third eye chakra opening symptoms

Did your intuitive abilities lead you to this link? You can thank your 👁third eye chakra for that!

Your spiritual journey has led you here, it is the time for you to learn more about the sixth chakra and how to use it to access higher consciousness. Let’s go on an informational journey as you and I explore third-eye-opening symptoms.

What Is The Third Eye Chakra? 

On the journey up the chakra system, the sixth stop is the third eye, or Ajna chakra.

Ajna (pronounced ag-nya) is the Sanskrit name of this chakra. It translates to “perceive” or “command”. This is the command center of your perception. To keep your perspective clear, this is the chakra you want to keep balanced and open.

💡The third eye’s element is LIGHT💡.

💜The color associated with this chakra is indigo💜.

🌷The symbol of this chakra is the lotus flower with two petals🌷. These two petals represent the duality of your perception – the subjective world and the objective world.

This energy center is located approximately just above and back between your physical eyes. In India, it is common for people to mark this spot with a bindi to “enhance the powers of this chakra.”

The pineal gland is referred to as the “spiritual third eye”. This critical gland is responsible for secreting melatonin thereby controlling your circadian rhythm. Melatonin is a light-sensitivity hormone that communicates light and dark from the body to the brain, similar to the task of your physical eyes.

The pineal gland is also considered the seat of the soul. It makes sense this area of the brain has been linked to the chakra it is closest to.

Ajna means to perceive, but like the two petals, you are perceiving the physical as well as the metaphysical. Do you ever have a gut feeling about something/someone? Have you ever thought you might be psychic? The energy of the third eye chakra also controls your intuitive powers (that brought you to this article). The third eye chakra can allow you to see (get it, eyes 👀) beyond the surface and locate deeper meaning.

The next phase of this informational journey will be exploring the balance of the Ajna chakra.

Signs Of An Imbalanced Third Eye Chakra

Imbalance shows up in your life as pain and suffering. Depending on where that suffering is occurring corresponds to the governing chakra. Your chakra can be overactive or underactive each causing different types of trouble.

Signs your third eye chakra is overactive🔥:

  • Tendency to be preoccupied or scatterbrained
  • You are obsessive over unrealistic goals or your own ideologies
  • Very vivid dreams/lucid dreaming or nightmares
  • Bright lights and loud music are too much for you

Signs your third eye chakra is underactive🕳:

  • You ignore your spiritual gifts and lack direction
  • Your spiritual journey is standing still/you’re closed minded
  • You are unable to notice synchronicities around you
  • You fear and avoid the continual change of life

Energy flows in all ways. You may feel both these imbalances within a short time. Both imbalances will impact your spiritual growth. Not to worry though, I have some amazing chakra-opening tips for you, keep reading!!

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Signs Of A Balanced Third Eye Chakra

💜When you open your third eye you will experience heightened intuition.

💜You can see from a different perspective meaning you can see both sides of a story.

💜On a deeper level, you will know you are on the right path when you can see from your mind’s eye.

Signs your third eye is in balance occur differently in every person. For some intuition brings them messages on the radio, and other people see symbols in their mind’s eye from their spirit guides. You may notice your angel numbers popping up more often, or a strong sense of warning signs may come when you hear things others don’t.

If you are ready to become your higher self more often, it is time to explore the spiritual practices to allow third-eye awakening.

Third Eye Chakra Opening Techniques

Third-eye activation will open your mind to possibilities you never considered before. Your perspective will broaden and you will sense a deeper connection to the spiritual realm.

If your heightened awareness becomes overactive, it is an opportunity to explore grounding and focusing on the lower chakras.

Know thyself

How does your intuition speak to you? In my conversation with Deb Bowen, we discussed all the different ways you can receive messages from your intuition. Listen to that illuminating conversation here! Whatever extrasensory perception you have been gifted in this life, its energy is controlled by the third eye-opening.

Investigating and learning your inner dialogue and how to connect to your intuition (Svadhyaya) is part of what helps open the third eye. If you don’t challenge your inner dialogue and beliefs, you are not getting the full spectrum of perception available to you.

If you don’t listen to your intuition you will never trust it. If you never look for an energetic field then you will never see it, if you can’t feel your body signals then you will never get the message.

As you self-study (Svadhyaya again!) you will notice the signs that your third eye is opening. This chakra is considered the gateway to spiritual awakening. 

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    Becoming aware of your breath, opening your consciousness, and sitting in stillness are the best methods to feel the third eye is opening.

    In this meditation, you connect with your third eye chakra. Start by licking any finger and placing the wet finger on the point between your eyebrows. Sounds strange but stay with me, this creates a dull sensation in this area and will help keep your attention focused on the third eye-opening.

    YouTube video

    If you prefer unguided meditation, feel free to consider the possibilities of this chakra as you breathe.

    1. Connect to the universe that is inside of you. Your beautiful body is a universe. You contain approximately 30,000,000,000,000 cells.
    2. Connect to the multiple realities in the universe. Everyone in this world is the center of their own reality, YOU are the center of your reality. My reality is different from yours, therefore this planet has over 8 billion realities. Use visualization techniques to become aware of this and reflect how your reality may differ from others.
    ✨Boost your meditation✨

    I encourage you to attempt any other methods you feel drawn towards to open your third eye chakra. You are the master of your journey. The only way you will know if it works is if you try it.

    I loved my conversation with Erica Jago, you can listen here. Her insight into connecting with the chakras is brilliant.

    She suggests taking your right hand in front of the third eye chakra and moving it in a clockwise circle 12 times. Imagine you are clearing this chakra with these movements. The energy is there even if you can’t see it or feel it. When you finish your right rounds take the left hand and do another 12 rounds this time counterclockwise.

    You will feel something shift before you finish this meditation booster!


    Poses that bring awareness and blood flow toward the head are great. That could look like inversions, forward fold/dolphin pose, or even a simple child’s pose. As part of my 7-day chakra challenge – you can sign up here – I put together this third eye chakra sequence. Join me on the mat when you’re ready to move along with me!

    YouTube video

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    ✨Boost your Yoga✨

    The truly spiritual practice of connecting with the kundalini energy will boost your yoga practice. In the kundalini tradition, there is the practice of drishti, Sanskrit for “focused gaze”. Drishti involves the effort of the optic nerves to work during your practice. 

    In my enlightening conversation with Karena Virginia, she talks about the Anja drishti and how this will activate the optic nerve and this will automatically quiet the mind. Listen to the full conversation here!

    When the focus of your drishti is on the pineal gland (third eye, between the brows) you will also stimulate your intuition.


    Just like the energy you carry in your chakras, crystals, and stones have their own energy. Use these stones to encourage the third eye-opening.

    • Amethyst: Imagine this beautiful purple crystal as a soothing cup of tea for your Third Eye. It’s known for its calming and spiritual properties. Many find amethyst helps them connect with their intuition and higher consciousness.
    • Lapis Lazuli: Think of lapis lazuli as a conversation starter with your inner self. Its deep blue color is often associated with wisdom and truth. This crystal is believed to open the doors to inner knowledge and self-awareness.
    • Clear Quartz: Clear quartz is a magnifying glass for your Third Eye insights. It’s like the caffeine of the crystal world—it amplifies the energy of other stones and helps you see things more clearly.
    • Sodalite: Sodalite is like a gentle nudge from a friend to pay attention to your intuition. Its deep blue color promotes self-expression, inner reflection, and tapping into your inner wisdom

    Essential oils

    Using all your senses to open your third eye chakra is your best bet. You can’t forget how strong your sense of smell is in affecting your energy. You will get amazing third eye chakra opening symptoms from using these essential oils:

    • Lavender: Imagine lavender as a calming, aromatic companion for your Third Eye. Lavender oil is known for its soothing properties and can help create a sense of inner peace and tranquility. It’s like a gentle lullaby for your mind, allowing you to enter a meditative state.
    • Frankincense: Frankincense is considered a portal to higher realms. This ancient and sacred oil is believed to enhance spiritual awareness and deepen meditation. It’s like an invitation to connect with your inner wisdom.
    • Sandalwood: Sandalwood is like a grounding presence. It can help you find a balance between your everyday world and your spiritual insights. This oil is often used to promote mental clarity and insight.
    • Clary Sage: Think of Clary Sage as a bridge between your conscious and subconscious. It’s like a key to unlock your intuition. This oil is believed to help you access your deepest inner knowledge.

    What Do Third Eye Chakra Opening Symptoms Look Like?

    Now that you know what opens the third eye – you may be wondering how you know it’s working. This intelligent chakra is always doing its best to communicate with you. If you notice any of the below symptoms then you are on the right track!

    Physical Third Eye Chakra Opening Symptoms

    • Better sleep: Since the pineal gland regulates the melatonin that you need to fall asleep, when you open your third eye, sleep may come easier to you.
    • Headache relief: You may notice that frequent headaches become less frequent and less intense. There could be several signs in the head, like tingling or a warm sensation. You may notice a pain that wasn’t there before. If you do notice a new pain becomes persistent, then please be sure to get yourself medically evaluated. Do not ignore body pain, it is a signal.
    • Outlook shifts that create a healthier body: As your spiritual eyes open and your perspective shifts, you might reconsider your current diet. Eating meat might not sound so appealing anymore. The effects on your physical body could transport you into a different reality.

    This chakra regulates the subconscious mind therefore, when the eye opens there will be MANY emotional and spiritual symptoms that you may experience.

    Mental Third Eye Chakra Opening Symptoms

    •  Intuition Increase: When the third eye is opening you can expect increased intuition. The subtle signs your third eye gives you will become more noticeable, you may connect with your spirit guides more readily.
    • Elevated Empathy: You will develop more empathy for others. As your third eye opening gets bigger, you are less concerned with the material realm and more aware of the pain and suffering of others. As you open to this pain, your compassion will reach a deeper level.
    • Pellucid Perspective: As the third eye is opening, your perception will clear, decisions will become easier, and the right direction of your life will become more apparent.
    • Clever Consciousness: The subconscious ladder can be tedious to climb, those who have practiced a long time, without break and with enthusiasm tend to get to the higher rungs quicker. If the kundalini energy can reach the third eye chakra, the eye opens to the subconscious allowing connection to the collective unconscious. This could lead to psychic abilities like telepathic abilities or astral projection – a truly out-of-body experience. With the third eye-opening, you may sense leaving your body in vivid dreams.
    •  Emotional Expression: With the new perspective clear in your mind’s eye, old emotional wounds may strike you in different ways. This third eye-opening can create an emotional release that your mind has been waiting for.

    FAQ About Third Eye Chakra Opening

    What are the physical symptoms of third eye chakra imbalance?

    When your Third Eye chakra is out of balance, it might show up as physical issues like tension headaches, migraines (especially around the forehead), vision problems, sinus troubles, or sleep disturbances, including insomnia or unusual dreaming.

    What does chakra opening feel like?

    Opening a chakra, like the Third Eye, can be quite personal and different for everyone. It’s often described in metaphorical terms. Some people might feel a sense of warmth or energy in the chakra area (between the eyebrows). You could experience heightened awareness, emotional sensitivity, a clearer mind, or even increased intuition. It’s like waking up and seeing things more clearly, both in your inner world and the outer world. It’s a bit like a light turning on inside you.

    What are examples of emotional blockage of the third eye chakra?

    When your Third Eye chakra is emotionally blocked, you might feel uncertain, skeptical, or stuck in your thoughts. Decision-making could be difficult, and you may have a hard time trusting your intuition or inner wisdom. It’s like having a mental fog that makes it tough to see your life path or make sense of things. This blockage can also lead to a rigid belief system that doesn’t align with reality or feeling disconnected from your highest self.

    What opens the third eye chakra?

    To open the Third Eye chakra, you can try practices like meditation, where you focus on the area between your eyebrows and visualize an indigo light or a 2 petal lotus flower. Using mantras like “Om” or “Aum” can help too. Yoga poses like Child’s Pose or Downward-Facing Dog can also engage the Third Eye. Aromatherapy with scents like lavender or frankincense might be soothing. Some find that working with specific crystals, such as amethyst or lapis lazuli, helps open the chakra. Lastly, simply being mindful and reflecting on your inner self will also contribute to balancing this chakra.

    Final Thoughts 

    This is just the beginning. The third eye-opening is like setting sail into the ocean of perception. Once you leave the dock you don’t know where the third eye will take you. It is important that you trust where you are going will get you where you need to be.

    The more you explore the ocean of the third eye, the more eye-opening experience you will get! Bon Voyage my friend.

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