Sahasrara crown chakra

So, you’re looking to discover the secrets of pure consciousness that reside in the crown chakra?

If you’ve worked through all blockages or chakra imbalance in your root chakra, sacral chakra, solar plexus chakra, heart chakra, throat chakra, and third eye chakra, divine energy will naturally flow from ajna chakra to your crown chakra.

When your right and left channels of divine energy, also called ida and pingala come into balance, combined with the free flow of kundalini energy running up and down the central column of the spine, your crown chakra can become illuminated with divine light.

What is the Crown Chakra?

The Sanskrit word for the crown chakra, sahasrara, means “thousand-petaled,” understood as the lotus flower adorned with a thousand white petals.

Just as the root chakra, muladhara chakra, connects us with our foundation and Mother Earth, Sahasrara connects us to the spiritual energy of enlightenment.

This energy center is our source of awakening to a higher power, the realization that we are manifestations of universal consciousness.

To fully realize in the depths of your being that you are nothing more and nothing less than pure consciousness is what enlightenment is all about.

Likewise, it’s what the seventh chakra has in store for you, if you’re willing and ready to open your body, heart, and mind to the Divine.

There is no room for cynicism, negative energy, or self-doubt in these elevated levels of consciousness. All of that gets left behind, along with selfishness and the notion that your spiritual journey is for you alone. (*insert scoffing sound here)

Gone will be the days of “excuse me, can you please not touch my yoga mat?” and “sorry, I don’t have time to help the needy right now, I’m on my way to meditation practice.”

    Why is the Seventh Chakra Important?

    To exist in pure consciousness is to reside in the wisdom that we are everything and nothing all at once.

    Our universal consciousness resides in all living beings, connecting us to everything on the planet, and reminding us of what is truly beneath the chaos of our daily lives:


    It is the backdrop for everything in the world, and it is the state to which everything returns.

    An open crown chakra connects us with the possibility of total bliss and kundalini awakening.

    Often represented as the thousand-petaled lotus from which the seventh chakra gets its name, this state of spiritual connection can feel like you are leaving behind the restrictions of the physical body, your overactive mind, and your ego, leaving you in the center of a blossoming lotus.

    From this lotus emanates the purest white light, more pure than any other energy center. The white light of Sahasrara is also said to illuminate all other main chakras, leading us to a profound chakra meaning:

    The divine light of crown chakra color is present in all other main chakras.

    Divine presence exists everywhere, at all times.

    When you are pumping out your “Lam” chants and heart-opening backbend yoga poses, you are actually working with the divine energy of higher consciousness, of 7th chakra energy.

    What Does a Sahasrara Chakra Blockage Feel Like?

    To tune into the process of chakra healing for the crown requires not only precise attention to subtle energy, but spiritual energy as well.

    The average human is not likely to become an expert detector for overactive crown chakra thoughts and behavior, but that doesn’t mean total chakra opening is out of reach.

    Read on for top methods of opening the seventh chakra, or check out this led yoga practice and guided meditation to balance and align your most important energy center.

    Take my chakra quiz to find your dominant chakra:

    Methods of Crown Chakra Healing

    Unlike the process of chakra balancing the other energy centers, there a particular streamlined method of opening the crown chakra. It involves using yoga postures, healing gemstones and crystals, chanting, and meditation to open the rest of your major chakras.

    Once you’ve infused your entire being with chakra energy and spiritual awareness, it’s time to take your spiritual healing practice back to basics.

    Meditation, surrender to the Divine or Unknown, and silence are your tools for opening the crown chakra.


    YouTube video

    By now, you should have a solid idea of how chakra meditation might feel for each of your major chakras.

    Meditating on sahasrara chakra simply requires devotion and commitment.

    Make time every day to sit quietly in stillness and focus your awareness inwards. Don’t worry about having powerful spiritual experience with every mediation. Just be.

    Remember, you don’t reach higher consciousness by scratching and clawing your way there.

    But! If crystals and gemstones resonate with you on your spiritual journey, try incorporating amethyst, clear quartz, selenite, or moonstone into your chakra meditation practice.


    On a similar note, an open crown chakra demands an element of devotion, or letting go to allow space for that which is Unknown.

    If you are not open to the possibility that there just may be things you do not know or haven’t experienced (whoa! gasp!) how will you ever grasp, much less experience the true crown chakra meaning?

    Believe in miracles. Allow yourself to love unconditionally. Let go of fear. These are integral practices on your spiritual journey to crown chakra opening.


    The final aspect of the crown chakra balancing trifecta is that naturally-found element to which all things return.

    Practise observing silence every single day to reap the rewards of spiritual awakening.

    True silence means: no phone, no sitting back and scanning through your To Do list in your mind, no allowing for distractions. Challenge yourself to experience the true healing power of silence.

    Make these spiritual practices and tools a part of your everyday life, and create small petals of bliss: moments of spiritual connection. String these petals together, and you are left with a sacred, enlightened state of being: pure, unadulterated, consciousness.

    You are the Lotus.

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