce at-home myofascial release exercises to maintain flexibility of the ligaments and tendons
  • provide experiential learning opportunities for when you’re unable to make it to the gym or yoga studio

For an online community that offers support from other students as well as from myself, check out my Uplifted Yoga program!

Next Steps

  • Check out my YouTube channel and find some yoga classes that you can try out for yourself!
  • Download my Yoga Calendars for an at-home practice, guided by me on YouTube!
  • Join Uplifted for exclusive content that you can access right from the app. Take a deep dive into your practice with me this year!

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