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Okay, we’ve all been to that yoga class or meditation session where you feel like you can’t sit still. No matter how hard you try, it feels impossible to clear your mind.

You may even be off balance with your energy. Life gets busy and your mind can feel cluttered at times. Maybe you feel like you’re emotions are all over the place too.

I know, it’s overwhelming…

…and it’s okay!

Even the most practiced yogis have been there.

But guess what?

There is a simple way you can rebalance your energy. It’s called chakra balancing.

And one of my favorite ways to do that is with bija mantras.

Understanding The Healing Power Of Mantra

Chances are, if you’re new to meditation, chanting unfamiliar words and sounds may seem strange to you.

I remember it too. There have definitely been times that I felt bad about skipping out on an “om” in yoga. It happened more when I was new to the practice.

Truth is, it can be uncomfortable, especially when you’re feeling self-conscious with a group of strangers you barely know.

But it’s time to learn about chanting mantras because there is some serious healing power in to this practice.

After all, a big part of meditation is all about healing.

It’s okay if you’re feeling unfamiliar or nervous at first. That’s the beauty of having a mindfulness practice, especially one that incorporates bija mantras. Soon, you’ll find yourself at peace, letting go of that fear, and tapping into the healing energy that we’re all seeking here.

So, how can we get started in mantras?

Perhaps a little tour into the history of mantras can bring you enlightenment and awakening.

What Are Bija Mantras?

In Vedic tradition, sound vibrations are ancient tools that tap into that underlying current of energy that exists in this entire universe but is just out of reach of our human eye.

And mantra chants are simply a way to invoke sound vibrations in your throat to harness the healing power of that energy and foster transformative growth.


Similar to a tuning fork, our vocal cords vibrate as we make certain sounds. This resulting vibration channels cosmic energy through our bodies, which can generate incredible healing energy.

It’s not magic and it’s not witchcraft. The entire world and universe is a bundle of vibrating atoms, with each atom spinning unfathomably fast at its own frequency.

Mantras just help us to get on that same frequency.

And when we are vibing, quite literally, with the universe like that, big stuff can happen.

Connecting Sound And Energy With Bija Mantras

kundalini chanting

So what are bija mantras, specifically?

Traditionally, they are kundalini mantras written in sanskrit, meant to be practiced daily, along with asana and meditation. They are ancient tools to help you channel your life energy into spiritual growth. They were first introduced by the Vedas and have been an important part of traditional yoga ever since.

Bija mantras are also known as “seed mantras” because they have incredible, cosmic power to unlock growth and healing.

That’s because each sound resonates at a different frequency – each with a different healing power. Ancient Hindi texts tell us of the connection between these vibrations and our life energy, or “prana”.

It’s hard to believe that a simple thing like making a sound can unlock such powerful changes within us, but Bija mantras have been used to heal mankind for thousands of years in Vedic meditation.

So, how do we use these Sanskrit mantras?

The human body functions on an energy system based on Chakras. Chakras are the Sanskrit word for wheel, which describes the way in which our energy flows.

Basically, our energy spins in either a clockwise or counterclockwise direction. Spinning clockwise moves energy out of our body, while spinning counterclockwise pulls in the energy existing around you.

When we chant bija mantras, we are generating sound vibrations that are in tune with the chakras. These are often casually called the chakra sounds.

By producing sound vibrations that match the frequency of our chakras, we can help support chakra balancing during our meditative journey.

Ready to give it a try? Here we go 🙂

    The Chakra Sounds

    There are seven main chakras that westerners typically focus on during chakra balancing. These major chakras are the foundation to our overall well-being. When we’re unbalanced, we fall into illness and difficulties.

    When this happens, our chakras simply need to be opened and re-balanced. And one way we can achieve that is through chakra sound healing with Bija Mantras.

    Our seven chakras are found in 7 different locations on our body. These are all connected with their own specific Bija Mantra. By using the healing sounds of a mantra practice during meditation, we can help align and rebalance our chakras so we can improve our health and mental well-being.

    Take my chakra quiz to find your dominant chakra:

    First Chakra, Root Chakra Mantra: LAM

    Let’s start with Muladhara, the root chakra. The Bija Mantra that connects Muladhara chakra is LAM. This Chakra is seated deep within our pelvis. It’s the lowest of our chakras and rests near our reproductive organs. Because it’s our base in life, it controls how we feel about our place and belonging in the world. Repeating LAM can help us open our root chakra and awaken our source of life and consciousness.

    Second Chakra, Sacral Chakra Mantra: VAM

    Moving further up our body towards our crown, we have the next chakra. This is Svadhisthana, the sacral chakra. The Bija Mantra that connects Svadhisthana chakra is VAM. This chakra is located just slightly above your Muladhara, or root chakra. It helps increase creativity and channels sexual energy. When it’s blocked or off balance, you might feel low self-esteem or apathetic to others.

    Third Chakra, Solar Plexus Mantra: RAM

    Next is the solar plexus chakra, Manipura. The Bija Mantra connecting ManiPura is RAM. This chakra is in your spine right behind your belly button. It’s the base for your sense of confidence. When blocked you might feel insecure or have digestive problems.

    Fourth Chakra, Heart Mantra: YAM

    In the center of your chest next to your beating heart is your heart chakra, Anahata. The Bija Mantra associated with the Anahata chakra is YAM. Feelings of love and acceptance pour from Anahata, and when blocked, you might feel lonely and distant from others.

    Fifth Chakra, Throat Mantra: HAM

    Centered at the back of your throat, we have the throat chakra, vishudda. The Bija Mantra associated with Vishudda chakra is HAM. Our throat chakra empowers our voice. This energy helps us with the ability to communicate our thoughts and desires more effectively. When Vishuddi is blocked, you may have trouble expressing your true desires and needs.

    Sixth Chakra, Third Eye Mantra: AUM (or OM)

    At your third eye directly at the center of your forehead is the third eye chakra, ajna. The Bija Mantra associated with the ajna chakra is AUM or OM. One of the most common mantras known and practiced, this mantra helps us purify our faith and clarify our purpose. Ajna is closely connected to our brain. This chakra harnesses the energy to our intuition and wisdom. The sound Om is referring to creation. It opens the mind to meditation, drawing energy upwards through the spine while we meditate. It lifts us to a higher level of consciousness, achieving balance and harmony.

    Seventh Chakra, Crown Mantra: OM or AH

    Last but certainly not least is the crown chakra, Sahasrara. As the name suggests, it’s located at the crown of our head. The Bija Mantra associated with the Sahasrara chakra is OM, or AH. Another famously practiced mantra amongst yogis everywhere, this chakra is associated with your consciousness. It helps us with our spirituality. When blocked, you might feel too strongly attached to material objects or achievements, and less connected to your spiritual meaning in life.

    How To Do Your Own Chakra Sounds Meditation

    To practice bija mantras, repeat these chants while you tap into your meditative state. Pick a comfortable position. It can be sitting or lying down. Try to focus in on that part of your body where your chakra flows as you chant. You can choose to focus on one for the day, or practice all 7 one by one during your session. Though the benefits of sound vibration our most healing, you can still benefit from chanting these mantras silently.

    The best part?

    Mantras are wonderfully simple ways you can use with your other mindfulness practices, such as yoga and visualization aids.

    YouTube video

    Gayatri Mantra: A Mantra Prayer For Everyone

    If you’re not sure where to start, you can try reciting a prayer mantra rather than chants individually. One of the most popular prayers out there is the Gayatri mantra. This powerful chant helps you uplift your life energy, clearing you of situations that lead you into darkness. Gayatri is actually the name of an ancient deity, the mother of the Vedas. Vedas are the gods ancient Hindu Rig, Saam, Atharva, and Yajur. The Gayatri mantra is a simple hymn with only 24 syllables. It’s something you can start with and recite easily, even if you’re just starting out!

    Shrim Mantra: A Seed Mantra Of The Sun And Moon

    Besides tuning into our chakra energies, we can also rebalance our energy using divine light from the sun and moon. A helpful seed mantra you can learn is Shrim, which is the energy of the moon. Shrim is the seed mantra from the Goddess of prosperity and abundance, Lakshmi. It restores devotion to the deities and improves not only health and happiness, but love and fertility. It’s often used with the solar mantra, Krim, which taps into the energy of the sun. Krim helps us get to work with faith and devotion. Krim has incredibly transformative powers.

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    Embarking On This Journey To A Healthier You

    The process is a journey, and you may find that as you practice, you may find yourself dipping through unprocessed emotional hurts or feelings. Some of these might surprise you, especially if you blocked them from a darker time in your past.

    This is completely normal, and these aspects will pass as you continue with your practice.

    Awakening your soul and progressing through spiritual levels isn’t always easy! But when your mind is happy, your physical being is happy too.

    The positive changes you’ll experience can be subtle, but trust in the process and be patient. In the end, what you’ll end up with a wealth of happiness and peace. You’ll find yourself healthier than ever as you open the chakras with this practice.

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