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BACK IN STOCK for 2024

Ready to trade your ingrained, unconscious thinking?

For new, high-value thought-patterns that support your vision for your life?

Let’s be honest: the word “abundance” can instantly spark feelings of insecurity, greed or unworthiness. I know, because I used to feel this way!

If this is you too, please know that these reactions are common and perfectly normal. This book can help. If the word “abundance” excites you, this book is your ultimate companion.

When it comes to any intention or goal, we need an “abundance mindset” to achieve it.

Working with the goddess Lakshmi and the Four Paths of Abundance as outlined in the Vedas, created a powerful, positive ripple effect in my life. When our 18 Days of Abundance yoga series skyrocketed in popularity inside the Uplifted Membership, I felt a call deep within me to create a journal that would serve as a step-by-step guide for those cultivating an abundant life. I’m honored to present you with my first book, which doubles as a journal full of affirmations, yoga sequences, meditations and thoughtful prompts for you to uncover


The Uplifted ™ Abundance Guidebook and Journal challenges you to rethink the way you see reality, and find more fun and happiness along the way. Together, we walk the four paths of abundance, as outlined in the Vedas.

Nine thoughtful chapters outline a step-by-step approach to cultivating abundance in all areas of your life

Accompanying yoga poses and sequences allow you to fully embody each concept

Specific intentions for your body, mind and spirit offered at each step

Journaling prompts inspire and uplift you as you hone in on your inner dialogue, and craft your new worldview

Book culminates in a beautiful 40-Day Kriya designed to clear any remaining subconscious blocks

Includes Brett’s Guided Methodology for Tracking Yoga, Meditation & Journaling Daily!

Recommit to your yoga practice, your intentions, your truth, every single day

Check off your self-care activities every day.

Prioritize your commitment to yoga through a daily accountability system.

Fill in today's date at the top of the page, so missed days never equal wasted paper.

Manifest your deepest desires through writing and repetition.

Open space to write your daily abundance affirmations.

Journaling prompts and affirmations for each concept presented in the book.

Choose your daily activities and to-do's from a place of abundance.

Get things done each day, while keeping your crafted intentions in mind.

Jot your daily activities and to-do's.

Complete tasks, while keeping your heart-felt intentions at the forefront.

Shift into an attitude of abundance by reflecting on what you're grateful for each day.

Record and reflect on life's most precious moments.

Come on this journey with me!

The Uplifted™  Abundance Guidebook challenges you to co-create with the flow of life, instead of trying to control the flow of life.


Are you ready to say YES to this new world view?


Ready to shake off anxiety — and learn to love uncertainty?


And ready to learn to love yourself more in the process?



Do you ship internationally?

Due to long customs delays/unreliable post, we are only shipping within the USA at this time.

Is the book really in color?

Yes. Each chapter of the book is in color. The Uplifted™ planner pages for this book are in a beautiful gold color.

How big is the book and how much does it weigh?

8.3 x 6.7 x 1.02 Inches
22.9 Ounces
The book is printed in color, with a hard cover and spiral gold binding.

Do I need to do the 18 Days of Abundance yoga series in the Uplifted Membership to enjoy this book?

No. However, the yoga classes in that series are a lovely complement to the ideas presented in the book.

I’m an Uplifted™member who has done the 18 Days of Abundance yoga series. Is there more for me to learn in this book?

This book takes the ideas presented in that series and goes much deeper into individual topic. If you liked the series, you absolutely LOVE the book.

Is this book an agenda for all my appointments?

No. This book is about tracking your personal yoga/meditation practice, daily to-do’s, self-care activities, and elevating your mood by cultivating an abundance mindset. Not so much a place where you’d write and fill in ALL your appointments (which I know I do completely on a 100% digital calendar). If you’re looking for more of an appointment diary that has every single day pre-listed out, like an “hourly appointment scheduler,” this hybrid guidebook/journal is probably not the best fit. Yes, there is space to jot down some appointments and approx 7-months worth of planner pages, but the focus is on personal development using Lakshmi, the Vedas, yoga, and meditation, not appointment scheduling.

Does the book ship immediately?

Yes! Books ship out the same day you order. Please ensure your address is correct. We can’t wait for this book to be in your hands!