Yoga Calendar May 2024

Looking for a printable calendar to help you stay on track with all of your yoga goals this year?

Don’t worry, I got you.

As temperatures warm up and deadlines loom, it’s super helpful to have a complete schedule already laid out for you. I’ve taken my favorite yoga classes for beginners and combined them with more challenging classes and workshops so that anyone and everyone can follow along.

Instead of getting overwhelmed with examinations, courses, and upcoming events (um, hello Cinco de Mayo), jump into a daily yoga practice to celebrate the beautiful body that the good Lord gave you.

You can pair this printable calendar with your own calendar filled with all of the duties and obligations that come with being an adult.

Because it’s all about balance, right?

And that’s exactly one of the many areas I focus on in this yoga calendar, along with

  • gentle flexibility that can make your daily life a lot easier
  • breathing exercises that can be used both on and off the yoga mat
  • poses that strengthen your core and overall fitness levels
  • stretching for myofascial release
  • the fundamentals of basic poses and movements that many students often get wrong
  • more complex yoga sequences for students looking for more of a challenge 😉

My 2024 calendars are meant to prepare you for a deeper yoga practice, providing you with a strong foundation from which you can grow…

…and this May 2024 yoga calendar is no different.

The most dedicated students can follow this calendar day-to-day for some serious growth and flexibility. As for everyone else, do what you can when you can and know that you don’t have to be perfect to benefit from your yoga practice.



Next Steps

  • Check out my YouTube channel and find some yoga classes that you can try out for yourself!
  • Download my Yoga Calendars for an at-home practice, guided by me on YouTube!
  • Join Uplifted for exclusive content that you can access right from the app. Take a deep dive into your practice with me this year!

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