Release Your Inner Control Freak Yoga (60-min) w/ Optional Music

Release Your Inner Control Freak Yoga (60-min) w/ Optional Music


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Release your inner control freak with this yoga for stress release sequence. If you have control freak tendencies (like me), this athletic sequence with bring your control freak personality through unwinding, releasing, sweating, and letting go.

We can achieve so much stress relief when we let go of control or at least choose to laugh at the control freak side of our personality. We play with this concept in this sequence by practicing falling and swinging forward (one of my all time favorite moves for stress relief).

Epitomizing our inability to control many things in life, it begins to rain halfway through this video. Look out for it 🙂 It’s a fun moment.

The *AWESOME PANTS* in this video are from Be by Belmaica. I fell in love with her Etsy shop — it has photos of dancers and pointe shoes mix-matched with her cool, hand-made aesthetic, so of course, I became obsessed quickly (we all know how much I’m into dance and my version of dance yoga 🙂 Her website now allows you to design your own yoga pants — it’s basically the coolest thing ever and I highly suggest checking it out.

yoga dance pants

The top is Calvin Klein Performance via Tradesy.

The cork yoga mat is by Yoloha (full video review coming soon).

This vinyasa flow sequence is an intermediate level, but I offer modifications along the way so hopefully everyone can enjoy.

Enjoy this 60-minute yoga sequence and let me know what you thought of the class and the music in the comments!


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September 19, 2014