Our Editorial Process

Our Editorial Process

Hi, I’m Brett Larkin. I have been practicing and teaching yoga for 10 years. I believe in its power to transform your life just as it has transformed mine. To ensure that you are truly getting the best and most accurate information on yoga, meditation, and the chakras, I use expert reviewers to cross-check the information that I publish.

Yoga has become increasingly popular in the last few decades. Originating from Eastern philosophies, yoga morphed into an athletic, body-focused practice when it arrived in the West. Watered-down and sensationalized versions of yoga became rampant and have since grown into a capitalized industry with little to no connection to its origins.

What’s worse, much of the online content about yoga has been aimed at health issues. While yoga can certainly help improve one’s health, the entire yoga industry has largely ignored evidence-based findings when making health and wellness promises.

What’s more, anyone can publish content about yoga… ANYONE. But that doesn’t mean that they have the knowledge, skill, or respect that yoga deserves.

So I’ve brought together some of the greatest and most qualified minds on the topics to ensure that you’re getting an authentic and respected overview of yoga when you read my content. You can review my editorial process here.

Editorial Team

My editorial team manages all of the information published on my website. From the topic choices to formatting, they handle everything from start to finish. Our editor carefully reads through the content to check for any claims missing citations, then either eliminates those claims or finds appropriate evidence-based citations to attach to the claims. As complex as some of these topics can be, there is someone behind each article making sure that it is accurate, true to tradition, helpful, and understandable.

Subject-Matter Expert Reviewers

While I draft all of my content, I rely on experts in the industry to review and approve of the information that I publish. These leading experts have been hand-selected for their training, education, and experience. You can see all of our expert reviewers here.

Fact Check

Our editorial team prioritizes accuracy before publishing anything on my website. We only ever publish health and wellness related information that is supported by peer-reviewed journals, academic institutions, and government organizations. When it comes to yoga, meditation and the chakras, our team reviews the teachings of respected and reliable sources within the industry. No claim is ever made unless it is either supported by evidence or is true to the authentic teachings on yoga, meditation and the chakras.

References, Sources, and Citations

We will never publish health or wellness claims that have not been substantiated through evidence-based studies. We use Google Scholar to source all of our peer-reviewed journals and rely on medical experts to review the content that we publish. Any information that can be attributed to an original source or thought leader will be given appropriate citations.