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Are you connected with your intuition and creativity?

If you are, you may already know something about the third eye chakra and how to activate its power with third eye chakra affirmations. It may even be your dominant chakra. (Psst, take my test to find out!)

Even if you’re in tune with your inner compass, you might struggle to recognize images, ideas, and ideals that get in the way of you living your dream life. In terms of chakra healing, we refer to those roadblocks as illusions. These troublesome illusions are seated in your sixth chakra and may indicate an imbalance here.

In this article, we’ll review what the third eye chakra is, how to activate it with third eye chakra affirmations, warning signs of blockage, and a set of affirmations designed to heal and balance this important energy center.

Look no further for answers! Start here and seek wisdom within.

What is the Third Eye Chakra?

Ajna is the Sanskrit name for the third eye chakra, which means to perceive and command. Represented by the element of light and the color indigo blue, the third eye chakra governs your ability to see and reflect. 

Your third eye chakra has to do with your all-encompassing light of spiritual awareness. Connecting to it enhances your ability to see clearly both in the physical world and beyond.

Access A Wellspring of Inner Wisdom

“Intuition is a leap toward wholeness from fragmentation.”

Eastern Body, Western Mind: Psychology and the Chakra System As a Path to the Self by Anodea Judith.

To truly see is to open your third eye chakra to the flow of life force from the Earthly chakras below and the crown chakra above. The third eye chakra is therefore your seat of intuition, perception, imagination, memory, dream recall, and visualization. When your third eye chakra is balanced, you access a powerful source of inner guidance nourished by abundance, clarity, and wisdom.

This inner guidance will help you make important life decisions, but that’s not all. It is believed that the third eye chakra also holds the key to clairvoyance: the ability to perceive phenomena beyond normal sensory contact.

In other words, opening the third eye chakra is like entering a continuum where past, present and future all exist simultaneously.

Sound a bit scary?

Well, yeah! For many people, it’s frightening to imagine what would happen at this heightened level of perception. How would the meaning of your life experiences change if you were able to see your birth, present existence, and death, all at once?

As you work into the higher levels of consciousness through the third eye and beyond, take note of your fear of what is unknown (or, an attachment to what is known). This fear is one of the most common roadblocks for yogis, and may limit you from reaching your fullest spiritual potential if you are unaware of it. Affirmations are a powerful tool to ease attachment to the familiar and heal any samskaras that may be clouding your inner awareness.

    Doing the Work

    Perhaps, you’re actually one of the un-afraid.

    Some students want to know the “fastest way” to activate the third eye. I mean, psychic abilities?! Who doesn’t want them! While it’s possible to spontaneously awaken powers of psychic vision, and some people are simply born with a strong intuition, this shouldn’t deter you from doing the work.

    In most cases, it takes practice and time to access your deepest wisdom. Remember that imbalances in lower chakras will affect all of the higher chakras, so the most reliable way to activate your sixth chakra is through healing from the “bottom up”, consistent meditation (here’s my favorite meditation for healing ajna chakra), and using affirmations on a daily basis to heal habitual thought patterns and grow beyond them.

    If you’re ready for a deep-dive into the energy body, my weeklong-chakra course might be just the thing for you.

    Do Third Eye Chakra Affirmations Lead to Insight?

    Short answer: yes!

    Long answer: see “doing the work” ☝️

    Third eye chakra affirmations, used consistently and whole-heartedly, will lead to mental clarity. As I mentioned in my main article about chakra affirmations, our thoughts create our reality.

    Since intuition is the brain subconsciously recognizing patterns, it makes total sense that focusing the conscious mind on specific phrases (aka affirmations) will lead to revelations.

    In more energetic terms, repeating third eye chakra affirmations helps to cleanse the energy body and purify your vibrational frequency, enabling you to experience your inner self and the world around you with profound intuition.

    The key with using sixth chakra affirmations is to hold space for the wisdom you hope to access. If you don’t feel connected to your intuition at all, and maybe struggle to even imagine what accessing your third eye might feel like, welcome a sense of curiosity and longing into your affirmations practice. You might be surprised at the flood of new energy you receive when you simply focus on holding space.

    third eye chakra affirmations

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    Signs of Ajna Chakra Blockage

    Third eye chakra imbalance may manifest in a variety of physical, spiritual, psychological and emotional ways. Whether you have an underactive or overactive third eye chakra, third eye chakra affirmations can help.

    Signs of an Overactive Third-Eye Chakra

    • Difficulty sleeping. This may indicate pineal gland disfunction. The pineal gland is responsible for producing hormones that regulate your sleep.
    • Tension headaches. Whether caused as a side-effect of vision impairment or muscle strain, headaches indicate that energy may be stuck in your sixth chakra.
    • Delusions. You can’t see yourself or others clearly, and this leads you wandering, lost, down paths that resemble idyllic lives but are not really your own.
    • Nightmares. Your dream life is a rich ground for tapping into subconscious wisdom – nightmares indicate a disturbance embedded in this realm of your being.

    Symptoms of an Underactive Third-Eye Chakra

    • Impaired vision. Poor eyesight reveals an imbalance in your physical sense of what’s around you.
    • Poor memory. Our memory possesses the wisdom of our lived experience until this moment. Poor memory severs you from this wisdom and reduces your ability to recognize truth.
    • Difficulty guiding the mind’s eye. Focused imagination is a key function of the third eye chakra (and encompassed by dharana, the sixth limb of yoga). If you find it difficult to visualize an image or focus your inner sight, this is a sign of ajna chakra blockage.
    • Fixation. Also known as the inability to see a “bigger picture”. You may get lost in details, unaware of the greater scheme of things.
    Third eye chakra located just above and between the eyebrows

    Third Eye Chakra Affirmations to Clarify Your Creative Vision

    1. I feel, I act, I sense, I see
    2. I visualize myself achieving my goals and I effortlessly embody my visualizations
    3. I possess the seeds of wisdom I need to see all that is, all that was, and all that will be
    4. I re-discover my spiritual truth every day
    5. I trust my intuition to reveal the path I’m meant to walk in life
    6. I see beyond what is apparent to what is really there
    7. I embrace wisdom as a bridge to my higher self
    8. The source of my truth is universal, un-limited, unconditional love
    9. I align my inner sense of what is right and what is true with my actions
    10. I embrace the subconscious truth that my dreams reveal
    11. I believe in the power of my imagination to show me that anything is possible
    12. With love as my inner guide, I welcome healing and step into light
    13. I acknowledge that living fully in the present involves completely embracing my past
    14. I attune myself to recognizing the changes I want to make in my life and commit to affirming them when they happen
    15. I believe that healing is my true path, and not a detour from it

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