5 Minute Yoga Routine – All Levels

5 Minute Yoga Routine – All Levels

Fast, Easy, Refreshing Yoga for On-the-Go

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Sometimes, there just is no time for yoga. That’s why I created this 5 minute yoga routine for all levels. Because even if you’re sick, or late, or having a crisis, you can always find FIVE (just five) minutes to do some yoga, and then your entire day will be SO much better.

Just 5 minutes can really shift your perspective and make you feel better in your body. If you struggle with finding enough time for yoga in the morning, read my 5 hacks on how to make morning yoga happen, all based on my real life experience 🙂

Try out this 5 minute yoga routine and let me know if you feel better and glad you did it on the comments below!!

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Video Transcript

Hey, I’m Brett Larkin. Do you only have five minutes to practice because you’re in a rush or just tired? So do I. Don’t let only having five minutes stop you from doing your yoga routine. Okay, here we go. Let’s get started.

First you’re just going to come down into a child’s pose. I’m not going to rush us; we’re just going to hit a couple poses. You’re going to be so happy you did yoga today. This is also a great routine if you’re new to yoga. We’re not going to do anything complicated.

From child’s pose, just take a deep breath. Exhale all the way at the mouth and just rock the hips from side to side. When I’m short on time, I love to do these rocking motions just because I think they’re really soothing. I’m just taking my hips kind of to the left and right. Good. And then curl the toes under, spread all the fingers apart, we’ll hit our downward facing dog. And we’re just going to bend into one knee and then the other. Press down to the knuckles. Good. And then bend the knees super deep, so almost like the knees want to touch the mat. Make them that deep and then lengthen your tailbone towards the ceiling. So press more into the hands like you want to do hand stand up in the upper body and send your seat towards the sky. And then gradually we straighten the legs, let the heels go down.

Let’s do that one more time. Come up on to the tippy toes, knees almost touch the mat. Press through your knuckles more so your thigh bones and torso almost touch. And then re-extend the legs, exhale, heels down. Good. And then take both toes to the right and bend the left knee. So I love hitting this pose if I only have a little bit of time because it’s a little side stretch. So I want to be feeling a stretch in the right side of the body. Good. And then take both toes to the left and this time bend the right knee keeping the hips sending up high and away, you’re going to feel a stretch to the left side of the body. Good.

And then come back to down dog, we’ll inhale, hit our plank so we feel strong. Exhale, down dog. Good. Just use this to connect with the breath, inhale, plank. Use the whole breath to come forward, exhale, down dog. Good.

Last time, inhale, plank. Shoulders over wrists. Good. Exhale, navel up and back, downward facing dog. Walk the feet towards the hand standing forward, bend. Good. You’re just going to hold opposite elbows, micro bend the knees, again, sway from side to side. Good.

And then inhale, half lift, get long shoulders, roll down the back. Exhale, fold. Good. Again, inhale, half lift, find your flat back, shoulders, glide down, and back. Exhale, fold. Good. Last time, so we’re just getting into a rhythm, inhale, get long shoulders, lie down, exhale, fold.

This time we’ll do a roll up, so bend the knees deeply. Chin into chest, head is heavy like a bowling ball, we’re rolling up like a rag doll, one vertebra at a time. I love to feel through the whole spine even if I only have a little bit of time, had this last thing to come up. And then take the right leg wide, so toes in, heels out, nice wide stance, inhale. Lift the chest, interlace the fingers behind you if you can. Otherwise, just keep them on the hips. We’re just going to exhale, fold forward. Good.

Now fist high to the sky. Roll the weight into the balls of the feet as you pull up through the thigh bones, huge breathe in, exhale all the way. Good. Huge breathe in, exhale all the way. Good. And then take the hands to the floor, if you haven’t already, find your flat back, inhale, exhale mouth.

I find getting into a rhythm with the breath is the most powerful thing I can do if I’m short on time. Inhale, exhale mouth, forward. Good. Last time, inhale, come up, find your flat back, exhale, think hard forward, collar bones back. Last time, inhale, flat back, take the hands to the hips this time. Exhale here, good, and then come all the way back up to stand. Bring your feet together, back to the top of the mat, inhale, reach your arms down, around, and up, exhale, prayer to the centerline of the body and go slow to still all four corners of the feet pressing into the ground. All the fingertips and the bottom of the palms pressing towards one another. Breathe in, chest lifts, exhale. Hopefully you’re more ready and more centered to start your day.

Only five minutes we did it, from my heart to yours, Namaste. Make sure to like this video if you enjoyed it. Comment below, was five minutes working? Let me know. And subscribe to my channel if you haven’t already.


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April 4, 2015