Yoga Calendar December 2024

It’s December, baby!

And that means lots of travel, lots of questionable food choices, and lots of stress.

Though it’s typically when we get the most vacation days, it can feel less like a vacation and more like absolute chaos.

That’s why it’s more important than ever to stick to your yoga practice during this time! That doesn’t mean that you need to always break a sweat with Ashtanga vinyasa yoga or a million chaturangas.

But it does mean that coming to your mat for a few deep stretches, a deliciously peaceful meditation session, or an energizing Kundalini flow can be the difference between mental breakdown and absolute bliss. 

This month, I’ve created a yoga calendar that you can take with you for the holidays so that you can bring in the New Year with peace of mind and a strong core. In this calendar, I’ve included:

Remember that your practice is there to SUPPORT you 🙂 And so am I! I’d love to see how you feel after each class so leave a comment on my YouTube videos to share!

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Next Steps

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