Ever wondered how a Kundalini yoga practice is different from the kind of yoga you do now?

Here’s the 411:


Kundalini Yoga incorporates repetitive movements (think twisting left to right over-and-over-again), pranayama (or breath work), meditation, and chanting mantras (like Sat Nam – truth is my identity) for a prolonged period of time to shift our consciousness.


In Vinyasa yoga, we warm up, flow through Warrior Poses linking breath and movement, and cool down into forward folds. Kundalini has it’s own, different, structure and methodology. The repetitive movements and accompanying breath work is numerically precise (e.g. performs 42 squats inhaling with your head to the right and exhaling with your head to the left). The duration of how long you do each movement in a sequence is also very precise (e.g. 11 minutes).


These set, Kundalini sequences of movement, breath and mantra are called kriyas. These were designed by Yogi Bhajan (founder of Kundalini yoga in the West), and are never altered or changed. This is because these kriyas direct your subtle body energy to stimulate the nervous system and glandular system in a specific manner.

Some Kundalini kriyas will leave you blissed out with a profound sense of calm, clarity and joy.

Others, will trigger you.

Keep in mind Kundalini Yoga is called the “Yoga of Awareness.” It is designed to slay your ego and trigger you. If you find the exercises confronting (or you don’t want to do 42 frog squats in a row and begin to get tired, angry, frustrated), this is precisely the point.

Kundalini Yoga shows you how you react when you’re in a difficult situation. It serves as a mirror to how you react to difficult situations in life.


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Hope to see you in there, or anytime on your mat!
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