Wake Up Yoga – Yoga for Energy Morning Yoga Routine (10 Min)

Wake Up Yoga – Yoga for Energy Morning Yoga Routine (10 Min)

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Energizing 10 minute yoga sequence for the morning or any time of the day when you need a boost of energy to wake up or get fired up to tackle something ahead of you.

This “Get Fired Up” yoga routine is perfect for when you’re short on time, or have something you’re not looking forward to and want to ramp up your energy to get through it in a positive manner.

Don’t let the face that you only have 10 minutes stop you from doing yoga!

If you’re looking for other quick “wake up” or morning yoga routines, you’ll likely enjoy my other 10 minute morning yoga video.

The *AWESOME PANTS* in this video are from Be by Belmaica. I fell in love with her Etsy shop — it has photos of dancers and pointe shoes mix-matched with her cool, hand-made aesthetic, so of course I became obsessed quickly (we all know how much I’m into dance and my version of dance yoga 🙂 Her website now allows you to design your own yoga pants — it’s basically the coolest thing ever and I highly suggest checking it out.

yoga dance pants

The top is Calvin Klein Performance via Tradesy.

The cork yoga mat is by Yoloha (full video review coming soon).

This vinyasa flow sequence is an intermediate level, but I offer modifications along the way so hopefully everyone can enjoy.

Enjoy this 10-minute yoga sequence and let me know what you thought of the class in the comments!


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October 21, 2014