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Affirmations are an effective way to inspire your journey of self-discovery in yoga.

They complement the positive, calm mind we cultivate in meditation.

Practice these 17 powerful heart chakra affirmations to awaken purest love toward yourself and others, and open your heart to healing from past relationships and habits that may be holding you back.

Unlock the true potential of loving-kindness with heart chakra affirmations to use in your daily practice. 

What is the Heart Chakra?

The fourth chakra in the chakra system center governs our ability to act with compassion, to forgive, love, and be loved.

The heart chakra location is in the center of the chest and is represented by the color green.

It is said to be the connector of our earthly and spiritual self; supporting transformation and unification.

When in balance, Anahata chakra guides us on a life path driven by purpose and united with our highest spiritual potential.

Heart chakra energy allows us to form meaningful relationships with others in pursuit of what we most desire.

heart chakra affirmations

Affirmations To Heal & Open the Heart Chakra  

Our modern use of affirmations comes from neuroscience. Researchers in this field have found that positive affirmations are effective for improving wellbeing, reducing stress, and making people more open to behavior changes.

Super cool!

In yoga, we might describe this as healing negative samskaras and releasing blockages in the subtle body. 

Affirmations can guide your mind toward fruitful, positive thoughts, and bring you inner peace.

The beauty of heart chakra affirmations is that you can use them anytime to remind yourself of what you desire, or build confidence in your ability to manifest it.

You can use heart chakra affirmations, in particular, to connect with the pure love, compassion, and unity resting in your heart center.

“So… isn’t that mantra?” You ask.

While both mantras and affirmations are short phrases used to direct our awareness and encourage healing, there are some subtle differences.

Mantras focus on meaning and sound, aiming to create a vibrational frequency that aligns your purpose, your chakras, and the universe.

Affirmations are statements that link your thoughts to the dream life you wish to make reality. Check out my main article on affirmations for more on how to use healing affirmations with the chakras.

Here are some tips on how to practice powerful heart chakra affirmations to open and heal the heart chakra:

  • Visualize your heart chakra. Imagine the color green circulating here, soothing any disease or trapped energy
  • Imagine the radiant, green light flowing throughout your upper and lower chakras, and into the space around you
  • Repeat your heart chakra affirmations mentally as you experience the flow of energy through your heart center
  • Place your hand on the heart to deepen your connection to the energy here

    Self-Love & Selfless Love

    When was the last time you connected with your soul?

    It’s important to be in constant conversation with your innermost being to find out what you truly need, desire, and dream of.

    Only when we can deeply love what we find deep down in ourselves will we be able to selflessly love others — to celebrate their achievements, care about their struggles, and give without expecting anything in return.

    If you find it challenging to give selflessly, ask yourself these questions to check in with yourself first: 

    • Do you love you, unconditionally?
    • Do you believe you deserve true happiness
    • Do you align yourself with people who support your guiding truth? 

    Can You Be Too Open? 

    Being emotionally open can make you more relatable to others and ultimately strengthen your relationships. It’s crucial to have a healthy sense of the energy you give and receive to protect yourself from emotional exhaustion and overexposure.

    This state indicates an overactive heart chakra, and puts you at risk for codependency.

    Take some time to reflect on this before you start practicing heart chakra affirmations, and focus on affirmations that cultivate balance in your life.

    When you do this, you’ll tap into an infinite supply of love that keeps on giving.

    Take my chakra quiz to find your dominant chakra:

    Symptoms of Heart Chakra Blockage

    A blocked heart chakra can impact the entire body. If your heart chakra is out-of-balance, you may experience this on the physical, mental, emotional or spiritual level.

    The blocked energy of the heart chakra can manifest as physical issues in various organs, such as the heart and lungs.

    Blockages may also affect the chest, arms, and hands, where the major channels of heart-energy circulation are located. Here are some warning signs that your heart chakra may be blocked and it’s time to heal:

    • Muscle pain in the upper back, shoulders, arms or hands
    • Cardiovascular complications including abnormal blood pressure, heart arrhythmia, and poor circulation
    • Lack of self-confidence you may know what you want to do, but you have difficulty believing that you can do it
    • Trust and intimacy issues you may resist relying on others to show up for you for fear that they’ll let you down, or have difficulty receiving love
    • Codependency you may have relationship addiction — maybe you trap yourself in compulsive caretaking in order to feel “needed”
    • You hold grudges. Forget about forgive and forget! You have difficulty letting your anger and other difficult feelings go

    15 Heart Chakra Affirmations for Unconditional Love 

    1. I accept myself for exactly who I am right now.
    2. I embrace my gifts and my imperfections equally.
    3. I offer forgiveness and unconditional love to every part of myself.
    4. My heart is grateful and my soul is peaceful.
    5. I am a powerful force of loving energy in the world.
    6. I am filled with courage.
    7. My love of life is my guiding light.
    8. I am love, I am peace, I am light.
    9. I release self-criticism and self-doubt.
    10. I find balance with grace and ease.
    11. My heart is fully open, loving, and pure.
    12. I deserve compassionate, loving and supportive relationships.
    13. I choose joy and compassion over judgement. 
    14. I give and receive love effortlessly and unconditionally.
    15. I am worthy of abundance.

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