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Mindset shifting is a pretty popular concept in wellness circles since the last decade. Mindset coaching is a way to learn actionable ways to bring those mindset principles into your daily life. And if you want to become a mindset coach, then you’ll want to learn ways to bring those principles into your client work. 

So, let’s break it all down right here by getting really clear now about what mindset coaching is, how it works, how you can even become a mindset coach, & the benefits of working with a mindset coach.

What Is A Mindset Coach?

A Mindset coach is a type of life coach specializing in assisting clients in overcoming mindset blocks, such as limiting beliefs and conditioning, to boost confidence, clarify goals, and establish actionable steps for achieving those goals. They impart methods for self-improvement and personal development, enabling clients to break free from self-sabotage and create transformative changes in their lives.

What Does A Mindset Coach Do?

A mindset coach assists clients in problem-solving, making positive changes, stepping out of their comfort zone, cultivating lasting habit changes, and striving to realize their full potential. Mindset coaches achieve results not only through one-on-one coaching conversations but also through the incorporation of transformational therapies, such as:

  • Neuro linguistic programming (NLP): essentially learning to unite your unconscious & conscious mind so that they learn to speak the same language. 
  • Time line therapy: another, but more specific form of NLP developed by Tad James that is completed on an unconscious level & uses the coaching experience to get rid of negative emotions associated with particular areas of your life & reprogram those thoughts, feelings, & beliefs.
  • Emotional freedom technique (EFT): most often simply referred to as tapping is used to tap your own acupressure points & traditionally is a Chinese method for mind- body therapy. It is used to assist in treating things like stress, cravings, performance, has even been shows to assist in symptoms of Post- Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), and many more benefits

Overall, mindset coaching is there to teach clients to feel good about their own mindset, help rid of self doubt, and reach their desired future.

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Benefits Of Mindset Coaching

Results of working with a mindset coach will vary based on individual clients, their existing mindsets, & their individual situations. But, below you will find a list of benefits you can expect to gain from choosing to work with a mindset coach.

  • a more positive outlook on life in general & on achieving your goals
  • increase self confidence & stop second guessing your every decision
  • solve problems & breakthrough mental blocks that are holding you back from reaching your goals
  • help clients understand their recurring thought patterns & get a clear sense of self perception
  • process painful emotions & develop a growth mindset on how to deal with or confront them
  • set realistic goals & overcome fixed mindset beliefs to move through any mental blocks surrounding those goals
  • complete clarity on limiting beliefs & letting them go
  • plus many more all centered around positive psychology

How To Become A Mindset Coach

Becoming a mindset coach is more straightforward than you might imagine. In fact, many of the essential skills required to become a mindset coach may already be within your expertise or comfort zone. Although there are no specific educational requirements, there are some recommended elements applicable to any coaching business that can enhance a coach’s credibility and distinguish them in the competitive landscape among other mindset coaches.

  • Get a life coaching certification through an International Coaching Federation (ICF) accredited course to develop your coaching skills & also improve your ability to teach clients HOW to make positive changes in their life.
  • Take an additional course specifically related to mindset coaching to better prepare you for having your own mindset coaching business & become a certified mindset coach
  • Begin coaching clients & actually start your mindset coaching business
  • Create your life coach business plan, which can also be used for mindset coaches or any other type of niched down coaching.

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    Common Questions About Mindset Coaching

    Here are some common questions people have when considering mindset coaching:

    Should I Become A Mindset Coach?

    You will need a set life coaching skills in order to become any type of coach. Here is a quick list of some skills you will need in order to be a coach; life, mindset, or any other type of life coach:

    • Good active listening skills
    • Receptive Body Language
    • Effective Communication Skills
    • Awareness
    • Embodiment/ the ability to live what you teach
    • Being able to be a mirror for your clients
    • Effective Questioning
    • Utilizing wait time
    • Good Eye Contact
    • Being supportive to your clients

    Who Needs A Mindset Coach?

    If you feel stuck, like you have reached a dead end, like you’ve lost your focus & purpose in your life path, you need to invest in some habit changes, or if you find that you are just going through the motions of the day to day… you can look into getting a mindset coach to gain some clarity & adjust your mindset to overcome this way of thinking.

    What Makes A Mindset Coach Different From A Life Coach?

    A life coach typically focuses on one aspect of life. They are usually divided into one of three categories:

    • health/ wellness, spiritual well-being
    • relationship
    • career

    They help their clients choose an area of focus with somewhere between 1-3 goals that the client wants to see success in.

    Mindset coaches, on the other hand, work in a more multi- faceted way. They want to help you discover ALL of your blocks in every aspect of the life coaching realm & then work with you to develop a new thought process to see success in the most important areas of their clients lives as per the individual client.

    How Will I Know If A Mindset Coach Is The Right Type of Coach For Me?

    If you are feeling like there are multiple areas of your life where you lack clarity, certainty, or an unknown right path, mindset coaching where you should start at least. Your coach may have someone they can refer you to if you are wanting to develop focus and/ or success in one specific area of life. But, if on a daily basis, you feel an immediate sense of overwhelm from the moment you wake up in the morning & need to find a set of realistic goals & work on your overall self improvement… mindset coaching is the way to go.

    When Will I See Results From Mindset Coaching?

    A good mindset coach can help their mindset coaching clients start seeing results within a few sessions. The beauty of mindset coaching is that results tend to show up faster than simply working with a life coach alone. This is because, as I mentioned above, mindset coaches help adjust ways of thinking in multiple areas of life as opposed to just one or two elements of your lifestyle. Though how quickly results happen will vary from client to client, you will start to notice small results such as self awareness more quickly than simply trying to do it on your own.

    Working on your mindset can be tough work. Especially when you are confronting ways of life that seemed so natural to you from a young age. Coaches help humans create a new reality for themselves, but participating in a program like Detox Yoga Fusion will also help move energy through your body to have a more embodied experience.

    How Do I Choose My Mindset Coach?

    There are two ways that I recommend for finding the best coach for you:

    1. Use social media & search for mindset coaches. Choose a few that you feel are aligned with you, follow them, scroll through their content & decide which ones you are thinking will be the best fit for you. Then, interview them. Most coaches in general offer free 15 minute introductory calls. These are typically used as sales calls to allow prospective clients the opportunity to ask any & all questions you may have before you choose a coach to work with. Even if the calls are not advertised in their links, or on their page, just ask. Most coaches will be more than happy to jump on a call with you.
    2. Use a coaching directory like the one on Dharma Coaching Institute‘s Website. While not all coaches on directories like this will be mindset coaches, many are & you may find some that are in a multi- niche that appeals to you as well.


    Mindset coaching focuses on ways to reprogram old thought patterns, limiting beliefs, & emotions that no longer serves us. Allowing us to let go of an outdated fixed mindset & move into the space of a growth mindset. Utilizing mindset coaching techniques like neuro linguistic programming during a coaching session will help a person identify what needs shifting within their entire world, and help clients get clarity & focus on success in every facet of their life. As a yogi, it is important for you to be ever changing & evolving in order to have your own positive mindset.

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