Build Strength for Chaturanga w/ this *Twist* on the Traditional Modification

Build Strength for Chaturanga w/ this *Twist* on the Traditional Modification


Chaturanga Dandasana Modification for Core Strength

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This sun salutation secret is for beginners or those working to improve their core strength.

This is a *TWIST* on the traditional chaturanga / plank modification that will help you build core strength much more effectively.

So while the pose in the video may look familiar, watch to find out how it’s actually slightly different due to some key modifications I make with my knees and feet.

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Sun salutations (Surya Namaskar) are a BIG part of every vinyasa flow yoga class. The plank yoga push-up (called Chaturanga Dandasana) can be repeated a lot in vinyasa flow sequencing — and most people do it wrong!

Whether you are a beginner or a smart yogi on the look-out for ways to avoid injury, modify, and build core strength, this video on how to make sun salutations work for you is a must-watch 🙂

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August 12, 2014