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In today’s fast-paced society, we often lose touch with our inner selves, focusing more on doing rather than being. The concept of the Divine Feminine offers a path to rediscover our inherent qualities of intuition, creativity, and nurturing.

This energy, transcending gender, connects us to a deeper sense of self and the world around us. By embracing the Divine Feminine, we seek a balanced harmony within, fostering a holistic well-being that counters the dominant masculine energy of our times.

Here’s everything you need to know about Divine Feminine Energy and how to embrace it in your life!

Divine Feminine Meaning

Divine Feminine is the spiritual and sacred aspects of a being that reflects traditionally feminine qualities like being nurturing, intuition, creativity, and compassion. This feminine power is within every single person. Meaning, no matter your gender, each person has their own masculine energy and their own feminine energy. The beautiful piece of you that is the divine feminine connects you to Mother Earth. It’s your space of self love, intuition, connection/relationship to your body and to the people around you.

What Is Divine Feminine Energy?

Imagine all your favorite caring women, in one place nurturing you. That warm feeling of love and inspiration is the sacred feminine energy meeting you where you are.

Tantric traditions associate Shakti energy with the divine feminine. The energy of Shakti is considered the dynamic, creative, and primordial cosmic energy that flows through the entire universe. She is the divine feminine principle, the active and dynamic aspect of the ultimate reality. She is life energy.

Feminine energy goes beyond the gendered terms. All men, women, and gender identities across the spectrum have both divine masculine and divine feminine within.

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Feminine And Masculine Energy

Just like the polarity of yin and yang energy, the divine feminine(Shakti) is associated with the Yin energy and the sacred masculine energy (Shiva) is associated with the yang energy. Think of the divine feminine as the gentle, flowing essence that complements the more assertive and structured masculine energy.

The masculine qualities of action, confidence, and protection are the balance of the sacred feminine qualities of nurturing, intuition, and creativity. To become your highest self these two energies within you need to find balance.

Your masculine and feminine energy is most likely feeling the effects of the dominant masculine energy within the current culture. The cure for greater balance is embracing the divine feminine within you more often. I believe this has started happening all over the world, thank goodness!

For more on the polarity of masculine and feminine energies.

As you develop spiritual practices that honor the sacred feminine energy in you – you become part of global healing that I think society desperately needs right now. HURRAY!!🥳

Take my feminine energy quiz to get a recommended practice for balancing YOUR feminine energy 👇

History Of The Divine Feminine

Picture ancient cultures weaving a tapestry of goddess worship, each civilization contributing to this rich narrative. Mesopotamia embraced Inanna, a goddess embodying love and war, while Egyptians revered Isis and Hathor for fertility and love. The Greeks celebrated Athena’s wisdom and Aphrodite’s love.

In Hinduism, the Divine Feminine takes center stage as Devi, the supreme goddess with diverse forms like Lakshmi and Durga. As the Western World expanded masculine energies began to dominate over feminine ones. Fast forward to the 19th and 20th centuries, when mysticism and esoteric traditions rekindled interest in the Divine Feminine in Western thought. Feminist spirituality movements emerged, aiming to reclaim and honor feminine spirituality, challenging the historical balance towards divine masculine energy to cultivate more balance between the two.

I hope to encourage the ongoing exploration of the Divine Feminine in the world. Will you join me? It starts with your personal practice – Try this Shakti Mantra!

Divine Feminine Traits

Imagine the traits of the Divine Feminine as this beautiful blend of qualities that bring depth and richness to our existence. The divine feminine refers to the sacred space you make for self-reflection and self-compassion. The more you spend time in this sacred space the more you will embody the divine feminine energy.

There are generally four divine feminine traits:

  1. intuitive wisdom
  2. nurturing tendencies
  3. creativity
  4. receptivity

Let’s go through each of these now.

Principles of Somatic Yoga

First, there’s this intuitive wisdom. It’s like that gut feeling or that inner knowing that guides us. It’s a deep, innate understanding that doesn’t need logic to back it up. When your intuition is awakening you can thank the feminine quality of divine light within you.

There’s also the incredible nurturing aspect—think of it like the warmth of a cozy blanket. The Divine spirit of the Feminine is all about fostering growth and healing. Whether it’s in relationships, creativity, or personal development, the self-care energy you access in your daily life comes from the power of the sacred feminine. It’s that gentle encouragement to let things bloom, flourish, and heal in their own time. It’s the ability to hold space, to FEEL.

Creativity is another big player. It’s not just about artistic expression, although that’s definitely part of it. It’s this ability to approach life with an open mind, to see possibilities and solutions in unique and imaginative ways.

And let’s not forget about receptivity. It’s this idea of being open to receiving, be it love, opportunities, or simply the beauty of the world around us. The self-awareness to be receptive to the good things that come your way is the divine feminine at work.

Every person has these qualities within them, regardless of gender, so if you think that you can’t embody these qualities like other women can I’m here to say that you most definitely can!

If you want more on the feminine qualities out there in the world, check out this members-only interview with Izzy Adiar on ALL things feminine.

Blocked Divine Feminine Energy

Sometimes life throws you a curveball, and your feminine principles can get a bit tangled up. It’s like having a clog in the energy flow. When you feminine energy gets blocked you’ll often feel disconnected from your body making it hard to care for yourself. You also have trouble expressing yourself, you could feel constantly tired and just overall not feel totally like yourself. Yuck!

But what’s stopping that smooth energy flow?

What’s Blocking Your Divine Feminine Energy

One major blocker is societal expectations. In everyday life, you are often bombarded with these rigid ideas of how you should behave based on gender. It can stifle your natural expression of femininity, making you feel like you need to fit into a predefined mold. That pressure alone will create a bottleneck in the free flow of divine feminine energy.

Then there’s the hustle culture. The constant need to be on top of everything, racing against the clock—it can be exhausting. Feminine energies thrive in a more relaxed and intuitive space, so when you’re caught up in a high-stress environment, it’s like you’re putting up roadblocks to your own flow.

And, of course, let’s not forget about self-doubt. When you question your worth or abilities, it’s like you’re throwing a wrench into the gears of your feminine energy. Confidence and self-love are like the oil that keeps everything running smoothly.

Imagine these as little hurdles you need to navigate in attempting to unblock the divine feminine within. Recognizing them is the first step to clearing the path and letting that beautiful, unobstructed feminine energy flow naturally.

Go deeper into the signs of blocked feminine energy to begin reconnecting with this powerful part of you.

How To Embrace Divine Feminine Energy

Awakening the divine feminine is like opening up to a powerful, nurturing, and creative force within yourself. This involves the embrace of a new belief system that your inner voice can be trusted. Think of your inner guidance, that gut feeling, as the divine feminine that connects our harmonious world.

By tuning into your intuition you are tapping into the yin energy of mother earth. Learn how to tap into your feminine energy and welcome the parts of you that you thought didn’t exist.

Nurturing is another way to embrace the divine feminine. Take care of yourself—physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Create a self-care routine that resonates with you. It could be anything from a soothing bath to spending time in nature. It could be reconnecting to your body through dance or intuitive movement. It could be facing your shadows and figuring out exactly why they keep showing up. Think of these spiritual practices as tending to the garden of your own well-being.

Express yourself! Whether it’s through art, writing, or any form of self-expression, let your creative juices flow. You are tapping into a well of inspiration and letting it manifest in your life.

Embracing the divine feminine is all about being open to receiving. Allow yourself to accept compliments, help, and opportunities. Allow healing to exist in troubled relationships that are still serving your soul. Be open to receiving new information as well as to see the bigger picture.

Always remember to embrace the ebb and flow of life. The divine feminine is all about cycles, just like the moon phases. There are times for action and times for rest. Embracing this rhythm helps you find balance and harmony.

Closing Thoughts

Finding your personal balance between the masculine and feminine power on your spiritual journey is a task only you can complete for yourself. Every person is different so what works for me may not work for you, and that’s okay! Be a body detective to figure out what makes your FEEL your best. Find the spiritual traditions that speak to you. Ask, what are the things that light you up? What gets you into your fullest, deepest breath?

If you’re feeling just super disconnected in a shroud of negative energy and not sure the answers to those questions anymore, that’s okay! You aren’t alone, in fact a lot of my students tell me the same thing. So if you aren’t sure how to even begin figuring this out, I got you. With my Yoga for Self Mastery course and read my Yoga Life Book. In both the course and the book, you will investigate your relationship with yourself and others making your time here on earth more enjoyable! Join me, won’t you?

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