Yoga Calendar September 2024

School is back in session for the kiddos, which means that it’s time to get your sanity back. After a summer full of road trips, baerbecues, and pool days, you’ve finally got your daily routine back.

So it’s the perfect time to make the most of that routine.

Start your day with a morning yoga routine, do some productive journaling, and give yourself some quiet space for meditation.

Not sure where to begin? No problem.

That’s what my September 2024 calendar is for.

I’ve carefully designed a month-long calendar full of goodies that can help you craft your very own at home yoga challenge.

In this calendar, you’ll have the opportunity to

  • increase your flexibility in your tight hamstrings, stiff hip flexors, and achy shoulders and back
  • build strength in your muscles
  • bring clarity to your mind with a regular meditation practice
  • work affirmations and journaling into your daily habits, which can help with overall mental clarity and happiness

Download this September calendar and pin it to your wall or refrigerator because it’s time to get your daily yoga practice back on schedule.

And I’m so happy to help 🙂

Next Steps

  • Check out my YouTube channel and find some yoga classes that you can try out for yourself!
  • Download my Yoga Calendars for an at-home practice, guided by me on YouTube!
  • Join Uplifted for exclusive content that you can access right from the app. Take a deep dive into your practice with me this year!

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