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As yoga is becoming popular throughout the globe, the number of yoga teachers is also increasing rapidly. People’s enthusiasm for yoga may have guided them to become a yoga instructor…

… but are they really successful in finding the work?

While you may have completed your yoga teacher training from your favorite retreat, have you ever actually thought of teaching at the same retreat? Yes, anyone who has the determination and passion can confidently think of getting a good job at a retreat.

Individuals who are willing to take the next step in their yoga journey to enhance the practice and skills can build a successful yoga career.

The best part?

To become a yoga teacher, you don’t have any age restrictions. You do, however, need to be adaptable, creative, and deeply strong-minded to help others.

There are many ways to pursue yoga as a career and unlike many yoga teachers, you don’t necessarily have to teach at a regular yoga school. After all, yoga is not only about teaching, rather it is about exploring, connecting to yourself as well as with others, and most importantly enjoying the surroundings.

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How to Find a Yoga Teaching Job at a Retreat

Choose a job that can make you stand out, where you can connect to your students while you are also refining your teaching skills and learning more about your field of interest. Select a yoga retreat with a suitable location on your mind, where you can immerse in your teaching and also merge with nature. 

Work these points into your yoga teacher bio and yoga resume, then start applying.

Here are some points as to how you can teach at your favorite yoga retreat!

1. Expect the Unexpected

Make up your mind before opting for a yoga teacher job at a retreat because once you are in, you have to fully deliver yourself to the practice and the people. You may not be familiar with the curriculum, the strict daily schedule and then the vegetarian diet.

It is going to be a challenge, so prepare your mind before committing yourself to this job.

Yoga is often misunderstood as the promotion of the hippie culture, but it is the opposite of that because it is rather focused on the overall health and wellness. Here, you will have to accept whatever comes your way gracefully, since none of the resorts will offer everything you that you need. Learn and teach at the yoga retreat center…

…and also expect the unexpected!

2. Build Your Own Teaching Environment

Step ahead of the yoga mat, don’t just stretch your legs indoors but take your potential out of the yoga studio room. What I mean by this is, think beyond your imagination and don’t stay limited to your beliefs.

You can either create an opportunity for yourself by teaching yoga at any school, colleges, or other places instead of looking for a resort. Use your talents wisely towards your progression. This will give you an experience and a better chance to work at a yoga retreat. Create your own teaching environment which works in your favor and then you can use your learned skills about mindfulness more efficiently.

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3. Focus on Exploring Rather Than Money

Focus! Don’t digress into someone else’s path. When you think beyond the currency, you end up making more value for yourself in the market. Align your skills in the right places, for example, and barter your services with a simplistic retreat center.

Become more significant in your approach so that you can achieve your goals by exploring different styles of yoga, or by improving your techniques by enhancing your healing abilities with the practices of yoga. At the retreat center, focus on absorbing the details, not the money, because cash will follow if you build your base with the skilled yogic philosophy and the required experience. Advance your knowledge by opening yourself to the methods of meditation, hatha yoga, pranayama, Ayurveda massage, and other practices at the yoga retreat center.

After all, yoga is a lifestyle, not a fitness routine.

4. Stay Open to Every Opportunity

Make your passion your job! Feel blessed every day by motivating others and helping them on their spiritual path. This doesn’t mean just leading yoga classes and perfecting your alignment cues. It means that you must be open to the opportunity to dive deeper into your practice, either through seva or through another limb of yoga.

So stay open to opportunities, be like a sponge and try it out!

Step in, don’t be afraid to try new roles or practices that might transform your life. Opportunities will follow if you put in more hard work to develop your skills. If you have attended any YTT certification course, then jobs like yoga teacher, meditation teacher, reiki healer, etc. may knock your door more often than ever. So, don’t let the chance slip away if you can advance in other sectors of yoga too.

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5. Try It At Least Once

What’s wrong in taking a risk when you have nothing to lose and everything to gain? Most of the successful entrepreneurs, actors, or senior officials have risked their chances only to discover if they are fit for the job or not.

So, try your hands on what feels right to you. You never know what skills you’ll discover in yourself, what new passions will arise, or what connections you make. What if working at a yoga retreat center is the best decision you have ever made?

You’ll only ever know if you give it a try 🙂

Om Singh

Om Singh

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