Picture this: you’re sitting by a tranquil lake, the sun’s gentle rays kissing your skin as you breathe in the fresh, crisp air.

Yet, despite the serene surroundings, something feels amiss.

Deep down, you sense a longing to reconnect with a part of yourself that’s been dormant for far too long – your feminine energy.

Don’t worry, I’m here to guide you on how to increase your feminine energy.

Whether it’s through nurturing self-care practices, honoring your intuition, or embracing your innate creativity, I’ll walk alongside you as you navigate the winding path towards reclaiming your feminine power.

So, grab a cup of tea, cozy up, and let’s embark on this soul-stirring adventure together.

First, what is feminine energy? Let me fill you in…

What Is Feminine Energy?

We live on a planet of polarity filled with different forms of energy. The most ancient, primal energies are masculine and feminine energies. So how do these two forces show up in your everyday life?

Feminine energy is the essence of receptivity, intuition, nurturing, and creativity.

You radiate feminine energy when you embody the qualities of gentleness, compassion, and emotional depth.

Obviously, feminine energy is the partner to masculine energy, which is more action-oriented and assertive.

In yogic philosophy, feminine energy is often associated with shakti energy , the divine feminine energy that flows through all living beings and the universe.

Female energy is not limited by gender but rather represents a universal energy present within everyone.

Our feminine side is the source of our intuition and emotional intelligence, guiding us to connect with our inner wisdom and flow with the rhythms of life.

Embracing and balancing feminine energy allows us to tap into our creative potential, cultivate compassion, and foster deep connections with ourselves and others. It is through honoring and nurturing this divine feminine essence within ourselves that we can experience greater harmony, joy, and fulfillment in life.

Feminine Energy VS Masculine Energy

Although we already touched on this, it’s important to really understand the difference between feminine and masculine energies.

Masculine energy is often associated with action, logic, strength, and assertiveness. It’s the driving force behind achievement, ambition, and outward expression.

While masculine energy is about doing, achieving, and leading, feminine energy is about being, feeling, and nurturing.

Masculine energy tends to be linear, goal-oriented, and focused on external success, while feminine energy is more cyclical, intuitive, and inwardly directed.

Masculine energy thrives in structure and order, while feminine energy flourishes in spontaneity and fluidity.

Understanding these dynamics allows us to appreciate the complementary nature of masculine and feminine energies.

Just as the sun and moon, yin and yang, or Shiva and Shakti, these energies are interdependent and necessary for balance and harmony in both individuals and the collective.

Embracing and integrating both masculine and feminine energy allows us to embody wholeness and tap into our full potential as human beings.

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The Power Of The Soft Feminine Energy

The power of the soft feminine lies in its ability to foster deep connection, empathy, and emotional intelligence. This divine feminine energy is how relationships are made—and it’s where all love comes from, including self-love.

Having access to the soft feminine allows us to cultivate nurturing relationships, create harmonious environments, and approach challenges with empathy and understanding.

When in balance, the soft feminine energy brings a sense of calm, peace, and inner strength. Your internal process is aligned with your personal journey. It allows us to tune into our emotions, express vulnerability authentically, and connect with others on a heart-to-heart level. You might find yourself wanting to practice mindfulness.

It encourages us to honor our intuition and trust in the natural flow of life, rather than constantly striving and pushing against the current. You might find yourself attracted to a new spiritual concept.

However, when the soft feminine energy is out of balance, it can manifest as passivity, self-sacrifice, and emotional overwhelm.

We may find ourselves neglecting our own needs and boundaries in favor of pleasing others, or becoming overly sensitive and easily overwhelmed by the emotions of others.

An imbalance in the soft feminine energy may also lead to a lack of assertiveness and difficulty in standing up for oneself, resulting in feelings of powerlessness and resentment. When you struggle with boundaries, then your soft feminine energy might be in excess.

To harness the power of the soft feminine in a healthy and balanced way, it’s essential to cultivate self-love, establish clear boundaries, and practice self-care. And remember, feminine and masculine energies are constantly in flux.

By honoring your own needs and nurturing your inner self, you can tap into the transformative potential of the soft feminine and create a life you love filled with joy, connection, and authenticity.

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How To Tap Into Your Feminine Energy

More women than ever before are looking to improve their overall health – mind, body, and soul. Tapping into your feminine energy allows you to cultivate deep connections, foster empathy, and navigate life with grace and intuition. It brings a sense of calm, inner strength, and emotional intelligence, enhancing your relationships, well-being, and overall quality of life.

So, how do you do this? Many women use these practical techniques to tap into their femininity…

Move your body

Feminine energy thrives on movement and fluidity, so embrace it wholeheartedly! Whether it’s stretching, dancing, or running—engage in any movement that brings you joy, and allow your body to move freely, igniting that vibrant energy within.

Embrace however you want your body to move. Maybe you want a heart-pumping Kundalini practice, or a soothing yin yoga practice. Have compassion with yourself.

Or try my easy Kundalini yoga class for awakening your feminine energy:

YouTube video

Let yourself receive love

Feminine energy revolves around receiving and embracing, so even if you’re accustomed to (over)giving, it’s crucial to replenish your own well-being.

Allow yourself to be cared for—whether it’s scheduling a massage or letting someone else help you. Embrace the act of receiving, nurturing your own inner reserves with love and kindness. Remember, sensuality is a part of receiving love too.

Take a break

Set aside moments of tranquility and calm. Switch off your phone and embark on a nature walk, allowing yourself to be enveloped by the serenity of your surroundings. Soak up the beauty around you.

Get on your yoga mat and allow yourself to soak in all the juiciness. Let it be a time of introspection and reflection, nurturing your inner peace and clarity.

Make time for rituals

Infuse even the smallest tasks with love and purpose.

Begin by incorporating affirmations into your daily routine—whether it’s while you’re washing your face or folding laundry. Do a soothing yoga pose, wherever you are.

Approach each task with intentionality, turning mundane moments into opportunities for self-love and mindfulness. (I like to call these yoga habits—and I share them in my book, YOGA LIFE).

Spend time with your BFFs

Recharge your feminine energy by surrounding yourself with the women you cherish. Pair up for a night of dancing, indulge in a delicious meal together, treat yourselves to a mani/pedi session, or simply engage in heartfelt conversations about life and emotions.

These moments of connection and camaraderie are essential for replenishing your spirit and nurturing your feminine essence.

Divine Feminine Awakening

A divine feminine awakening is a natural part of any personal growth journey. Remember, it’s unrelated to gender, and more about embodying traits and the idea of women in their feminine energy, owning our sensuality.

Picture it like this: you’re cruising through life, and suddenly, something shifts.

You start feeling this deeper connection to yourself and the world around you—it’s like you’re tapping into this ancient, powerful energy that’s been lying dormant within you.

During this awakening, you might notice some pretty cool signs popping up. Like, suddenly your intuition is on point, guiding you through life’s twists and turns. Or maybe you’re finally facing those old emotional wounds and finding healing in unexpected places.

You might also feel this overwhelming urge to connect with nature, to immerse yourself in its beauty and rhythm. And your creativity? It’s flowing like never before—maybe you’re painting, dancing, or writing.

But perhaps the most profound shift is reclaiming your personal power. You’re owning your truth, stepping into your authenticity, and embracing your unique gifts. What’s better than that?!

So, if you’re noticing these signs of a divine feminine awakening, chances are you’re right in the midst of a divine feminine awakening.

Embrace it, my friend—it’s a wild, beautiful ride to your deepest, truest self.

Common Questions About Tapping Into Feminine Energy

Whether you’re curious about the nature of feminine energy, how to cultivate it in daily life, or why it’s essential for personal growth and well-being, I’ve got you covered.

Here are some of the top questions my students ask…

How do you know if your feminine energy is blocked?

When your feminine energy is blocked, you may notice several signs indicating a lack of flow and vitality in your life. Some common signs of blocked feminine energy include:

  1. Feeling disconnected from your emotions or numbness.
  2. Struggling to express yourself authentically or feeling unable to set boundaries.
  3. Experiencing difficulties in forming deep, nurturing relationships.
  4. Sensing a lack of creativity or inspiration in your endeavors.
  5. Feeling overwhelmed by stress or unable to relax and surrender to the flow of life.
  6. Experiencing menstrual irregularities or reproductive health issues.
  7. Struggling with self-care practices or neglecting your own needs and well-being.

Recognizing these signs can be the first step in addressing and unblocking your feminine energy, allowing for greater balance, harmony, and fulfillment in your life.

How do you show feminine energy to a man?

To convey feminine energy to a man involves embodying qualities of warmth, receptivity, and emotional depth. It’s about embracing your authenticity and expressing your thoughts and feelings openly, allowing him to witness your true self without inhibition. This vulnerability fosters a sense of intimacy and connection, as it invites him into your inner world and encourages mutual understanding.

Active listening plays a crucial role in demonstrating feminine energy. Also, creating a safe and nurturing environment where he can freely express himself without judgment allows him to feel valued and accepted for who he is.

Most importantly, you can cultivate a strong and fulfilling connection based on mutual respect and understanding.

What is dark feminine energy?

Dark feminine energy encompasses the often overlooked or suppressed aspects of femininity that reside in the shadow self. Even though this energy gets a bad rap, it’s not inherently negative. Really, the dark feminine encompasses the mysteries, complexities, and shadows of divine feminine energy.

At its core, dark feminine energy is about total acceptance and integration of all aspects of the self, including those that might be uncomfortable by societal standards—like expressing anger and being fierce. Tapping into this side of the feminine is a journey of navigating the complexities of existence, and ultimately, finding liberation and empowerment in embracing the full spectrum of femininity.

What does being in your feminine energy look like?

This is one of my favorite questions! I like to call being in your feminine energy as being “GOFL” – a goddess of fun and light. When you’re in your feminine energy, you’re lit up and feel an overall sense of well being. Your express your sensuality and creativity, and you take time for rest. You feel beautiful and you find the beauty around you.

You’re willing to explore and embrace your five senses and you don’t skip on me time. You make your home a sacred space, and you feel your creative juices flowing. Most importantly, you can hear your inner voice loud and clear, and you allow your masculine energies to dance with your feminine side. Your inner thoughts reflect your overall well being and you form meaningful connections with others.

You’re able to switch between your feminine and masculine with ease—going from making progress at work and being a master of decision making to letting your creative side shine and nourishing yourself with a relaxing bath.

Through self reflection and meditation, you tap into the traits that embrace your masculine energy and your femininity. This is how you positively impact the world around you!

Final Thoughts

If you want to learn more on how to increase feminine energy, take this feminine energy quiz.

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