Best Non-Slip Yoga Mat: Jade & Yoloha Yoga Mat Review

Best Non-Slip Yoga Mat: Jade & Yoloha Yoga Mat Review
Harmony Professional Mat by Jade
Comparing Jade’s Yoga Mat to other eco-friendly non-slip mats


What’s the best non-slip yoga mat?

In this review I compare the Harmony Professional Yoga Mat by Jade and the cork Yoloha Yoga Mat (designed to be so non-slip that you can use it in the water). Whether you’re doing hot (Bikram) yoga, sweat a lot during your yoga practice or are just looking to learn about the best, non-slip yoga mats on the market, you’ll find this quick video review informative and (hopefully) entertaining. Both these mats are completely eco-friendly.

Below is my video review (Click here if you prefer to read the review).




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Best Non-Slip Yoga Mat: Jade Yoga Mat & Yoloha Yoga Mat Review

For those of you that sweat a lot during your yoga practice and you’re looking to get a really grippy mat so you can feel safe and stable, this is a review of two of the mats I’ve found “the grippiest.”

jade mat

1. The Harmony Professional Mat by Jade. You’ve probably heard of Jade Yoga mats as they’re advertised in Yoga Journal and beyond.


2. The Yoloha Yoga mat made of cork. This you may not have heard of as it is relatively new product on the market.

We’ll start with Jade.

Jade Yoga Mat Review

A lot of big time yoga teacher’s use Jade mats. This mat has a strong foot hold in the yoga community along with Manduka.

Jade yoga mats are made of all natural rubber for non-slip performance.

Jade claims they’re “the best slip resistant yoga mat on the market” because of this rubber material. Aside from being non-slip, Jade also has what it calls “compression set resistance” meaning that the mat is really cushy and soft at the same time.

The natural rubber is a renewable resource from rubber trees! I’ve never heard of rubber trees, but apparently they exist. As a bonus, for every mat you buy, Jade plants a tree.

There are no PBC chemicals in this eco-friendly yoga mat. This mat is not hurting our ozone layer :). You should feel good about purchasing a Jade – this “eco-friendly” quality is just true of both of these mats and companies.

A Jade mat costs $70 – so not cheap. It’s a good investment though as these mats lasts forever.

Pro tip from me: If you’re getting a Jade mat, I recommend getting a darker color. My first Jade mat was orange, and while it last at forever was in great shape, it did just got dirty because it was a lighter color.

Another thing to know is that when you first get your Jade yoga mat, it is going to really smell like rubber!

At first, Jade mats have this really distinct rubbery smell and wears off over time — just something to be aware of.

In sum, Jade’s a really established and well-known for being a great non-slip mat.

Yoloha Yoga Mat Review

On the other hand, we have the Yoloha yoga mats.

This is a newer product and it’s really a cool idea: a yoga mat completely made from cork.

The cork mat is backed with domestically recycled car tires. Unlike Jade, there’s no rubber smell whatsoever.

This is also a completely green “eco-friendly”yoga mat. It’s made in America. It doesn’t use any trees. It’s a very sustainable product since it’s actually made from a lot of recycled materials.

The inventor of the Yoloha mat first started out making paddle boards and surf boards. He started doing yoga, sweating a lot, and was slipping and sliding all over the place. He had an epiphany that when cork is wet it doesn’t slip at all. That led him to make these cork yoga mats.

If you do SUP yoga (which stands for Stand Up Paddle Board Yoga), where you’re in the water, this is an amazing option for you because even as it gets wet the mat stays extremely slip resistant and sticky.

This Yoloha yoga mat also comes with a lifetime guarantee, retailing at a higher price of $119.

The lifetime guarantee is really a testament to how well this mat is built. On Yoloha’s site they say that this mat is literally “built to last decades.”

One extra really cool thing I’ve learned in doing research about Yoloha, is that cork is actually a self cleaning surface, meaning it’s cleaning itself. Any nasty smells, germs or bacteria isn’t going to stick around on your mat since this is a completely self cleaning surface. I don’t know how many other yoga mats out there can claim to be self-cleaning.

I’ve loved my Yoloha yoga mat from the moment I got it.

I carry it in a bag, but it does come with this nifty string carrying option. It doesn’t smell like rubber or anything at all.

One thing I have to say– it’s very heavy. Definitely heavier than any other yoga mat I own. That’s something to be aware if you have a really long walk to get to studios. Also just because of  a cork material, it doesn’t roll up as thin as some of the more traditional thin little yoga mats.

I was surprised when I first started using the Yoloha mat because it wasn’t as slip resistant as I was expecting. After doing a little reading on their website, I learned that the cork is even grippier when it’s wet.

I’m not doing stand up paddle board yoga right now (I’m mainly practicing indoors) so I’ve invested in a little spray bottle so I can spray the mat just around where my hands and my feet are and this really increases the grip for a really fantastic non-slip surface.

Comparing these two non-slip, eco-friendly mats

While the Yoloha cork yoga mat has the bonus of being self cleaning and being a mat that you can actually use in the water, it’s not as cushy as the Jade mat. If feeling like you’re on a really thick mat is important to you, Jade might be a better option.

When I looked at the mats side by side, they actually do have the same amount of cushioning. They appear to be the same thickness. The Yoloha mat may been even thicker! But for whatever reason, the Jade mat just feels cushier and softer.

However, if your priority is to not slip and to have something that can last a lifetime (plus even go in the water with you), I think the cork mat is a really great investment.

There are the pro/cons of the two grippiest mats out there on the market today.

Note that the Yoloha mat also has a 30 day money back guarantee so you can try it risk free for 30 days.

The Yoloha mat actually saved me in a recent shoot that I did for this video right here.

yoga for stress

It had rained overnight and I felt really comfortable still using the mat because it was so water resistant.

That’s the scoop of two of the grippiest mats out on the market right now.

Now, I’d like to hear from you. Let me know in the comments which mat you’re excited about trying or if you have another suggestion for a mat that I don’t mention.

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The 2 shifts that helped me breakthrough my negativity & fall in love with my practice
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Jade Yoga Mat Review
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