Yoga for Arthritis & Carpal Tunnel: Yoga Jellies Review

Yoga for Arthritis & Carpal Tunnel: Yoga Jellies Review

Yoga Jellies are a new prop for yogis with arthritis, carpal tunnel, wrist pain and as a preventative measure!

This cool new yoga prop might be for you!

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In this video, I review the yoga jellies product: who it’s designed for, what conditions it can help with, and ideas on how to use it.

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Don’t let arthritis, carpal tunnel, wrist pain or other injuries prevent you from doing yoga.

Start preventing yoga injuries early by practicing with yoga jellies. Video transcript below!


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Yoga Jellies Review

Hi, I’m Brett Larkin. This is Yoga TV and today I’m here to tell you about a prop that you have probably never heard of: Yoga Jellies!

So what are Yoga Jellies?

Well, kind of what it sounds. It’s a jelly pad that’s round and you use it under your wrist, knees, hips, six bones, pretty much anywhere in your yoga practice that you need a little extra softness and support.

When my yoga jellies arrived, they came and they look like this.

Yoga Jellies retail at $65 for a set of two and what that makes them pricey this product is made a 100% in the USA.

They’re actually hand made in upstate New York by one of the few female owned molding companies in the entire United States.

The main idea is that they’re soft and they’re supportive.

So let’s go over who the Yoga Jellies are for.

They’re especially for people with carpal tunnel or arthritis or people who are flat footed (and there’s a cool way you can use the jellies to support your arch), however what I really learned is that Yoga Jellies are for anyone with the yoga practice.

There’s no bigger fan of yoga than me, but there are little things that are uncomfortable about your Yoga practice – like when you’re doing camel on your knees and it kind of hurts your knees even if you double up your mat. Or when you roll over onto the shoulder blade to open up the deltoid, and it’s hard with the wood pressing in your shoulder, or when you do sphinx or formarm plank and your elbows hurt, especially if you have boney elbows like me.

Doing Danurasna wheel on your belly and you hip points are really pressing into the mat – I’m sometimes red for days.

These are small things that I don’t really think about when I do yoga, however now that I have the Jellies in my life, literally any small discomfort that yoga ever brought me has been completely eliminated.

In addition to everything I just named, I’ve also been using the jellies under the heels of my feet when I do forward folds– I get an increase hamstring stretched. I’ve been using them underneath my sits bones when I do forward folds. I’ve been using them in between my knees and in between my knee and the mat when I do double pigeon and my knees are stacked. I’ve been using them in sphinx, camel and of course down dog.

In down dog, basically you put your wrist on the edge of the jelly and instead of your wrist being at a 90 degree angle– all of a sudden it’s more at 45 degrees slope, which makes a big difference.

So, even if you don’t have wrist pain or have arthritis or the other conditions I’ve mentioned, I have to tell you that the yoga jellies really make a home practice just a little bit more comfortable. Moving them around on the mat was easy. It was just a nice little extra way of being nice to myself during my practice.

Yoga Jellies are available for purchase on Amazon, so if you go to the link below this video, there’s a direct link from my website. Remember when you click through to Amazon from my website, you help support me and free yoga online at no cost to you.

I highly encourage getting a pair or gifting a pair to a friend if you have a yogi friend with an upcoming birthday or special event.

You will see these Yoga Jellies again as I’m going use them and demo them some more and some upcoming yoga video classes which I will link to you right here when they’re out and available.

To sum it up:

Yoga Jellies are efficient cushioning for your body.

I think I discovered five new ways to use them, just the last time I practiced with them.

Let me know in the comments what you think about this product.

Is it frivolous?

Is it something that you’re going to run and buy? Like if you enjoy this video. Subscribe to my channel.

I will see you on for more yoga products, props, clothes and reviews– from my heart to yours, Namaste.

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July 14, 2014