Yoga for Anxiety & Anger (25-min)

Yoga for Anxiety & Anger (25-min)

Yoga to Surrender & Calm Down

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One of my own teacher’s provoked me to do some work on the theme of surrender this month.

Here’s the idea: Surrender does not equal giving up. It means trusting fully in the universe.

Trying your absolute hardest but then, ultimately, releasing the end result a force greater than yourself.

AKA we should put our best efforts forth but then LET GO.

Instead of beating ourselves up and driving ourselves harder, we need to see the value in stepping back, trusting, and leaving room for divine play.

This has been super relevant for me this month as I launch my first BIG online course, in which I’m also shipping people my 5 favorite yoga props, requiring a lot of attention to detail and planning. Registration closes soon and instead of stressing myself out, I’m working on focusing on how excited I am about the material and trusting that the right people will find and appreciate it.

Anytime we create or put something out there, whether it’s one small video, a vision for a transformational program, or just telling our true feelings to a friend or loved one, we can feel vulnerable and anxious.

Hence the creation of this week’s sequence which is all about surrendering to anxiety, and anger – because if you’re angry, this will definitely calm you down.


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May 21, 2015