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Who wouldn’t want to manifest a life of passionate creation and joy? It’s not that far out of reach, my loves. As yogis, we all strive for balance and long to feel good in our life. Sure, your yoga and meditation may be strong, but have you used daily affirmations in your wellness practice?

Affirmations are some of the most powerful tools we can use to find a sense of balance in the mental and emotional body. Though there are many forms of this daily practice, today we’re focusing on chakra affirmations. More specifically – sacral chakra affirmations. These will help if you want to start balancing your sacral chakra and don’t know where to start.

What is the Sacral Chakra?

Chakras are energy centers in the body that help us find balance. When we tap into the chakras, we tap into the emotions and energies they hold. These energy centers give us an individual look at different ways to heal and connect with ourselves. If you’re looking for additional free resources to help you balance the chakras, sign up for my free 7 Day Chakra Challenge!

The sacral chakra specifically, is all about creating a passionate life.

This second chakra in the traditional chakra system is located between the root chakra and solar plexus chakra. In traditional Sanskrit, it is called Svadhisthana. The creative powerhouse of the chakras, it’s located in the lower abdomen below the navel and is represented by the color orange. The sacral chakra is our seat of creativity, intimacy, sensuality, and interpersonal relationships.

After the root chakra’s desires of safety and home are secured, our second chakra invites us to interact with the outside world in a way that is joyous and inspirational. Our Svadhisthana chakra is important for artists, entrepreneurs, or anyone who values creativity and connection in their lives. Hopefully, this is all of us!

When energy flows freely and openly through the second chakra, we open up to a higher vibrational frequency. We begin to prioritize a passionate life. We open ourselves up to receive pleasure, and our feelings can flow in an open & balanced way.

One way to tap into this energy center is with the use of sacral chakra affirmations.

So, how do chakra affirmations even work? And why are they important?

sacral chakra affirmations

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    How to Use Sacral Chakra Affirmations 

    Affirmations are a powerful & accessible way to practice energy healing. Popular in the world of manifestation, affirmations help create a positive mindset. In the spiritual community, mindset is everything. You may have heard the phrase “your thoughts create your reality.” That’s essentially the power behind affirmations. If you like, you could use chakra affirmations for each of the seven chakras.

    Not to be confused with mantras, affirmations are positive, declarative statements. Mantras are universal codes encased in repetitive chants.  With affirmations, the power is in the words being stated. With mantras, the power is the energetic & audial vibration of the words. If you’re interested in chakra mantras, check out our piece on bija mantras for the chakras.

    So when you use affirmations, you’re reaffirming the existence you’d like to see for yourself. If you remember to tell yourself every day: “I am grateful for everything I have,” it will eventually become part of your nature to exist in a state of gratitude.

    Before we dive into our sacral chakra affirmations, let’s take a look at when you might need them.

    What Imbalance in the Sacral Chakra Feels Like

    With all chakras, there is a state of balance and imbalance. It’s constantly shifting, and there’s never an end-of-the-road moment when everything is perfectly aligned. As energy centers, chakras are always ebbing and flowing. With this practice, we’re not striving to make everything “perfectly balanced.” Instead, identifying imbalances is a way to help us make informed and intentional decisions when it comes to our spiritual and energetic healing.

    Each of the chakras has its own unique set of imbalances and how they manifest. Some can even take the form of physical symptoms in the body. We’ll take a look at some imbalances for the sacral chakra here.

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    Poor Boundaries & Other Signs of an Underactive Sacral Chakra

    When the sacral chakra is deficient, there’s a lack of empowerment when it comes to how we interact with the outside world. A common manifestation of this is poor boundaries: saying yes to everything, being afraid to stand up for yourself, etc.

    Other signs of an underactive sacral chakra are:

    • Lack of creative energies. When the sacral chakra is flowing and healthy, creativity is an easy and natural part of life. An underactive sacral chakra can mean creative energy is blocked.
    • Shame around your sexuality. A powerful sacral chakra teaches you to embrace and respect your sexuality. If there is any fear or shame around the genitals and your sensuality, this means you may need to do some healing around the sacral chakra.
    • Lack of passion. Depression, fatigue, and a general lackluster approach to life are clear signs of a blocked sacral chakra.
    • Lack of confidence. A powerful sacral chakra wants you to express yourself in a passionate way. If you are not connected to your sense of self and your place in the world, this can be tied to an underactive sacral chakra.
    • Lower back pain. Energetic frequencies often have physical manifestations. If you’re having chronic back pain, it may be tied to the energy of your sacral chakra. Prostate issues could also mean the sacral chakra needs balancing.

    Emotional Overflow & Other Symptoms of an Overactive Sacral Chakra

    Just as chakras can be deficient, they can also be overactive. Oftentimes, trauma or past circumstances teach us to strengthen and rely on certain emotions or ways of being. If there is an excess of energy within a chakra, it also needs balancing. Excess energy in the sacral chakra could mean that you thrive on drama, or easily experience emotional overwhelm.

    Other signs of an overactive sacral chakra are:

    • The constant need to receive pleasure. This often manifests as addictive personalities or extreme attachment to external things.
    • Emotional overreactions. Though there are many reasons for emotions, chronic over-reactions or over-identification with the emotional body can indicate a hyperactive sacral chakra.
    • A need for drama. Much like the previous sign, those who feed on unnecessary drama may want to create a more healthy relationship with their sacral chakra.
    • Codependency. This is the chakra of sexuality and relationships. So, those who find their individual identity within a partnership or another person need to find balance within this chakra.
    • Excessive sex drive. While pleasure and empowerment are necessary for a healthy emotional body, an unconscious attachment to external sources means deep healing is needed.

    Sacral Chakra Affirmations to Heal, Balance, and Strengthen

    Use these sacral chakra affirmations to help you manifest positive energy and find a balanced sacral chakra. You can repeat these affirmations while practicing yoga poses, or anytime you’re feeling the symptoms of an overactive or under-active sacral chakra.

    Alternatively, any movement of the hips or connection to the pelvis will help to amplify these chakra affirmations and further heal the energy of the sacral chakra.

    1. I am connected to my innate creative energy.
    2. I embrace, celebrate, and respect my physical body.
    3. My body and my energy are sacred to me.
    4. I do not fear my sensuality. I embrace it.
    5. I attract like-minded people who will celebrate and support me.
    6. I hold the power to manifest my dream life.
    7. I allow my life to be a free flow of joy, creativity, and expression.
    8. I give myself permission to prioritize pleasure and emotional healing.
    9. I honor my feelings and emotions, but I know they do not rule me.
    10. I am clear on my boundaries and do not allow others to take advantage of them.
    11. My sexuality is sacred.
    12. I am free to express myself in whatever way feels divine to me.
    13. The abundance and passion of life flows freely through me.
    14. Joy and pleasure are my innate birthrights.
    15. I embrace life with vitality and passion and welcome all the prosperity that I deserve.

    Are You a Mamma To-Be? Here are 3 Sacral Chakra Affirmations for Pregnancy

    As the sacral chakra is the seat of creative, feminine energy – it’s no surprise that it’s pertinent to pregnancy. Strengthening this energy center can amplify its healing properties and help maintain a smooth pregnancy. To find balance in this chakra, you could place a hand to your navel, connect to the breath, and use some chakra affirmations.

    sacral chakra meditations for a blissful pregnancy
    1. I invite the healing joy of the universe to surround me and my baby.
    2. My baby and I are surrounded by abundance and the beauty of life.
    3. Mine and my baby’s well being are held and supported.

    We’re all on a journey to heal. And when we’re fluid and open to different modalities of self-care, we give ourselves permission to try new things and prioritize healing.

    Add these sacral chakra affirmations to your yoga practice and let the creativity start to flow.

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