“I can see clearly now, the rain has gone…”

Sing it with me now!

“I can see all obstacles in my way…”

That’s not just a great song.

It’s also a wonderful insight for understanding the function of a healthy third eye chakra.

What is the Third Eye Chakra?

First of all, what is your third eye?

In Hindu tradition, your third eye is said to rest between your eyebrows, forming a pyramid with your other two eyes.

It is the seat of your intuition, the locus for your understanding of deep, unseen truths.

It is also considered the site of the pineal gland, where melatonin is produced and where your circadian rhythms are regulated.

This chakra deals with a higher level of consciousness, which is why it may be inaccessible for some to work with energy blockages in the third eye. If this sounds like you, don’t fret.

Begin energy healing with lower chakras and you will feel your energy natural flow and progress to the third eye only when you are ready.

The Sanskrit word “ajna” refers to the third eye energy center. Ajna means to perceive, but also communicates a certain authority, as another translation for the word means to “command.”

Thus, we can understand that there is great power behind seeing things as they truly are; intuition is perhaps our greatest gift.

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Ajna, the Third Eye Chakra

Why is the Sixth Chakra Important?

Perception is our gateway into the physical world around us.

It is what allows us to enjoy our lives, connect with others, experience emotional responses, and BE ALIVE!

But a deeper perception, or intuition, allows us to see beyond the physical world. It allows us to sense subtle qualities, focus on what is essential, and not get carried away by fleeting thoughts or distractions.

Just imagine. What could you do with such a powerful consciousness?

Here’s the good news: you already have it.

You already have a superhuman-like ability to discern truth from illusion, and manifest your dreams in this physical world.

You may just have some past experience, feeling, or energetic hold blocking your way.

What does an Ajna Chakra Blockage Feel Like?

The natural element associated with the third eye is the element of light. It is possible you may have a brow chakra blockage if you are sensitive to light and sound, or suffer from frequent headaches, migraines, dizziness, or problems with your vision.

If you often find yourself feeling fuzzy in the brain, on shaky moral ground when it comes to big choices, or simply unable to visualize your path in life, your third eye may need a closer look.

Heal the energetic space between your brow, and begin awakening!

Methods of Third Eye Chakra Healing

It is important to understand that the brow chakra requires balance in the five chakras below it in order to be filled with vital energy.

Visualize the central channel of your spine as a conduit for life force energy. If there is a kink in your hose, water cannot flow. If root chakra, sacral chakra, solar plexus chakra, heart chakra, and throat chakra are blocked, how will energy ever reach your brow chakra?

Complete the work required on your unique journey of energy healing without skipping steps. Energy doesn’t lie; you simply won’t be able to work with ajna chakra without balance elsewhere in your subtle body and life.

Once you feel ready to being working with insight and perception on a deeper level, focus on stimulating your sixth chakra for a clear, balanced third eye chakra.


Unlike the other chakras found before ajna, the sixth chakra is not associated with a seed mantra sound that rhymes with “thumb.”

The basic idea is that, once you have opened the other five chakras through chakra meditation, chanting mantra, and chakra yoga, the remaining chakras come into balance passively.

Passively. Not automatically.

As in, without the grunt-inducing, brow-furrowing labor called for by the previous energy centers.

But also, it won’t happen in your sleep.

For this reason, you can’t pretzel your body on a yoga mat until you’ve twisted away a blocked third eye chakra. You can’t practise a specific magical chant.

The third eye vibrates with the universal sound of “Om.”

There are many benefits to chanting the sound of “Om,” and access to your ajna light energy center is one of them.

When you feel stress, confusion, or uncertainty, try chanting “Om.” Notice if the vibrations melt away any of the anxiety clouding your unconscious and conscious mind.

Chakra Yoga Poses

If you want to stimulate your third eye using yoga postures, you will already have a degree of flexibility and strength from the journey to open the other five chakras.

Gain mental clarity, intuition development, and insight into the cosmic realm of spiritual awareness by cultivating chakra energy in your third eye.

Yoga Pose 1. Child’s Pose (Balasana)

Balasana child's pose

With your big toes touching at the back of your mat and your knees splayed wide, lower your torso between your thighs until your forehead rests on the floor.

If your forehead doesn’t touch the floor, you can place a block underneath your third eye center, or rest your head on the backs of your hands. Otherwise, stretch your arms out long in front of you.

Taking a few breaths to lengthen your spine and find relaxation in the body, gently rock your forehead back and forth on the hard surface beneath it. This immersive experience provides a gentle stimulating massage for third eye opening.

Yoga Pose 2. Eagle Pose with Hands at Prayer (Garudasana)

Garudasana eagle pose

This is a more demanding pose, so make sure your body is warm from sun salutations or other fluid movement.

From standing, bring your weight into your left foot by bending the left knee and shifting your weight down and back.

Draw your right leg over your left until your right knee stacks on top of your left, squeezing your thighs together tightly. If you have the space, you can wrap your right leg and foot completely around your standing leg.

Find a gazing point somewhere directly in front of you to help find balance and clarity. Lifting your arms overhead, seal your palms and draw your hands down until your thumbs rest over the space between your eyebrows.

Challenge yourself to breath through this strong asymmetrical pose, relying on the wisdom of a centered mind to carry you forward. Repeat on the other side.

Yoga Pose 3. Inversion of Yogi’s Choice

Viparita Karani legs up the wall pose

Spiritual awakening, gaining access to higher consciousness, lucid dreaming, and astral projection all require one major task of you: to shift your perspective.

Ajna chakra opening requires you to shift your awareness to reach a state of clear knowing, to leave behind preexisting beliefs and ways of being to make way for new light.

The best way to do this using yoga is to shift your energy flow upside down.

I’m not asking you to expertly kick up into a flawless handstand. Find an inversion that works for you and your yoga practice. For beginners, this may be Legs Up the Wall pose, and more intermediate students might try a supported handstand using the wall or pincha mayurasana.

To try Legs Up the Wall pose, scoot your rear as close to the wall as your can manage and extend your legs up the wall with your arms relaxed.

To try supported pincha mayurasana, place your elbows forearms-width away from the wall and from each other. Bring your hands to a prayer position and your legs into a downward-facing dog shape.

Walk your feet in halfway, then lift one leg as high as it will go, taking baby hops with the opposite foot until both feet touch the wall.

Keep your core engaged and your legs straight and strong as you hold the pose and try on the opposite side.

YouTube video

Third Eye Chakra Meditation

Your meditation practice assignment today?

To meditate on third eye chakra energy.

How are we going to do it?

By dancing!

Perhaps the best way to connect with your already-there psychic abilities, spark your imagination, build your problem-solving skills, begin a meditative practice, and manage both an overactive third eye chakra and third eye blockages?

To let loose and simply dance!

It may sound preposterous or feel silly at first, but the more you strive to actually experience freedom instead of just hungrily reading about it on Instagram, the more powerful your so-called ‘sixth sense’ will be.

So turn up the tunes, kick your shoes off, and dance your way into cosmic bliss!

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