Yoga teacher training is a big investment. Not only financially, but it also takes a lot of time and energy.

After all, 200 hours is a lot and taking a month away from daily life is not something that a lot of people can do.

But guess what?

Online education has revolutionized the way that we learn. Including all things yoga (um, hello YouTube)

It’s so great when things come along that give opportunities to people that maybe they didn’t have before. Like an online yoga teacher training program.

But wait…

Can You Become A Yoga Teacher Online?

Yes, you can! I know this might be surprising but let’s consider a few things.

First of all, online learning has been mainstream for years now. You can earn your MBA, become a chef or even a massage therapist…

…all online!

Because so much is online now, from dating to paying your bills, a lot of people are actually more comfortable learning this way. Online courses give people freedom and flexibility to study on their terms. It also makes things accessible for people who work full time or are raising kids.

Not only will you have flexibility in terms of when you study, but you also get to set your own pace. The same is true for a YTT course.

Think about it.

Yoga teacher training can be intense. There is a lot of information to take in and a lot of self-reflection. It comes with a lot of personal practice and even more reading. And with an excellent self-paced online YTT, you can take as much time as you need.

The problem?

A lot of people feel like they’re missing out on certain aspects of a teacher training that an in-person program might offer.

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After all, a huge part of a TTC program is the community aspect, the ability to practice what you’re learning, and the availability of your yoga teachers to answer any questions that may come up.

But that shouldn’t hold you back.

Don’t feel like you would be missing out on any information…

…because we get it. We’ve been there and we know the value of progressing through your training with a cohort, a group of fearless yogis cheering you on every step of the way.

Many of these online teacher training courses are carefully designed programs that take this into consideration. They will include a combination of asana practice, anatomy classes, meditation and pranayama… all the same components that make up any other in-person training.

And as is the case with my online YTT program, it includes the community hands-on component as well. When I created the program, it was important to me to offer support to my students while also making it totally accessible to anyone and everyone. With my live classes and one-on-one meetings, I think I nailed it. 

Even so, it is true that online might not suit all types of learners, so that is for you to decide. If you are looking for an affordable, flexible option and can work well independently, then online teacher training is perfect for you.

One thing to keep in mind though is that not all online programs are not currently recognized by the Yoga Alliance, so be mindful of whether or not an RYT certificate is important to you.

And if you’re wondering… my online YTT course is a Registered Yoga School – RYS-200 Yoga Alliance ID 197303, thanks to my in-person immersion training.

But, yes, you definitely can become a yoga instructor online.

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How Much Does A Yoga Instructor Make A Year?

This is a hard one to answer, as it really depends on the instructor and how they choose to apply their knowledge after training. I have met people who teach full-time at studios and others who travel and teach donation classes wherever they go.

In general, though, working as a yoga teacher is not typically something that will pull in a six-figure salary. A lot of yoga teachers also have some type of side job.

The good news, though, is that you can be creative with how you use your training. Consider taking private clients, leading workshops or hosting retreats. This will not only boost your bank account, but it will give you constant new challenges so that you can continue to learn and grow.

However, if you’re going into yoga teacher training for the sole purpose of making money, you might want to rethink your decision. Yoga teacher training will help you deepen your own practice and provide you with so much that can’t be measured in monetary value.

That being said, a typical yoga instructor salary is around $24 per hour, giving you the potential to earn a hefty yearly salary upwards of $46,000. Entry level positions will earn you around $16,000 per yet whereas super experience yoga instructors can earn over six figures, raking in $100,000 per year, thanks to their superstardom status on social media. 

yoga instructor salary

How Long Does It Take To Train To Be A Yoga Teacher?

The length of the training will depend on which level of certification you are going for, whether it’s a 200-hour program, a 300-hour teacher training course, or a 50-hour continuing education course.

Some trainings are intensive and run every day throughout the course, often completed within about 28 – 30 days. These courses are mostly held abroad or at retreat centers. This gives a completely immersive experience, which can be great for some learners.

Most trainings that are run at your local yoga studio will run on the weekends, accommodating a busy 9-5 schedule. This is a great option for people who work and are unable to escape daily life for a full month.

But for many people, a 30-day immersive program is too overwhelming. Even a training that is only on the weekends might be too much of a time commitment, not to mention super expensive, thanks to the commodification of YTT courses in the western yoga industry. 

A more flexible option might be an online yoga teacher training course because you can easily fit it into your life, no matter how busy you are. 

The best part?

You can do it in the comfort of your own home and nobody is looking to see which name brand yoga pants you’re wearing.

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How Much Does Yoga Teacher Training Cost?

This is yet another thing that can vary a lot. It depends on where you go and what style you want to train in. In general, a 200-hour teacher training can range from $1,500 – $3,000, but the true range is even wider. Training costs vary so much, in fact, that I wrote a post all about how much yoga teacher training costs that breaks down the why behind these price tags.

Teacher training courses held abroad are becoming more and more popular, especially in places like Rishikesh (the birthplace of yoga) and Thailand. While this may seem wonderful, you have to take into account the added cost of the flight and accommodations if they aren’t already provided (which they often aren’t).

Locations like Costa Rica and Bali tend to have a higher price tag, while training in India tends to cater to those with a smaller budget and lower standard of living.

Before you shell out thousands of dollars, think about how you might want to use your training. If you are doing it for personal development only, maybe a pricey training isn’t what you need.

Or maybe if you’re just looking for an excuse to immerse yourself in a new culture, new program for a month, then a teacher training abroad might be worth all the extra cash.

The great thing is that there are so many trainings out there now that you can definitely find one to fit your budget. Here is a general breakdown of yoga teacher training costs based on the type of TTC and how long it lasts. 

yoga teacher training costs

Do You Have To Be Certified To Teach Yoga?

You definitely need training if you are going to teach yoga. It is an ancient practice that is impossible to pass down to others without proper training.

However, there is a huge difference between being trained and being certified.

Certification comes through the Yoga Alliance. They are the major governing body for yoga teachers and schools. Most instructors hold this certification, but not all. There are many wonderful teachers out there that are not registered yoga teachers (RYT).

If you are having trouble deciding if you should go for it and be an RYT, think about what you plan to do after training. If you would like to work in a gym or studio, they may require that you be certified.

While a YA certification might make it easier for you to work in mainstream yoga studios, it does not add any value to the learning experience nor is it technically required to teach yoga at all

Learning online is the perfect option for some people, but not for others. It really is an individual choice that depends on budget, schedule, and learning style.

Just remember that it is passion and experience that makes a great yoga teacher, not a certificate.

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