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I think it’s safe to say that most of us are in need of some divine energy and healing these days. What if I told you that you’re already a divine being and the key to balance and feeling infinite wisdom is within your power?

It’s true. YOU have the inner wisdom, it’s just a matter of unlocking your divine source. This post will provide you with super useful information about your chakras, reasons why your crown chakra is so important, and how to honor the divine within through crown chakra affirmations.

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What is the Crown Chakra?

The crown chakra (Sahasrara in Sanskrit) is our seventh chakra in the seven chakra system located on the very top of our head. The symbol for this chakra is a thousand-petaled lotus, resembling white light that is so pure that it illuminates all the other chakras, and helps us reach our inner wisdom, our higher self, and universal consciousness (in other words, enlightenment.)

All chakras from the first chakra all the way to the seventh chakra are critical to creating a deep connection within and to reduce the limiting beliefs we hold in our human body. But, if you’re open to receiving the benefits of the crown chakra you can reach a state of bliss. You can be one with the world as you receive the teachings of the universe.

    Affirmations to Guide Your Surrender to the Unknown 

    Affirmations have a powerful way of manifesting reality because our thoughts, attention, and emotions create our reality.

    Is your mind blown yet?

    Think about it this way, if we seek happiness we have the power to manifest a life of happiness. Surrendering to this state of positivity through crown chakra affirmations can generate positive energy that will flow through other chakras, unblocking any imbalances.

    When the crown chakra opens, we have the opportunity to receive divine energy and reach a state of bliss, gaining a pure connection with our soul’s purpose. Reinforcing crown chakra affirmations can provide our beings the opportunity to surrender to a higher power, to your purpose, to your truth, and to a place that supersedes the realm of your body.

    To maintain clarity and your strong spiritual connection to your crown chakra, write down your crown chakra affirmation in a place that is visible throughout your day. I also recommend finding a quiet place for meditation; even if it’s for 5 minutes! Meditate on your crown chakra affirmation and surrender to your divine wisdom from within.

    crown chakra affirmations

    The Meaning of Om

    Om,” or “Aum,” is the mantra for the crown chakra (note that matra is not the same as affirmation). Traditionally, it’s repeated at the beginning and the end of a yoga practice, but you can always use this mantra as a way to connect to your affirmation. 

    The Sanskrit translation of Om means ‘source’ or ‘supreme.’ Many yogis believe it to be the sound of the universe. When we chant this mantra with our crown chakra affirmations, we are physically recognizing our connection to all beings, the universe, and the divine light of our crown chakra.

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    Signs of Crown Chakra Imbalance

    I’ve described the incredible sensation you feel when this energy center is open. Yet, there will be moments when your crown chakra is blocked. Awareness is key when you’re trying to identify when an imbalance takes place in your seventh chakra.

    When your crown chakra is overactive, there is too much energy going to your chakra and you may feel detached from your current reality or feel a sense of superiority over others. When it’s underactive, not enough energy is flowing to your crown chakra, and you may feel lost and without hope or a sense of purpose. 

    Here are some ways to identify blockages of your crown chakra so you can focus on chakra healing and balancing.

    • Lack of empathy. This chakra helps us to be one with the universe, when we are not able to connect with someone’s situation, in a genuine way, it could be a sign of an overactive chakra.
    • Obsessed with spirituality. Your crown chakra is overactive when you are detached from the reality of life or you only rely on divine experiences to guide you without taking ownership of your actions.
    • Loss of interest in socializing with people. Our sense of unity and oneness is rooted in our crown chakra; feeling disinterested is a characteristic of an underactive chakra. (Note: Feeling disinterested is different than having an introverted personality).
    • Holding negative thoughts or a pessimistic attitude. You may have an underactive crown chakra if you’re uncharacteristically pessimistic or have a negative outlook on life. Remember, the purpose of our crown chakra is to embody a pure and non-judgmental connection, and it’s hard to do that if we hold a negative perspective.
    • Holding space for materialism or greed. Our crown chakra is underactive when we are greedy or have a sense of attachment to material possessions since our higher selves are not defined by money or the material goods we have on this Earth.

    Learn more about how you can heal and balance your chakra system with affirmations.

    The crown chakra is located above your head

    Crown Chakra Affirmations to Embody Your Highest Self

    1. I am my highest, most authentic self.
    2. I am love. I am light. I am connected to all.
    3. I am at peace.
    4. I am connected to the universe.
    5. I release doubt and welcome faith.
    6. I am aligned with the highest vibrational frequency of love.
    7. I trust my intuition and listen to the wisdom of the universe
    8. I am a spiritual being in a physical body.
    9. I am pure, beautiful, radiant light.
    10. I am worthy of unconditional love from divine energy
    11. I know deep inner peace.
    12. Everything is connected.
    13. Eternal peace flows through me.
    14. I am open to letting go of my attachments.
    15. I live in the present moment

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