Stretches for Hip Pain (12-min)

Stretches for Hip Pain (12-min)

Easy reclined stretches for hip pain!


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This 12-minute fully reclined yoga sequence walks you through my favorite stretches for hip tightness, pain or discomfort.

This sequence is also ideal for those of you who can’t do or don’t like pigeon pose, as you’ll learn alternate hip stretches and modifications you can do on your own or take into a studio class.

I do all these hip stretches after any Bar Method, Bar Burn or Pop Physique class that has a lot of seat work. I also do these after biking, running or hiking, as these hip stretches get into the IT band as well (the muscle stabilizing you and working too hard in all of these activities).

Enjoy these relaxing, reclined, stretches for hip pain.

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Watch this video on Youtube here.