how get a yoga teaching job at a yoga studio


You’ve graduated from your 200-hour yoga teacher training!

You’re flying high on loving yogi-tribe vibes! Namastes and handstands, all-around!

And then…


Now, what do you do?

And where’d your yoga homies go to help you out??

Trust me, I know you discovered that being a yoga teacher is tougher than it looks…and now you have to figure out how to actually get a job.

No worries, my friends!

The most daunting tasks are all accomplished in the same way:

How to find a yoga teaching job and make money as a yoga instructor is HALF of what I teach in my 300-hour advanced yoga teacher training course

…it’s THAT important.

But I wanna share with you right here, right now, some solid tips to get you started.

Let’s chunk this seemingly scary thing into bite-sized portions and stoke your confidence to get you out there and landing your first studio job!

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1. Make sure that you really want to teach there

Check out the studio space, staff, students, and teachers. Do they match your vibe? Does it feel like “your” place? Since yoga studios can be more than a workplace but a second home, you’ll further enrich your growth as a yoga teacher and student if the studio feels like your sanctuary.

It may be tempting to want to teach at the trendy yoga studio or the one-that-pays-well (wherever that is), but only do it if you really feel good in the place. Being a yoga teacher is different than working a corporate job because you can handpick where you want to teach (with enough patience, persistence, and experience). So choose a place that’s good for you.

2. Actually attend some of the yoga classes at the yoga studio you want to teach at

Sure, sometimes you can walk in off the street and ask for a job, but especially with teaching yoga, you will up your odds of getting a teaching job if the studio knows you! Spend some time there, not just going to classes but chatting with the staff and students (which happens to go great with step #1). Yoga studios are their own little communities, so become a part of it so that when you express interest in teaching there, it feels natural because you’re already part of the community.

3. Practice your pitch

Before you go and apply for a job as a freelance yoga teacher, consider what you’re actually pitching to the yoga studio. Here are a few questions to consider beforehand:

  • What level of certification do you hold?
  • How would you describe the style you teach?
  • What type of students do you like to teach?
  • What is your primary focus in teaching?

Work the answers to these questions into a 2-3 sentence “elevator pitch” and practice saying it out loud. It also helps to write a yoga teacher bio and prepare a yoga teacher resume so that the studio can remember your pitch long after you’ve left their studio. If you get stuck, reach out to one of the trainers or trainees of your certification program for a brainstorming session. Being clear on what you offer will help owners more quickly and clearly see how you might fit into their current class offerings and show that you know yourself and your yoga.

Not sure what an elevator pitch sounds like? Try something like this: “I am an RYT-200 and I love to teach vinyasa flow rooted in the primary postures but full of fun and challenging transitions. I enjoy making yoga accessible to beginners and to teach students sound alignment so they leave feeling more deeply connected to themselves and good in their bodies.”

4. Prepare for your audition

An “audition” is just what it’s called in the yoga world when the studio watches a demo of your teaching to determine if you’re a good fit. Refine your most solid flow from your YTT and practice it a few more times with friends. You will likely have between 5 and 30 minutes for your audition to give a sense of your voice and energy. Feeling good about your audition class even BEFORE you express interest can give you an extra bit of confidence as you inquire or make you ready in the off-chance that the manager has a few minutes right then for you to show your stuff.

5. Trust yourself, your training, and the process

 Embrace the butterflies you get as you leave your comfort zone ( which is also where all of your best growth begins). Ground into your feet and stand tall when you communicate your interest in teaching. In your audition, feel bold as you share your practice, remember whoever is attending is also just a human… so be yourself! You’ve got this! 🙂

How do you feel after reading this? Nervous and excited at the same time? That’s totally normal! Focus on your “why”—your reason for loving yoga and wanting to share it. If you hold that intention in your heart and keep knocking, the right door will open and you will end up exactly where you’re meant to be.

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