divine feminine awakening

Have you ever heard the term GOFL?

It means “Goddess of Fun and Light.” I heard it a few years ago, and now, I incorporate it into all my teachings.

What I love the most about this fun catch phrase is that it basically stands for the divine feminine.

In recent months, I’ve had SO many students ask me about the divine feminine, what a divine feminine awakening is, and how to channel more goddess energy into their everyday life.

Come along with me for the spiritual journey of your life, into self love, self mastery, and all things sacred feminine energy.

What Is Divine Feminine?

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First things first, let’s define the divine feminine. The divine feminine refers to the spiritual, nurturing, and intuitive aspects traditionally associated with femininity rooted in many ancient cultures. For instance, in ancient Taoism, they refer to the divine feminine as yin energy.

The divine feminine is the source of intuition, creative insights, compassion, wisdom, and works in tandem with the divine masculine.

In other words, the divine feminine represents the nurturing, intuitive, creative, and unconditional love aspects of our being.

As the counterpart to the divine masculine energy, both create a harmonious balance within us and the world.

Many women experience an awakening to the divine feminine within. This is a transformative process, one that involves self-awareness and allowing the dormant aspects of our being, ones we may have ignored or pushed away into our shadow side, to come forth.

A divine feminine awakening is a journey of self-discovery, healing, and reclaiming the power and wisdom that reside within. Like letting your inner light finally turn on.

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9 Divine Feminine Awakening Symptoms

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Any spiritual awakening can bring along symptoms that might make you feel different. You might even find these shifts alarming, as you awaken to your inner divine feminine.

That’s why I want to lay out some of the signs and symptoms, so you know you’re not alone in this transformative shift.

We are all divine beings, and these latent feminine energies live within each of us, along with masculine energy too.

Although we want to find a balance between masculine and feminine energy, for now, I want us to focus on divine feminine qualities.

Here are some signs of a divine feminine awakening:

1. Increased Intuition

As the divine feminine stirs within, you might experience intuitive hits more frequently. Elevated intuition and increased sensitivity are one of the top signs of a divine feminine awakening.

You start tuning in more deeply to your inner voice, relying on your gut instincts, and making decisions guided by your intuitive wisdom.

Your spiritual consciousness is tapping into the wisdom of your soul. Meditation can help enhance and awaken your intuitive sense even more.

2. Deeper Connection to Nature

Many people going through the divine feminine awakening often feel a strong connection to nature. It’s like you’re forming a deep bond with Mother Earth.

You might find yourself drawn to spending more time in natural settings, feeling comfort and inspiration from the beauty around you.

You might even start wanting to take care of the environment, understanding how every living thing in nature is connected, and looking into how you can do your part to prevent things like climate change and environmental disasters.

3. Emotional Release

When you’re going through the awakening process, it’s like you’re letting out emotions that were tucked away. Old hurts and stuff you haven’t sorted through might pop up, giving you a chance to sense, heal, and grow.

It’s important to give these feelings some space, let them out, and let the healing happen. Emotions are energy in motion and need to be released.

4. Reviewing Your Relationships

A big sign of the divine feminine waking up is when you start thinking about your relationships. You might wonder about how things work in your close connections, evaluating the balance of give and take, and if they’re fair and real.

Toxic relationships are rooted out and you’ll often decide to ditch harmful ties and focus on relationships that help them grow and feel good.

5. Creative Expression

When the divine feminine wakes up, it’s like a burst of creativity and self-expression. You might find hidden talents you didn’t know you had or explore new creative endeavors to express yourself through art, music, writing, or other creative ventures.

This creative boost brings happiness and a feeling of fulfillment, helping you unleash your natural creativity.

6. Exploring Spirituality and Rituals

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During the awakening journey, you’ll often get back in touch with the sacredness of life and the magic of rituals. You might find yourself trying out different spiritual things, like a sound bath, or making up your own personal rituals in a sacred space in your home.

Bringing back this sense of sacredness adds a deeper feeling of respect and purpose to your life.

7. Aligning with Feminine Archetypes

Maybe you find yourself pulled towards the divine mother, or another great goddess, like Kali, Saraswati, or Lakshmi. Aligning with these archetypes is like getting in sync with these powerful vibes that are all about being a caring, strong, and nurturing force.

If you feel a connection with archetypes like the great mother, a goddess or any higher power, you’re most likely finding those qualities within yourself and your life. Spending time learning about these archetypes will enhance these energies.

You start to bring these awesome traits into your own personality, embracing them and making them a part of who you are. It’s like becoming your own superwoman with a mix of kindness, compassion, and strength, an example for all the women around you.

8. Heightened Sensitivity to Energy

Imagine getting tuned into the invisible energies around you – like having a superpower radar for vibes. You start feeling things more intensely, picking up on changes in the air, and sensing the general vibe of a place. It’s not just about what you see or hear; it’s like your internal antenna is dialed up to sense the energy swirling around you. You become like an energy detective, aware of how the energy flows in different spots and situations. Think of this as like getting a backstage pass to the energetic dance of the world. Your sense of energy is now like a finely tuned apparatus you can use at any time.

9. Syncing with Natural Cycles

Picture the moon as your cosmic bestie in your divine feminine adventure. You start getting the hang of its different phases and notice how it’s pulling some strings on your emotions, energy, and creative mojo. It’s like syncing up your dance moves with the moon’s cycles—planning your activities, setting intentions, and doing your little rituals in rhythm with its magical vibes. The moon becomes your partner in this cosmic divine feminine dance, bringing some transformative energy to the party.

How To Cultivate Divine Feminine Energy

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As you embark on the journey of your divine feminine awakening, there are essential aspects to consider to help you have a balanced and empowering experience.

Here are a few ways to cultivate and nurture your newly awakened divine feminine energy:

1. Connect with Nature

Step outside, take a leisurely stroll, find a cozy spot in the park, or simply hang out and soak in the natural vibes. It’s like giving yourself a break, letting the fresh air and greenery do their thing, and feeling those good, earthy vibes that nature has in store for you. Getting in tune with Mother Earth will only enhance your divine feminine experience. By caring for the world around you, your spirit feels a sense of stewardship and reciprocity.

2. Practice Epic Self Love

Taking care of yourself is super important on this journey of transformation. Think of this as creating a sacred space to care for your mind, body, and soul. Try things like meditation to clear your head, jotting down your thoughts in a journal, relaxing in a nice bath, or getting into some creative supplies that make you happy. These things can be like anchors, keeping you steady and connected to the real you on the inside. Practice self love through words of affirmation too.

3. Find Your People

Finding others who are on the same divine feminine path as you is crucial. Joining groups all about growing spiritually and feeling that feminine power can be a game-changer. Think of this as creating a squad where you belong and get some awesome guidance. When you share what you’re going through, what you’ve learned, and the hurdles you’re tackling with people who are on a similar journey, you’re building your support crew. You’re not alone, and together, you’re lifting each other up. This is actually exactly why I created the Uplifted Community – so we have a place to support each other!

4. Practice Intuitive Movement

Principles of Somatic Yoga

Let loose and move however your body wants to—no rules, just you and your yoga mat, having a blast. When you move intuitively, you express yourself in the most fun and free way possible. Think of it as just another one of your new superpowers, letting your body talk and show off your divine feminine energy. This is also a great way to release emotions and increase consciousness.

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    5. Create Sacred Rituals

    Think of creating your own secret rituals as adding a sprinkle of magic to your everyday routine – making special moments that feel sacred and super meaningful. These rituals can be simple, like taking a moment to be thankful, saying positive affirmations to yourself, or just being really present in what you’re doing. Divine feminine energy loves a sacred ceremony that makes room for intuitive guidance, unconditional love, and gratitude.

    6. Embrace Your Shadow Side

    Your divine feminine awakening isn’t all roses and rainbows. It can feel a bit like digging into our own personal mystery box – the parts you might have hidden away or not really wanted to deal with, like fears, doubts, and even trauma. By making space to face your shadow side, you’re bringing all those things out into the light. It’s like making friends with the painful parts of yourself. And guess what? This whole process is self care, healing journey, making you feel complete and totally patched up on the inside. Spend time with what your intuition has to say, honor your energy, and listen to your body. Your inner healing is boosted when you embrace your divine feminine energy.

    7. Balance Feminine and Masculine Energies

    Embracing your divine feminine is not about totally ditching your masculine energy. It’s more like blending your feminine qualities and masculine qualities together in a cool, divine way. Picture this: being confident and assertive when you need to, but also being strong enough to show a bit of vulnerability. You’re so in tune with your feminine desires that your divine masculine can’t wait to support your feminine energy with devoted action. It’s like having a superhero combo – strong and soft, doing and being, action and dreaming – and finding the power in having both. It’s not about picking sides; it’s about rocking the best of both worlds and feeling totally in charge.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

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    How do I tap into divine feminine energy?

    Unlocking your inner GOFL is easier than you think. Use the tips above and also try journaling, meditating, and affirmations. Also, be sure to start facing your not-so-great stuff (your shadow work). These are all ways you can tap into your divine feminine energy.

    What does it mean to have divine feminine energy?

    Divine feminine energy exists within you, regardless of your gender, just as divine masculine energy does too. When these two energies – the divine masculine and sacred feminine – are in balance, you operate from your soul – a space of meaning, desire, emotions, self love, confidence, truth, and inner peace. You radiate peace, compassion and love while keeping your healthy boundaries . Essentially, when your feminine energies are in balance with your masculine energy, you are empowered, and in turn, you empower others with your sacred feminine energy.

    Final Thoughts

    Regardless of your gender, you can benefit from awakening your divine feminine energy. There’s a certain grace and dignity in a woman (or any gender identity!) who is in their fullest divine feminine energy. They’re secure, at peace, listen to their inner voice, and supremely comfortable in their own physical body.

    Being in your divine feminine energy is not about being pleasing, compliant or without strength. In fact, the strongest person is the one who is able to hold their boundaries with compassion and love, with their masculine and feminine energy in sync. They lift up other women and inspire others to cultivate more balance in their life by spending time on self care.

    Divine feminine energy brings healing, a sense of power, and compassion to the world around you.

    If you want to go deeper, join the Uplifted Community or grab my new book YOGA LIFE to learn more.

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