symptoms of sacral chakra opening

What would it feel like to open up to your desires? To the things that bring your pleasure? To feel completely at ease in your own skin?

If you’ve been following, you now know that these are attributes of your sacral chakra energy center.

Whether you want to finally open your sacral chakra for creative flow or you’re experiencing sacral chakra awakening symptoms now, we’ll go through it all now. 🧡

What is the Sacral Chakra?

The sacral chakra, svadhisthana chakra, is often referred to as the “sex chakra”. But, as an Uplifted Yogi you know that this chakra is so much more than sexual energy. It’s your center of creative expression and emotional awareness. Your first chakra (root chakra) connects you to your needs while the second chakra connects to your WANTS, your desires.

The sacral chakra is about letting go and being in the moment. It’s a fluid energy asking you to move, feel, and embrace the changes that come with life. I LOVE working with the sacral chakra and helping others work with this energy center as well. We do a lot of work with desires in my Yoga For Self Mastery course.

In case you haven’t read up on this powerhouse energy center (which I encourage you to do on my blog), here is your quick overview of the sacral chakra:

  • Svadhisthana chakra: svadhisthana meaning “one’s sweet space” 🧘‍♀️
  • Color: Orange 🟠
  • Location: lower abdomen just above the reproductive organs 🦋
  • Element: Water element 💧

You can also go deeper into the ins and outs of this creative energy center by heading to the OWN IT course in Uplifted.

sacral chakra water element

Signs Of An Imbalanced Sacral Chakra

Piriformis Syndrome

When looking at how a blocked sacral chakra can affect your physical body, look at its physical location and all the parts it connects to. Maybe it manifests in lower abdomen pain, or sexual dysfunction. Maybe not? Emotionally, the sacral chakra is all about feeling. So if this area is blocked it stands to reason that you could experience some emotional instability… But how does that manifest? I’ll give you a few examples below but I have a full post on blocked sacral chakra symptoms.

Remember that YOU are an INDIVIDUAL and may experience a sacral chakra blockage completely different from how I would. These are examples of possible symptoms of blocked sacral chakra, not rules. It’s about connecting with your second chakra and determining what FEELS at ease for YOU and what doesn’t.

Physical Symptoms:

🔸Rigidity/stiffness(think like when you have a sore lower back/hips)

🔸Menstrual Problems


🔸Lack of sensation/deadened senses

Emotional Symptoms:

🔸Emotionally numb/disconnected

🔸Fear of change

🔸Lack of desire/passion

🔸Fear of sex

Bear in mind that these are all symptoms of a deficient sacral chakra. An imbalanced sacral chakra can also be an overactive sacral chakra. This will manifest with different mental and physical issues. What you’re looking for is BALANCE. You want to open up this energy center but not let it get out of control.

So…what does balance look like 🤔? I’d be happy to tell you 😃!

Signs Of A Balanced Sacral Chakra

Brett enjoying the waves

When your sacral chakra is in balance you move fluidly through daily life. Not just physically moving with grace, but emotionally too. You enjoy the pleasures that life has to offer and your intimate relationships are solid with strong communication and understanding. You have a deeper connection to your body and your mind, creating a greater awareness of your desires.

That said, I know you love lists as much as I do. Here are some physical and emotional signs of sacral chakra balance to give you a greater understanding of this energy center.

Physical Signs:

🔸Easeful movements

🔸Healthy sexual expression

🔸Comfort in your body/you feel good in your own skin

🔸Your 5 senses(sight, smell, sound, taste, touch) are strong

Emotional Signs:

🔸Expressing emotions in a healthy way

🔸Taking joy and pleasure in all aspects of life

🔸Understanding both sides to a situation and moving through conflict with grace

🔸Healthy boundaries

I know you’re in your head already saying, “YES, I want to feel that way everyday!” With practice and patience you can get there!

Take my chakra quiz to find your dominant chakra:

How to Open the Sacral Chakra

A woman doing a yoga Goddess Pose

Before getting into sacral chakra opening symptoms you have to know how to open up that second chakra.

Opening up the sacral chakra can be done through different aspects of your practice. 

Yoga Asana

Obviously hip opening yoga poses are great for opening up the sacral chakra. But I encourage you to do some biomorphic movement in addition to these poses. Maybe take some hip circles in cat/cow, or some undulations in pigeon pose. Get curious and playful, find what FEELS good to you.

Here is a quick list of poses for awakening the sacral chakra:

Do this sacral chakra yoga class for healing:

YouTube video


Ujjayi breath is a great pranayama technique to bring more energy flow to that sacral energy center. It brings fluidity (that water element) to the mind and body which is what sacral energy is all about, fluidity. Although there are plenty of other breathing techniques to choose from. All of which have benefits.

Learn how to do Ujjayi Breath:

YouTube video


Meditation is an incredibly powerful tool. It is the perfect opportunity to connect with your body and mind. Discover how you’re truly feeling and acknowledge it. Since the sacral chakra is responsible for FEELING this is your perfect opportunity to begin sacral chakra healing. You can get a more in depth explanation of yoga poses and meditation for the sacral chakra here

Check out this sacral chakra meditation and give it a try:

YouTube video

There are other ways to bring healing into the different energy centers too. For sacral chakra, eating orange foods is an option🍊. Work with the water element and take a warm bath(bonus this can also be a pleasure practice which will add extra svadhisthana chakra nourishment). 

Sacral chakra affirmations are a great tool in addition to sacral chakra crystals like orange calcite. And don’t forget the essential oils(sandalwood or sweet orange essential oils…yes please!). Practicing self care and self acceptance will also make large strides in your mental health and physical health, as well as balancing out that deficient sacral chakra.

    Sacral Chakra Opening Symptoms

    You might be wondering what sacral chakra awakening symptoms could be. Will they be uncomfortable? Will they last forever?! Okay, okay, don’t panic. As I said earlier, you are a unique person so everyone will have a different experience when it comes to sacral chakra awakening symptoms. But we can look at some common sacral chakra opening symptoms to guide you through.

    Physical Symptoms Of Sacral Chakra Opening

    🔸Changes with your reproductive organs/system(i.e. changes in your menstrual cycle or fertility)

    🔸You want to move your body more! You have this innate desire to move, whether it be a run or dancing around. Pro tip: LISTEN TO THAT URGE!! 

    🔸You may feel a little sore through the hips and low back as energy begins to move, but nothing should be painful!

    🔸Heightened connection to your body and your sensuality/sexual energy

    🔸Heightened senses – not necessarily just in the physical body, this could be spiritual experiences as well

    Mental Symptoms Of Sacral Chakra Opening

    🔸Increased inspiration/creative power – lean into your creative abilities and embrace that creative energy

    🔸You might feel the emotional “floodgates” open, that’s okay you’ve just increased your emotional awareness! At the same time you feel calm and manage these emotions better, allowing them to flow through you.

    🔸Greater harmony in your relationships with yourself and those around you

    🔸Feeling more sensual, alive, pleasure-filled and turned on

    🔸Compassion, desire, optimism increase


    What Does Chakra Opening Feel Like?

    Any time you move energy around in your body the way it feels can range. It can be as subtle as feeling your energy levels change to something more intense like headaches or changes in digestion. This is going to be very individualized so it’s important to connect to your body so that you can measure the differences and adjust your practices accordingly. And always drink plenty of water!! 🌊

    How Quickly Can The Sacral Chakra Open?

    Again, totally individualized. This is going to depend on how deep your blockages are, how you nurture yourself with your sacral chakra awakening symptoms, and how consistent you are with your practice. Have self compassion and patience. You are a human being after all, you don’t need to be perfect and can’t make things happen instantaneously.

    Your timeline is exactly what it’s supposed to be, trust the process.

    Does My Sacral Chakra Have To Be Open?

    You don’t HAVE TO do anything. But will making sure you have a positive energy flow moving smoothly through your entire chakra system/subtle body improve your life in exponential ways? Yes, yes it will 😉.

    The seven chakras work together as a system, so if one of the lower chakras is blocked it will affect the upper chakras as well. Just as having a blocked chakra in the higher chakras affects the lower chakras(because life force energy moves both up and down). Opening up one will help them all so it’s probably a good idea to make sure that sacral chakra is open and moving fluidly.

    What opens the Sacral chakra?

    FEELING!! Practice safe emotional release: at home, journaling, body shakes, yelling into a pillow etc. Any and all undulating or wave-like motions (spiral movements are great too and easy to add to your yoga asana). Exaggerate movements & name the emotions attached to them. Do something creative. Sign up for a creative writing course. Eat orange foods, work with essential oils or do chakra meditation, you could even wear the color orange! All of these will contribute to sacral chakra healing. Don’t forget all of the sacral chakra tips mentioned above too!

    Final Thoughts

    The human body is a fascinating thing, but adding in working with your energy bodies helps with physical, and emotional well being as well as spiritual growth.

    Opening up your sacral chakra is about reclaiming your needs and owning your desires. I know society at large might tell you these things aren’t important, but they are! When you get your sacral chakra to open then you’ll see how your entire world can change. Your zest for life increases, your relationships improve, and as your creative urges increase so does your drive. I encourage you to explore and work with this chakra and don’t forget to look at other chakras too, try the solar plexus chakra here next💛. 

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