Find Your Spirit Animal (Guided Meditation)

Find Your Spirit Animal (Guided Meditation)

Find Your Spirit Animal


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Are you wondering what your spirit animal is?

Do you want to get closer to the idea of your power animal or spirit animal guide?

If so, this is what my free “Find My Spirit Animal” guided meditation and visualization is designed for 🙂

This is a relaxing 20-minute visualization / meditation you can do sitting up or laying down.

Whether you already know your power animal / spirit animal and want to reconnect, OR you want to discover and meet your spirit animal, this is a profoundly relaxing guided visualization which is enjoyable even if you don’t believe in all this and just want to feel connected with nature.

Here is the highly recommended Spirit Animal Card Deck I mention in the video.

spirit animal cards

Some of my own photos 🙂

spirit animal card review

spirit animal cards

Enjoy and be sure to let me know what you think your spirit animal is in the comments, and what your spirit animal turned out to be at the end!

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Watch this guided meditation to find your spirit animal on Youtube here.