facebook groups for yoga teachers

Gosh, I don’t know about you, but these days I have come to truly value and appreciate human connection.

In fact, I think we all need it now more than ever!

And this period is also calling upon yoga teachers and yoga studio owners to assess, adapt, and evolve.

Fortunately, we have an entire yoga community at our fingertips (thanks technology!) so we have the gift of being able to combine BOTH our need for connection AND for growth!

Specifically, Facebook groups for yoga teachers are a fantastic way to connect, to get support where you need it, and to give it where you can.

Because, let’s be real, being a certified yoga teacher doesn’t mean we know all there is to know about teaching yoga, so we could all benefit from a supportive community to help us improve our business savvy and teaching skills!

There are lots of helpful groups out there to choose from, so I curated a small list that spans an array of topics to get you started!

Some things I looked for:

  • Providing a resource in an important area
  • Kind and consistent community engagement
  • Few ads and promos
  • Generous, genuine support from a knowledgeable administrator/facilitator without being “spammy” (as applicable)

Let’s take a peek, shall we?


best facebook groups for yoga teachers

The “Yoga Teachers” group facilitates discussion on a wide range of topics and they suggest using the space to “help advance your relationships with yoga teachers from around the world”. Recently, teachers have posted asking for tips on fighting imposter syndrome as a new teacher, teaching trauma informed yoga, and resources on medical contraindications in yoga. Examples of other discussion threads include advice on yoga postures, waivers, yoga school and book recommendations, best practices for teaching online yoga classes, and class structure advice.

The only drawback is that there have been some trolls in the group that post pretty hateful content, which is contrary to what one might expect from a yoga teacher. The admins of the group have done a tremendous job in recent months to stamp that out, even standing firm that conspiracy theories are not welcomed in the group as they do more harm to the world than good.

Who this is for: Yoga teachers wanting to connect and give/receive support on a variety of subjects
Membership Requirements: Must be a yoga teacher or currently taking a yoga teacher training
Number of members: 36.9K
Posts per day: 11
Group Admins: Seth Daley


yoga teacher resource community facebook group

This group aims to help yoga instructors in multiple areas: in the classroom, in living their yoga, in their personal yoga practice, and in their yoga business. Some member and administrator post topics include how to make email newsletters, selecting liability insurance, navigating social media, accommodating the new yoga student, and more. The administrators share conversations about business and teaching related themes with practicable tips to address the challenges that are unique to yoga teachers. The administrators offer free mini-trainings on themes such as time-management, cultural appropriation, and healthy boundaries for teachers, and they also have a podcast.

Who this is for: Professional yoga teachers who live their yoga and treat teaching yoga as a business
Membership Requirements: Must be a yoga teacher and accept the group guidelines
Number of members: 9.1K
Posts per day: 7
Group Admins: Mado Hesselink, Diane Flowers


yoga anatomy facebook group

The “Anatomy Gurus” group isn’t just for those who are already “anatomy geeks” (though you are welcome!) but it’s also for those who left their Hatha yoga certification still a bit mystified by biomechanics, alignment, and anatomy. The group is facilitated by a trained physiotherapist who offers deep dives via Facebook live videos that break-down alignment and anatomy considerations for specific yoga postures. The facilitator’s specialty is stabilizing hypermobile yoga practitioners to reduce the risk of injury and keep yogis practicing asana longer, but discussion topics relate to all things anatomy. Group members often post both teaching and personal questions related to specific yoga poses that are answered by other group members and often by the physiotherapist administrator herself.

Who this is for: Yoga instructors and yoga practitioners who want to expand their anatomy knowledge
Membership Requirements: None
Number of members: 1.9K
Posts per day: 1
Group Admins: Celest Pereira


tantrik yoga facebook group

This group is described as a ”central hub for discussion relating to *classical* Tantrik Yoga” that is intended to provide access to teachings and practices from the nondual Shaiva Tantra tradition. Reminder: Classical Tantra is not the same as neo-tantra (related to sexuality and the Kama Sutra) as commonly misconceived. Classical Tantra (there are several branches and this is one) is a philosophical system that is actually a large part of the yoga that many Western teachers share, and yet many aren’t aware of this! Since there is a lot of confusion and lack of awareness around the foundation of what instructors teach, this is a good place to deepen your understanding of some of the yoga philosophy that likely informs your teaching. The administrator studies the ancient texts and their languages directly and shares live talks and discussions on his studies. Expect deep philosophical discussions on meditation, Tantric philosophy, yoga history, subtle anatomy, and more.

Who this is for: Yoga teachers who want to deepen their yoga philosophy knowledge
Membership Requirements: None
Number of members: 9.5K
Posts per day: 6
Group Admins: Christopher Hareesh Wallice


facebook group for yoga teacher jobs

The “Yoga Jobs All Over the World” group is for yogis who want to find yoga teacher jobs or to take their teaching global — it’s kind of like global yogi Craigslist LOL! Employers post what they’re looking for and the moderators and administrators ensure they include whether the position is paid, part-time or full-time, and whether there are any special visa considerations, etc. Yoga teachers seeking work are also allowed to post! This means you can share your yoga style (Iyengar, Ashtanga yoga, restorative yoga, aerial yoga, Hatha yoga, vinyasa flow, etc.) and in what part of the world you want to teach to connect with potential employers. The administrators and moderators do an excellent job of keeping the feed job-related for efficient, promo-free job searching.

Who this is for: Yoga teachers looking for international teaching jobs (and the employers who want them!)
Membership Requirements: None
Number of members: 56.6K
Posts per day: 1
Group Admins: Anne Soper, Angela Carder

»Uplifted Yoga Teacher Training Alumni Group« 

uplifted yoga teacher training facebook group

I have a private Facebook group for all of my alum who wish to join. As a part of my online teacher training courses, I provide ongoing support FOR LIFE through this Facebook group. So any question, any issue, or any ideas that you want to run by me, my team, and fellow graduates of my course are fair game in this Facebook group. Honestly, it is SO much fun and one of my favorites things about my entire business! I love the types of questions that my students bring and the discussions that follow.

We talk about everything from how to interpret one of the 8 limbs of yoga, to how to collect payments from students, to how to price your online yoga classes, to how to set up your online course…

…and every other aspect of running a yoga business. The group is free to join if you’ve completed my YTT, so not everyone is eligible to join. But I wanted to include it on this list because my Uplifted family rocks and we have so much fun in there that I just had to mention it here 🙂

Who this is for: graduates of my online yoga teacher training who are seeking business advice and ongoing mentorship
Membership Requirements: must be an alum of Uplifted YTT
Number of members: 390
Posts per day: 1
Group Admins: Jen Hall, Stephanie Troiana


facebook group for yoga teachers leading yoga retreats

The “Yoga Retreat Leaders” group provides both inspiration and practical guidance for creating “fun, professional and life-changing retreats for our clients and students!” Those who are curious to explore dipping their toes into the yoga retreat waters can get questions answers from experienced group members and the administrators. Veteran retreat leaders can share their wisdom and also be inspired as the discussion threads include tips on advertising, tour groups, venue recommendations, virtual retreat ideas, and more. Even if you’re on the fence about leading retreats, if you double as a fitness instructor or massage therapist this could be a great group to create new connections!

Who this is for: Yoga teachers who want to lead yoga retreats
Membership Requirements: None
Number of members: 7.8K
Posts per day: 1
Group Admins: Patricia Villegas, Antonio Escobar, Molly Simone Vogel


connected yoga teacher facebook group

The “Connected Yoga Teacher” group thrives on community connection and “helping yoga teachers so that we can share more yoga and take care of ourselves, our time and our businesses.” Posts relate to professional yoga teacher development and include things like how to get on podcasts, accessibility and inclusivity in yoga, ethical considerations as teachers, lighting equipment recommendations, prenatal yoga tips, new yoga teacher advice, and more. The administrator occasionally opens the thread for sharing and promoting to help spread opportunities. The administrator also posts live videos on topics such as pelvic health, how to teach an online yoga class, and vinyasa flow sequencing ideas, and also has a podcast.

Who this is for: Yoga teachers looking for professional development support and discussion
Membership Requirements: No requirements stated, but when you request to join you are asked if you are a yoga instructor or in a yoga teacher training
Number of members: 9.6K
Posts per day: 9
Group Admins: Shannon Crow


yoga marketing tips and tricks

This group is for those who want support on the journey of developing an online yoga business. The administrator creates community support and connection by inviting people to share and get feedback on their websites, online course ideas, Youtube channels, etc. Included in the group are some mini-trainings on creating an online yoga course, building your brand, improving website conversion, and more. Members are supportive and interactive and recent discussions have included streaming platforms, video editing software, and choosing a name for your yoga brand. This group has an authentic, welcoming, and generally ad-free atmosphere.

Who this is for: Yoga teachers wanting to up their online marketing game
Membership Requirements: No requirements stated, but when you request to join you are asked if you are a yoga instructor or in a yoga teacher training
Number of members: 2.7K
Posts per day: 1
Group Admins: Arielle Shingles


yoga teacher marketing facebook group

This group is for entrepreneurial yoga teachers who are looking for support, trainings and resources to grow their online student communities and build sustainable and profitable online yoga businesses. Digital Yoga Academy is the leading online business school for yoga teachers worldwide and its founder Kelly McHugh is the business coach within Brett’s Uplifted YTT!

Kelly goes live inside the group once a week to deliver hour-long marketing trainings and there are also opportunities to learn from fellow teachers who go live as part of the group’s Yoga Teachers Talk Business series.

This is a really engaged and supportive group where conversations focus around teaching online, attracting students, marketing strategies, technology and systems, and equipment such as what kind of lighting to use when recording videos of themselves teaching yoga.

Who this is for: Yoga teachers wanting to up their online marketing game
Membership Requirements: No requirements stated
Number of members: 14.8K
Posts per day: 20
Group Admins: Kelly McHugh

10. Abundant Yoga Teachers

abundant yoga teacher marketing group

This group is fun and encouraging, covering all topics related to establishing yourself as a professional yoga teacher. The admin shares (paid) courses and workshops that members can join to improve their skills as a marketer. The members also are helpful in answering each other’s questions, though it seems like they’re all still quite new at yoga business.

Who this is for: Yoga teachers interested in trainings, sharing and conversation about yoga business
Membership Requirements: No requirements stated
Number of members: 4.4K
Posts per day: 1
Group Admins: Amy McDonald

You can see that Facebook yoga teacher groups can help everyone, from the new yoga teacher to the seasoned yoga studio owner, in advancing their yoga practice, teaching skills, and yoga business.

And there are many excellent groups out there beyond this list!

So now that I’ve piqued your interest, hop online and connect with this valuable resource that can support you at any stage along your yoga journey!

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