Morning Yoga Videos

A good morning yoga routine can set the tone for a great day. A yoga sequence first thing in the morning can be energizing, uplifting, and empowering. Not only is a morning yoga routine incredibly energizing for the mind and the body, but it is also great for waking up your metabolism. By practicing in the morning, you get things moving before you even start your day. This can help you lose weight in a healthy and natural way (if that’s what you’re looking for). Start your day with movement, breathing, and meditation to reduce stress and feel clear in the mind as you begin your day. Many of my online yoga classes are designed with a morning routine in mind so that you can have a good day everyday.

Top Meditation Videos for Beginners

Beginning a mindfulness meditation practice can seem scary. Where do you begin? How much time does it take to meditate each day? And which form of meditation do you use if you’re a beginner? There is often so much anxiety around meditating that the entire meditation experience seems to create the very thing we are aiming to reduce! Well, I promise you that meditation helps reduce anxiety and runaway emotions.

But I also understand how mindfulness and meditation can be difficult at first. That’s why I regularly post free guided meditation videos so that anyone and everyone can begin practicing meditation. Developing a mindfulness and meditation habit will help you be more in the moment, get restful sleep, reduce stress and anxiety, and feel a lot calmer overall.

My advice?

Listen to a few of my free guided meditation videos to see which style fits best with you. Maybe you just want some sleep meditation music, then you might like yoga nidra, which walks you right into a restful sleep. Or maybe you’re interested in learning more about breathing meditation, where you learn breath awareness and yogic breathing exercises.

Try them all out and see what works for you!

Bedtime Yoga Videos

A daily bedtime yoga routine can help you slip into a good night’s sleep so that you can rest and rejuvenate for your no doubt demanding life. If you have trouble falling asleep, then a calming yoga nidra video will help you release tension and settle into a relaxed mind that is ready for sleep. If you don’t have trouble falling asleep though, a bedtime yoga sequence with deep stretches can increase blood flow to the hips, spine, and hamstrings… some of the most neglected areas of the body throughout the day. Try a few of my bedtime yoga videos to find what works for you!

10-Minute Yoga Videos Online

Sometimes a regular yoga practice is just a 10-minute yoga sequence each day to open the hips, loosen the neck and shoulders, and practice a few breathing exercises.

And that’s okay!

Yoga is meant to improve your life, not run it. Finding a yoga sequence that can fit into your daily routine is better than finding one that you will never do. So if a 10-minute yoga practice is what helps you, then I’m all for it. Plus, no ancient yoga text ever said that we had to make an interval training out of our yoga practice, like many popular yoga studios might have you believe. It’s all about balance, after all!

15-minute Yoga Videos

A 15-minute yoga routine is plenty of time to increase your strength and flexibility each day. Combined with a few yogic breathing techniques and you’ve got a solid daily yoga practice in just 15 minutes. Ease your tight muscles with slow movements and stretches, or get your blood pumping with my power yoga videos. Get exactly what you need in a pretty little 15-minute package!

30-minute Yoga Videos

A 30-minute yoga sequence allows for a great vinyasa flow to get the heart rate up and to improve strength and flexibility. I’ve created a lot of 30-minute yoga videos because many of my students have shared that it is the perfect amount of time for them to remain dedicated to their daily yoga practice without having to shift around their regular daily routine to fit it in. Try out a few of my videos and see which work for you!

45-minute Yoga Videos

A lot of students come into yoga class with the mindset that the longer the length of time the class is, the more calories you burn. It’s true that some classes can provide an intense workout, like the Ashtanga yoga or power vinyasa classes at your local yoga studio, but I encourage you to dive into the softer side of yoga in a long practice. There are so many types of yoga, some that induce sweat and some that take you into a deep, healing stretch. For a yoga workout, look for a vinyasa flow or Ashtanga yoga class. But if you’re looking for a soothing class that promotes overall health and wellness, then look for a restorative yoga or yin yoga class for this length of time. Both types of yoga are part of a regular yoga practice so find what you need for today!

Beginner Yoga Videos

If you’re just getting started with yoga and you’re not sure which yoga style is best for you, then check out some of my yoga for beginners videos. I move through basic yoga routines, gentle hip openers, and simple yoga postures to increase both strength and flexibility. Once you get a feel for what you like with my free yoga videos, check out my yoga program for beginners where I’m basically your in-house yoga instructor 🙂

Abs And Core Yoga Videos

Yoga is an incredible tool for strengthening the core muscles. In fact, it’s nearly impossible to progress through more advanced yoga poses without first developing core strength. This is why I’ve created so many yoga routines to strengthen your core so that you can progress in your yoga practice safely. Try some of my core work videos to get started!

Prenatal Yoga Videos

A prenatal yoga practice provides amazing health benefits for both baby and mama. It helps you cope with all of the aches and pains that come with a growing belly as well as develop an intimate connection with your babe as he or she grows. Yoga during pregnancy also helps with the birthing process as your developed core strength helps you push the baby out more easily (it’s true!). I made many of my prenatal yoga videos while pregnant, so you can see exactly how to move through the yoga poses with your growing belly in each of my videos 🙂

Search All Free Online Yoga Videos

Not finding the exact class you want? Be sure to check out my playlists on Youtube which filter classes by duration, focus and more!

Developing your own yoga practice can be an absolutely life-changing experience. Whether you do it for the workouts or you do it for the relaxation, it can make your daily life more liveable, enjoyable, and beautiful in a variety of ways.

The problem?

For many people, it can be challenging to get started. Nerves about going to a new yoga studio can creep up and prevent you from ever experiencing an amazing yoga class. Limited strength and flexibility can scare people away from ever taking their first step onto the yoga mat. Lack of quality instruction can make a first-time experience on the mat a discouraging one.

But yoga is truly a life-changing experience that is far more than a workout or a fitness routine. It is a way to increase the flexibility of both the body and the mind. It helps to ease pain and learn about yourself in beautiful, profound ways.

And it can be done in your own home!

That’s why I’ve created a library of free yoga videos online so that you can experience yoga and meditation on your own time, in your own place. You can look through my online yoga videos (and there are a lot!) on the amazing video platform YouTube to find the perfect routine for you to get started.

These videos and tutorials are designed to help you

  • build strength
  • learn how to use your breath in a conscious way
  • increase flexibility
  • experience relaxation
  • explore yoga and meditation together with my guided meditations
  • get a good workout with strengthening and toning exercises (when you’re looking for a little fir-building exercise)
  • try different yogic breathing exercises, such as pranayama breathing
  • try a variety of yoga styles, such as hatha yoga or restorative yoga

If you want help to stay on track with your yoga goals this year, then check out my 2019 calendar. Each daily yoga practice is guided by my online yoga videos, making it incredibly easy for you to start yoga in your own home today 🙂

Seriously, I want you to experience yoga the way that I have and so I’m here to help you every step of the way!

All of my videos are designed as yoga for beginners, but if you would like to explore more advanced postures and work with me personally several times a week, then check out my Uplifted program.

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