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Do you speak your truth?

Are you in the practice of communicating clearly?

Or…  does the thought of speaking out fill you with anxiety, insecurity, and (doom notes) dread?

Whatever your current relationship is with using your voice (shout out to yogis mouthing om in class for fear of being judged!), throat chakra affirmations can help you improve it. Read on to review what you need-to-know about the throat chakra, including common signs of imbalance in this important energy center, and train your positivity with 15 powerful throat chakra affirmations.

There are so many ways to include throat chakra affirmations in your daily practice. We’ll go over just a few of them here to inspire you! Remember that the most important thing is to make these affirmations your own: we are talking about your truth here, so focus on the phrases that feel authentic to you, and work from there. Healthy communication is a life skill that starts with how you communicate with yourself, so think of throat chakra affirmations as a way to tune into the unique vibrational frequency of your energy body to heal and balance your fifth chakra.

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    What is the Throat Chakra?

    The throat chakra is your energetic center for expression, communication and purification. Positioned at the fifth of seven points related to your chakras, the throat chakra sits near the larynx (the group of muscles and organs responsible for breathing, swallowing, and speech) and thyroid gland. 

    The Sanskrit word for the throat chakra, vishuddha, gives curious insight into what this chakra does, according to yogic wisdom about the chakras. It means to purify impurities. If you think about what makes someone a good listener, this makes sense! Good listeners invest energy in simply absorbing what the speaker has to say, filtering out reactions, judgements, or other unhelpful responses.

    The governing element in this chakra, akasha, or space, is linked to the pure pranic flow of energy through breath, which we learn to regulate in yoga by activating jalandhara bandha, the throat lock, and ujjayi breath, or victorious breath.

    throat chakra affirmations

    In life, communication is an ongoing process of sending and receiving messages, be that through speech, written words, body language, music, art, or other forms of expression. By aligning the throat chakra, we are able to raise our pure eternal consciousness to the higher chakras, eventually dissolving the self through the crown chakra and achieving enlightenment. When balanced, the throat chakra enables us to express ourselves with great clarity, listen deeply to those who share with us, and stay true to our higher self while doing it.

    The Power of Positive Affirmations for Self-Expression

    Our thoughts create our world, define our opportunities, and reinforce our attitudes.

    If you’ve read my main article about chakra affirmations, you already know that I credit much of my growth and success to using daily affirmations in my practice. I’ll say it again here, because it’s true! Affirmations are the most powerful tools for balancing your chakras.

    Confident Communication

    Throat chakra affirmations specifically can help you improve your relationship to using your voice in communication. Affirmations help to program the subconscious mind with positive messages, freeing the flow of energy from the heart chakra to your throat chakra, and giving you the confidence to share your important voice with the world.

    This takes practice! I want to emphasize that most of us inherit communication patterns from our families, so developing healthier habits involves taking ownership of patterns that have been loooong in the making. Be patient with yourself. Create space for healing. Make a point of mentally including healthy communication in your wellness routine, along with meditation and yoga. If you’re teaching or even practicing at home to a yoga playlist, choose music that compliments your affirmation. Practice affirmations next time you’re preparing for a job interview, searching for the right words to ask for what you want in a relationship, or simply before starting your day.

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    Signs of Throat Chakra Blockage

    Chakra blockages can manifest as negative or unhelpful thoughts, and vice-versa; negative or unhelpful thoughts can contribute to blockage in the fifth chakra. Left unattended, this cycle leads to one stressed yogi! If the throat chakra is out of balance, energy blockages can manifest as a range of physical symptoms in the human body. An overactive throat chakra may manifest as talking too much or out of turn and lacking sensitivity as a listener, while an under-active throat chakra may cause painful shyness, difficulty in voicing opinions, and a poor connection to one’s values. Here are some other signs of throat chakra blockage:

    • Expressing yourself is painful. Physically and/or emotionally, you struggle to find ease in opening up. You may find yourself frequently choosing between people-pleasing and bottling up emotions to avoid the difficulty in communicating what you really think.
    • You often regret things you say when you’re upset. You might be extremely sharp with people you love, lash out at complete strangers, or be a bit “too honest” 
    • Tight shoulders. A number of physical issues indicate that the throat chakra is out of balance, including tightness in the throat, shoulders and neck, thyroid problems, sinus infections, and afflictions of the mouth and gums.
    • You feel scared at the thought of speaking in front of strangers. Although a bit of stage-fright is fairly common, this fear may be holding you back from your full potential and is a common sign of throat chakra imbalance.
    • You are an emotional sponge. When you’re around demanding people, your ability to connect with yourself is compromised. You may confuse others’ needs or feelings as your own or be easily swayed from your own purpose. 
    Release your throat with throat chakra affirmations

    Throat Chakra Affirmations for Finding Your Voice 

    1. I speak my truth, lovingly
    2. I uplift myself and others through honest communication
    3. I pause, I speak, I heal (repeat)
    4. By voicing my needs, dreams, and joys, I manifest my best life
    5. I am unafraid to ask for what I want
    6. I am truth, I speak truth, I sow truth
    7. Through clear intent, I am healing
    8. I express myself truthfully with words and actions
    9. I speak my truth freely and authentically
    10. My honesty attracts the people I want to keep in my life
    11. I feel compassion for those who trust me to listen
    12. I step into my personal power by exploring who I really am
    13. I balance my speech and actions with deep listening
    14. I am fearless and free
    15. I speak and listen with equal awareness

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