Sweaty Yoga Workout (45-min) optional music!

Sweaty Yoga Workout (45-min) optional music!

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START SPOTIFY AND YOUTUBE PLAYER AT THE SAME TIME (playlist has 30-sec silence delay)

Sweaty yoga workout flow — this yoga sequence is designed to get you in shape for summer. Note the Spotify playlist above has 30 seconds of silence at the beginning so you can start it at the same time the Youtube video starts.

After so many audio issues recording my videos over the past year, and experimenting with different audio capture techniques, I’m glad to share that this Sweaty Yoga Workout this has perfect audio and I can even make it better and louder going forward 🙂

I like the idea of filming this way with the yoga playlist as a Spotify link so you as the yogi have options. You can do this yoga sequence as is with no music, or to the playlist I’ve designed to go along with this class, or to whatever music of your own that you like.

The *AWESOME PANTS* in this video are from Be by Belmaica. I fell in love with her Etsy shop — it has photos of dancers and pointe shoes mix-matched with her cool, hand-made aesthetic, so of course I became obsessed quickly (we all know how much I’m into dance and my version of dance yoga 🙂

yoga dance pants

The top is Calvin Klein Performance via Tradesy.

This vinyasa flow sequence is an intermediate level, but I offer modifications along the way so hopefully everyone can enjoy.

Enjoy this sweaty yoga workout and let me know what you thought of the sequence and the music as a separate playlist in the comments!


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June 12, 2014