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For many of us, the onset of social distancing has diminished our ability as yoga teachers to connect with our students in the ways we are accustomed to.

So how do we, as yoga teachers, healers and wellness professionals stay connected to our students and clients in the wake of social distancing?

We must step into new roles by offering creative and innovative ways to provide the sense of community our students so desperately need in these scary and uncertain times…and no surprise…they’re all online 😊!

Here are some steps to help you stay connected to your students online in the wake of social distancing.

#1 Create and Maintain A Sense of Community

online community

People are craving community now more than ever before. Now is a great time to think about paying it forward by supporting, advising and offering your students opportunities to connect.

Think beyond the mat…what is a more powerful way to connect with your students in these times?

Instead of leading a live asana class, host a live, online weekly circle or community check-in to help your students stay connected and maintain a sense of community.

Create a space where they can check-in face to face, share with one another and just talk.

Consider opening or closing by leading a meditation, pranayama or moment of silence, holding space for your students to feel safe and grounded.

Using Zoom is a great way to offer your students a high-touch, in-person feel.

Schedule your community check-ins at the same as your regular weekly classes to help your students (and yourself) maintain their routine and import regularity into their daily living.

#2 Share Your Favorite Resources

Your students want to connect with you as a person, not just as a teacher.

They want to know what you practice, the things you enjoy and if you prefer coffee or tea. Share your personal practices, nourishing recipes, self-care regimen and your favorite warm drink.

This is a powerful time to build a deeper community, forge deeper connections and serve as a bridge, offering them the resources, community and support they need.

Connect with them via email or create a private FB group where you can share your favorite online classes, articles, inspirational readings and positive thoughts.

Be consistent. Check-in with them regularly so they know you are there to support them each step of the way.

Don’t go crazy trying to film classes, teach live online or create all your own resources. Your students can watch videos and read articles from anyone…but they need transformation from you!

#3 Invite Them to Pay it Forward Too

Many of us who are yoga teachers, healers and wellness professionals have had to cancel retreats, trainings and other events due to Covid-19 and the dawn of social distancing.

When offering refunds, think of creative ways that you can ask your students to pay it forward.

Instead of a refund, ask if they would accept a credit in exchange for a private yoga class. Give your students an opportunity to support you as well.

#4 Step into Your New Role

Whether you’re a yoga teacher, healer, or wellness professional, this is a beautiful, ripe moment to reinvent yourself.

It’s easy to get discouraged because the way you have been doing things is shifting and changing, but every time there is a big change or contraction there is an expansion happening simultaneously if you allow yourself to shift and step into it.

So while we see so much fear, panic and contraction in the world, expansion is happening and now is the time to shift and grow.

Zoom, water filtration companies, supplement & vitamin suppliers are all thriving. People are spending money in new and different ways, prioritizing self-care and health for the first time ever, because they want to keep their immunity and spirits high.

Sales are still happening, but people’s priorities have changed. For many of us it is time for a pivot in our business, myself included 😉. How are you being called to grow, adapt, expand and shift your offerings to what your tribe needs and wants from you

#5 Explore New Possibilities

Times of chaos brings heightened creativity and open the door to new possibilities. Now is the perfect time for a career shift, a fresh start…a new beginning.

Whether you are looking to deepen your practice, become a yoga teacher or further your yoga education, an advanced yoga course is a wonderful place to surround yourself with reinforcing people yearning to learn, grow and explore new possibilities…just like you!

I have been offering online yoga teacher training for 5 years and I am constantly evolving and shifting my programs so that they meet you where you are. My online YTT will give you the tools you need to step into the role of an entrepreneur in the growing world of online yoga.

And if not?

Then dive into your favorite yoga books and continue studying for yourself. It will help you become a better practitioner and yoga instructor.

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