Imagine getting to dive deeper into your yoga practice without paying a dime…

…getting to pick the brain of teachers and students from around the world without having to go to the yoga studio.

Imagine having all of your questions about yoga answered as you go about your daily life.

Well, you don’t have to imagine.

That’s exactly what my yoga podcast is for!

My yoga practice has changed my life so profoundly that it has become my life‘s work to bring yoga to as many people as possible in hopes of inspiring some of that good juju in others.

Besides being a yoga teacher with my online yoga classes and leading my online yoga teacher training course, I also have my very own yoga podcast.

Basically, I get to talk about yoga and the yoga biz with other people in the industry every single day.

Each episode features an interview with someone in the yoga industry who can share some insights on what it means to practice yoga, the relationship between teachers and students, and how to find community in the ever-growing yoga scene.

Some of the inspiring topics that we discuss are about

  • how to take care of your body with a regular yoga practice
  • finding balance in this fast-paced world
  • what it means to be a yoga student
  • how to ethically run a business that is true to traditional yoga philosophy
  • tips and tricks to improve your practice
  • how to heal pain of both the body and mind with yoga
  • how social media impacts mental health and wellness
  • the ins and outs of becoming a yoga teacher with a yoga teacher training
  • the role of your breath in your yoga practice
  • what it’s like to run a yoga studio
  • the history behind certain yoga styles, such as ashtanga yoga, hatha yoga, kundalini yoga, and more
  • tips on finding a community wherever you are
  • so much more!

Join me each episode to listen to a bunch of yogis share their experiences with yoga and teach on our favorite topic in the world. Can’t wait to share with you 🙂