signs of blocked feminine energy

On your journey of self-exploration, you’ve probably had the same AHA moment I did:

Energy is everything!

That’s right, there are profound energies that live within each of us.

It’s up to each of us to learn how to keep our individual energy balanced.

The good news? So many more people are becoming aware of how to care for energy.

You’ve probably heard about feminine energy before and wondered:

How do I know if my feminine energy is blocked?

I’ve got you covered. Not only am I going to go through the signs of blocked feminine energy, but I’m also going to walk you through exactly what feminine energy is, why it’s important to keep it in balance, and how to unblock feminine energy.

Let’s get started!

What is Feminine Energy?

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The world is filled with archetypes – a.k.a. a universally recognized, recurring pattern recurs that’s deeply embedded in our collective unconscious.

The oldest archetype of all time is masculine and feminine energies. Think yin/yang, sun/moon, Mars/Venus.

Feminine energy is associated with intuition, creativity, fertility, nurturing, receiving. It’s the energy of being, as opposed to masculine energy, which is the energy of doing.

Your feminine energy is the part of you that has big dreams, desires, and a grand vision for the future. She’s ready to receive and trusts her masculine counterpart will bring her dreams to life.

You can use your feminine energy to channel your desires, and your masculine energy to execute those desires.

Real talk: Feminine energy goes beyond gender. All men, women, and gender identities across the spectrum have both feminine and masculine energies.

The goal is to balance how they interplay within each of us.

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The Importance of Balanced Feminine Energy

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Having balanced feminine energy is essential to your personal growth and happiness. When your feminine is in balance, you are radiant. You’re aligned with the abundant flow of life, and have excellent self-awareness. You’re filled with inspiration and you know how to get your creative juices flowing.

Let’s be honest: our modern society doesn’t have a good understanding of feminine energy. So many people are dealing with blocked feminine energy, which leads to feelings of confusion, scarcity, disconnection, frustration, and even, illness.

Blocked feminine energy means your feminine and masculine energies are out of balance.

For many of us, we’ve learned how to repress our feminine energy and push through with our masculine energy.

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No reason to fear. Knowledge is the first step to getting back into balance. Let’s take a look at the signs of blocked feminine energy…

Signs of Blocked Feminine Energy

Truth: it’s easier to unblock feminine energy than you think. Your true self aches for a natural flow of your feminine side.

Think of empowered women you know. Chances are they’ve learned how to tap into their divine feminine energy in a healthy way through self compassion.

If you feel stuck, now is the time to get a handle on the signs of blocked feminine energy so you can unlock your true power.

Loss of Creativity

Maybe you feel like you’re navigating through a foggy terrain where once-clear ideas have become elusive wisps. The spark that once ignited you feels dim, and you’re not sure where it went?

This is one of the signs of blocked feminine energy.

Creativity is a core component of feminine energy and when it is blocked, it can leave you feeling confused, frustrated, and unfulfilled.

Ignoring Intuition

Do you have hard time making decisions? Are you always second-guessing yourself?

Doubting your gut feelings? You might be ignoring your intuition and relying on logic a little too much.

Your intuition is like your internal compass, guiding you towards your most radiant life. When your feminine energy is blocked, it can be hard to tap into that inner wisdom.

Discomfort with Femininity

You might feel a hesitancy to embrace traditionally feminine qualities and a subconscious resistance to the soft, nurturing aspects inherent to feminine energy.

It’s as if an invisible barrier stifles the natural flow of feminine energy, creating internal tension and inhibiting the full embrace of your true, empowered self.

This sign can show up in a sneaky, subtle ways. Like seeing femininity as weak or feeling more powerful in masculine (a.k.a. doing) behavior.

If you always feel the need to be productive, you might have an internal discomfort with feminine energy.

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Difficulty Nurturing Self and Others

If you’re caught up in hustling or feeling stuck, you might find it hard to care for yourself and others. Your self care practices might fall to the wayside.

Neglecting self care is one of the top signs of blocked feminine energy. If this sounds familiar, you’re not alone!

Constant Fatigue and Stress

You might feel like you can’t afford to rest. Like the world will fall apart if you don’t get those last items on your to do list done. This can lead to chronic fatigue, burnout, and a feeling of constant exhaustion.

It’s tiring to try to control life and self nurturing often gets bumped for other, “more important” things.

If you feel like you’re constantly in a whirl of stress and overwhelm, it’s time to tap into your self love and let your feminine self lead the way.

Inability to Express Yourself

Self expression is an essential aspect of female energy. If you find yourself filled with self doubt and unable to express your emotions, you’re probably dealing with the blocked feminine.

Emotional health can take a toll when feminine energy is not allowed to flow freely.

One of the signs of blocked feminine energy is you might have a fear of vulnerability, feel disconnected from your emotions, and have a hard time expressing how you truly feel.

Struggling to Set Boundaries

Does saying no make you cringe? When it’s hard for you to assert your own needs and prioritize yourself, you probably difficulty setting boundaries. Usually, this ends up in you overextending yourself and you’re left feeling drained.

Often, flimsy boundaries can actually lead to difficulty with relationships and usually stem from a reliance on external validation. Maybe you notice a pattern of over-giving in your past relationships, especially romantic relationships. This is one of the main signs of blocked feminine energy, and luckily, there is a cure. It’s called healthy boundaries.

Constant Need for Control

Feminine energy is blocked when you have a deep fear of change. If living in the present moment means putting an overemphasis on doing and difficulty trusting things will work out, then the masculine and feminine energies need to be rebalanced.

This blocked feminine energy can show up as difficulty letting go too, which is usually reinforced by limiting beliefs.

Inability to Receive Support

When we bring the feminine down to its roots, it’s all about the ability to receive. If you feel resistance in getting support, of any kind, that’s one of the signs of blocked feminine energy.

Masculine behavior is rooted in the doing, in pushing, in striving. However, your authentic self needs your womanly energy to restore balance by opening to receive.

Disconnected from Nature

Feminine energy is about cultivating beauty, and there’s nowhere in the world we can find more beauty than in nature. The feminine is intimately linked with the cycles and rhythms of the natural world.

Blocked feminine energy disrupts the harmonious dance between the inner self and the external world, leading to a profound yearning for grounding and the replenishing qualities that nature provides. Rediscovering your connection to nature becomes a pivotal step in restoring the flow of feminine energy.

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What Causes Blocked Feminine Energy?

Now that you know the signs of blocked feminine energy, how do we fix this issue? First, we have to get the cause before we find a solution.

The main cause of blocked feminine energy is imbalance. Sounds simple, right?

But where does this imbalance come from? We have to dig deeper before we can find balance again.

Here are some of the top reasons for blocked feminine energy…

Societal Conditioning

We touched on this before, but I want to emphasize how BIG of a part of the problem our societal conditioning is. From a young age, many of us are taught to repress our feminine energy, especially women and more feminine men.

Societal expectations, cultural norms, and gender roles all have massive influence on each of us, causing us to suppress or deny aspects of our feminine side.

Messages about how women should behave or what qualities are deemed acceptable for little boys cause so many of us to have an over reliance on the masculine, putting the feminine out of balance.

Trauma and Past Experience

Unresolved trauma, especially experiences related to gender-based issues, can create blockages in feminine energy. Your life experiences shape you, and if being feminine caused you harm, then it’s likely to lead to a protective shutting down of your feminine essence.

Stress and Overwhelm

If your life is go-go-go, and you barely have a second to breath, then you’re operating from the masculine. Our modern world values productivity, achievement, and constant activity, leaving little room for the receptive and intuitive aspects associated with feminine energy.

Chronic stress and overwhelm can lead to a point where feminine energy is blocked.

Lack of Self Care Activities

Taking care of yourself is more than just bath bombs and face masks. It’s looking after your body, your emotions, and your overall well being. Ignoring self-care and neglecting one’s own needs can contribute to blocked feminine energy.

When the nurturing and replenishing aspects of the feminine are neglected, it can lead to exhaustion and a diminished capacity for showing up as your true, authentic self. Self awareness is key in unwinding this pattern.

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How to Unblock Your Feminine Energy

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Alright friend, it’s time to get back into balance!

Here are a few ways to unblock your feminine energy and harmonize your energy:

Engage in Creative Activities

Find the creative outlets calling your name! Sign up for that painting class, start sewing again, or make a new recipe in the kitchen. Creativity can be expressed in so many ways.

Gather your female friends and host a paint night. Make meaningful connections at your local art gallery.

Trust Your Intuition

Intuition is your innate wisdom that transcends rational thought. By embracing and honoring this inner guidance, you dismantle the barriers that hinder the flow of feminine energy.

Trusting your intuition serves as a powerful pathway to unblock feminine energy. Your gut has messages for you. Tune in to what your intuition has to say.

Practice Self-Care

Self care doesn’t require many female friends or a ton of money. It is, quite literally, taking care of all parts of you, and prioritizing your needs. Exhausted after a busy week? Say no to Friday plans and rest instead. Need to get your budget under control? Make a date with yourself to sit down and plan.

Tend to your emotions, along with your body. A journaling practice can help you connect with how you feel. See what comes up when you move your body on the mat. Self care is an ongoing practice, and one worthy of your investment.

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Prioritize Rest

Burnout is so common in our culture for a reason. To unblock feminine energy, start scheduling in as much rest as you do activity. Allow yourself to take a nap, to go to bed early, and to rest when you’d otherwise still be doing.

Ironically, the more you prioritize rest, the more you’ll have energy to show up as your full self in your life. Self acceptance means accepting yourself in all states, the doing and the being. Let yourself rest.

Set Boundaries

Boundaries are critical to deep connections. If you’re not sure where to start, check in with yourself first. When someone asks you to do something, stay in integrity with your yes and your no. Only say yes when you genuinely want to, and if it’s a no, then say so.

Watch how you spend time and with whom and don’t feel guilty for setting boundaries. It can feel uncomfortable at first, but eventually, you’ll realize you’re prioritizing your most meaningful connection: the one with yourself.

Be Open to Receiving

Control in life is like a joy suck. If you lack joy, one of the best invitations is to be open to receiving. If this makes you uncomfortable, practice it on the mat first. Lay in savasana and practice meditation, allowing yourself to receive all the good emotions and energy from your practice.

Off the mat, give others the opportunity to support you by loosening the reigns a bit. Ask your partner for a favor, tell them what you need, and then stay open to receiving. If you practice, little by little, you’ll become better and better at receiving.

Connect with the Body and Nature

Spending time in nature and in connecting with your body will help deepen your connection with the feminine. Get outside, put your bare feet on the ground, and practice deep breathing in the fresh air.

Practice yoga outside for double the benefits. Embodiment is a way of showing your body that your well being is here, in the present moment.

Final Thoughts

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When you unblock your feminine energy, you’ll see positive shifts in your life. You might find that you’re more confident, more connected to your emotions, or more creatively inspired than ever before! You might also attract more people and opportunities into your life as you follow your intuition.

Remember, the world needs YOU to show up as your best, brightest self.

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